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Staring at everything in front of her in the villa, Hailey was filled with regret.


Hailey kept tugging on Rachels clothes and whispering to her coquettishly.


“I love Iron Man too, and I really like this staircase!”


Rachel shook her head helplessly and said, “Youre so spineless.”


Before the two came, Rachel had clearly instructed Hailey to stay composed at all times while she created an opportunity for the two of them to spend some time alone.


However, before she could get to it, Hailey was already losing control of herself.


Jordan took the both of them on a tour on the second floor, which left them in awe.


Rachel asked, “Jordan, where is your bedroom We want to see the room that youre staying in.”


“Its on the third floor.

Come with me.”


Jordan walked ahead and brought the two of them to his bedroom.


The door of the room was simple, clean, and heavy.

After Jordan pushed it open, the three of them felt a sense of chilliness.


It was because the windows were open, and the cool night breeze was blowing in, making them feel chilly.


After switching on the lights with the touch-screen panel, Rachel and Hailey saw the interior of Jordans bedroom.


It was spick and span, tidy and organized.

It is simple and elegant, without unnecessary ornaments.


The bed and table lamp were both white in color.


There was also almost no decoration except for a poem that was hung on the light-colored wallpapered wall.


Rachel couldnt help but walk over and read it.


“In fact, what I look forward to is just a single moment.”


“Ive never expected you to give me your entire life.”


“If I could meet you on a hillside full of gardenias…”


“If we can love each other deeply just once before parting…”


“Then, life is only but…”


“Regardless of how long it is…”


“When I look back…”


“Its only but a fleeting moment.”


After Rachel recited it without any emotion, Hailey suddenly said, “Ive read that poem before.”


It was a modern poem that was popular and also Jordans favorite.


Hailey liked it very much too.

Looking at the soulful fonts, she couldnt help but reach out to touch the delicate wallpaper.


However, as soon as her hand touched the paper, the music suddenly started playing.




“The music is so familiar.

Its the theme song of Gossip Girl!”


Hailey was surprised too.

Gossip Girl was the first television drama that she and Jordan watched together in the first year of their marriage.


Rachel was also surprised that the music started playing as soon as Hailey touched the wallpaper.


“Is it from a musical box” Rachel asked.


Jordan replied, “Its one of the tones in NEXUS.”


“Whats NEXUS”


Rachel was confused.

There was finally something that she hadnt heard before either.


Hailey had more knowledge in the field of music, so she explained, “Its an electronic music synthesizer.”


Afterward, Hailey looked at Jordan and said, “I really like this tune.

Can you send me the preset of it”


Jordan continued to ignore Hailey.


At this moment, Rachel suddenly said, “Im going to go downstairs to make a long-distance call to my husband.

You two have a good chat.”


After saying that, Rachel left the room and closed the door, leaving the two alone in the room.


That was the purpose of their visit, actually.


It was all to let Hailey have some time alone with Jordan so that she could then… apologize!


“Jordan, Im sorry!”


The beautiful Hailey had always been high up in the air and put on a pedestal by the majority of men in Orlando who knew who she was.


With a loud thud, she dropped to her knees in front of Jordan and apologized to him!


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