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For many years, Shaun had been obsessed with mind-transplant technology.

He wanted to occupy other peoples bodies.

Jordan believed that Shaun already had a target in mind.

He wanted to know who this person was and if he knew the person.

Shaun took a sip of tea and smiled.

“Why Are you worried that I am going to swap minds with you”

Jordan also took a sip of tea.

He knew that this tea was not poisoned, and it was of good quality.

Jordan smiled calmly.

“Im a Deity and can predict the future.

What are your chances of successfully attacking me”

“Hahaha.” Shaun chuckled.

“Thats true.

Im not interested in you, even though your body is now the strongest in the world.

I dont have high expectations for physique.

Im more interested in the persons status.

I can tell you that my target is a very powerful man and is not linked to you.

Are you more assured now”

Jordan thought for a moment and asked, “Is it Chairman Rong”

Shaun nodded with a smile.

“You are indeed the Deity.

You guessed it right away.

Thats right, its Rong Bailun! The Rong family is the head of the eight great families.

Their research is the top in the world.

I wonder how strong they are! As long as I replace him, Ill be number one in the world!

“Jordan, as long as we work together and you help me complete the mind-transplant technology, we can deal with Rong Bailun and the world will belong to us! The Rong family has always looked down on your family and me.

You dont have to feel sorry for him!”

For a moment, Jordan recalled everything that had happened, from the Park family wanting to expel the Steeles at the great meeting to his grandfathers death, to Chairman Rong threatening Jordans life for the Mirakuru serum.

If anything, Jordan also had a grudge against the Rong family!

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Jordan nodded.

“Alright, I can accept it if its him.”

If Shaun had chosen Madam Geng, Jordan would not have agreed.

After all, Madam Geng had helped him several times.

For the next few days, Jordan stayed on the mountain with the researchers to study the mind-transplant technology.

One day, Shaun received a call.

“Whats the matter” Shaun glanced at the caller ID and realized that it was his subordinate in Orlando.

The subordinate said, “Master, Geng Weilun came to Orlando after leaving South Korea.”

Shaun immediately became nervous.

“Why did he go to Orlando Does he want to harm Jordans son”

Shaun had information about all kinds of things.

He knew that Jordans wife and child were in Orlando.

Now that Jordan was helping Shaun with the mind-transplant technology, he could not let anything happen to Jordans family.

Otherwise, it would only serve to distract Jordan!

The subordinate replied, “No, he didnt do anything to anyone.

However, he has been getting close to Jordans wife, Hailey, for the past few days.

He has been meeting her every day for a few days now.

I felt that something was wrong, so I am reporting it.”

Shaun frowned and thought to himself:Why is Geng Weilun seeking out Hailey Could it be that… he wants to make use of Hailey to humiliate Jordan

Shaun knew that Hailey couldnt resist temptation.

She had been easily seduced by a rich second-generation heir with only a few million in assets.

With a top-notch prince like Geng Weilun, she definitely couldnt hold back!

Shaun said, “No, we cant let this Geng Weilun succeed.

Jordan is working so hard at my place.

If he finds out that his wife is sleeping with another man, he will definitely be furious.

He will definitely want to settle the score with Geng Weilun and my progress will be delayed.

Listen to me.

Send a few men to assassinate Geng Weilun!”

His subordinate panicked.

“Assassinate Geng Weilun Do we really have to do that Master”

Shaun said angrily, “Whats there to be surprised about Im going to be the ruler of the world soon.

Madam Geng has more than one son.

Its fine if I kill this b*stard who is interfering with my important matters!”

His subordinate complied.


A few hours later, his subordinate called again, crying.

“Bad news, Master! Geng Weilun killed all the men I sent to assassinate him! Master, his guards are too good.

Moreover, they possess many advanced technologies that weve never seen before.

Theyre really difficult to deal with!”

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Shaun gritted his teeth.

They were indeed the second most powerful family after the Rongs.

They were quite powerful.

“Looks like I have to take action myself.

Ordinary men wont be able to take Geng Weiluns life.”

Shauns evil spells were not taught to outsiders.

His subordinates had only learned the basics and were no match for Geng Weilun.

If Shaun stepped in personally, he could guarantee the removal of Geng Weilun.

However, Shaun was worried that Jordan would notice if he left.

What if Jordan thought of a way to save Lauren while Shaun was away

“No, Jordan is too strong.

Theres nothing he cant do.

I cant leave.

I have to stay here and watch over him! But if we dont settle the matter in Orlando, what if Hailey cheats again”

As he thought about it, Shaun suddenly thought of a solution.

“Hehe, I got it!”

Shaun felt that this method would definitely help Jordan resolve this predicament.

Therefore, Shaun left the mountain and returned to Laurens house.

Lauren saw Shaun and hurried over to ask, “Hows my husband Is he alright”

Shaun said, “Look at how nervous you are.

Why are you so concerned about your husband Dont worry, hes very good.

He is helping me so why would I mistreat him”

Lauren was relieved.

She pleaded with Shaun.


Handley, I beg you.

Let me go and meet my husband.

I really miss him.

Besides, Im dying from boredom here!”

Shaun asked, “Oh Are you very bored”

Lauren said angrily, “Of course Im bored.

Im all alone.

You dont even allow me to use my phone.

Theres no one to talk to!”

Shaun smiled.

“If you want to get some fresh air and talk to someone, I can fulfill your wish.

How about a date with the handsome young master of the Geng family, Geng Weilun”

Lauren took a step back nervously.

“What… what are you doing Are you going to offer me to Geng Weilun Shaun, you b*stard.

If you dare to do this, I… I wont let you off even if I become a ghost!”


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