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Two hours later, New City residential estate in Orlando.

“The summer wind… Ill always remember it… when you first told me that you love me…”

At this moment, Hailey was wearing a low-cut dress and sitting at her dressing table.

She was putting on makeup and lipstick in front of the mirror.

As she did, she was cheerfully humming a song as she put on makeup.

She seemed to be in a good mood.

Hailey had dressed up very beautifully.

It was obvious that she was going on a date.

But Jordan was not in Orlando so she was clearly not going on a date with her husband.

But with Geng Weilun!

These days, she met up with Geng Weilun almost every day.

After applying her lipstick, Hailey looked at herself in the mirror and narcissistically admired her face and figure.

“Hehe, Im so beautiful.

No wonder even foreign men fall for me.

Jordan, if you knew that Ive been going out with Geng Weilun for the past few days, you would definitely think that I would cheat on you again.

Hmph, you petty man!

“Since Ive promised not to betray you again, Ill keep my promise! I know that Geng Weilun is interested in me, but how can a big shot like him marry me At most, hell just play around.

I wont fall for his tricks.

I want to take the opportunity to get him to be my godbrother and build a good relationship with him.

Then, Ill let him help you! Jordan, I am doing so much for you.

When you and the Geng family become allies, you wont have to suffer under the other families anymore.

Hubby, youll definitely thank me, hehe.”

It turned out that Hailey knew her limits.

She knew that she wasnt worthy of Geng Weilun, so she didnt have any fantasies.

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Hailey had learned from her past mistakes.

Previously, she had made such a mistake with Tyler and Cayden.

She actually believed that Cayden was sincere in marrying her.

The Huxleys were a multi-billionaire family in New York and Cayden was a tall, rich and handsome man who had never been married.

The two of them were not compatible at all, yet Hailey actually believed that she was worthy!

Many women were under such a delusion.

They believed that as long as they were pretty and knew how to groom themselves well, they would be worthy of being with a tall, rich and handsome man!

Actually, pretty women usually felt inferior and always obsessed over the tiniest flaws in their appearance.

Of course, Hailey was an exception.

She was indeed a peerless beauty.

After dressing up, Hailey took a taxi to a top-notch restaurant in Orlando.

Geng Weilun had already booked the entire place and it was filled with his people.


Hailey, please come in.


Geng is already waiting.” The waiter led Hailey in.

“Thank you.” Hailey had crossed her arms over her chest.

Her great figure was not for a mere waiter to enjoy!

Arriving in front of Geng Weilun, Hailey immediately dropped her arms and walked over.


“Hey, Ms.


Wow, youre really beautiful today.”

Geng Weilun got up from his seat and hugged Hailey.

After that, he even pulled out a chair for her like a gentleman and let her sit opposite him.

Geng Weilun was too proud.

He would never force himself on Hailey like Miyamoto Masaki or Park Chan-young.

This was too lowly.

With his qualities and charm, Geng Weilun believed that Hailey would definitely throw herself into his arms.

This way, when Jordan found out about it in the future, he could be absolved of blame.

‘Your wife threw herself at me.

Its not my fault!

Geng Weilun had already thought of how to mock Jordan.

“What would you like to eat” Geng Weilun asked with a smile as he sat down.

Hailey replied, “You can decide.”

Geng Weilun nodded and snapped his fingers to summon the waiter.

He ordered a few Western dishes.

Thereafter, Geng Weilun surveyed Haileys good figure and felt somewhat tempted.

They had gone out the past few days.

Initially, Geng Weilun didnt think that Hailey was that beautiful, but gradually, he began to appreciate the uniqueness of Caucasian beauties.

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Caucasian women had a certain flair that most Asian beauties did not possess.

Geng Weilun suddenly reached out and held her hand.


Hailey, come to my room tonight.”

Hailey was shocked.

She was about to answer when the waiter interrupted.


Geng, the wine is ready.”

Geng Weilun nodded.

“Yes, pour for the lady first.”

He was still holding Haileys hand, not letting go.

The waiter poured wine for Hailey.

She looked troubled and said, “Weilun, I… oh!”

Hailey suddenly exclaimed.

The red wine glass was overturned and wine spilled all over her expensive, custom-made dress.

“Ah, Im sorry, Im sorry, Ms.


I was careless! Please forgive me!” The waiter knelt on the ground and begged for forgiveness.

Geng Weilun frowned.

They were at a critical moment.

This waiter really knew how to cause trouble.

However, for the past few days, Geng Weilun had been putting on a gentlemanly act.

He could not expose his cruel side in front of Hailey now.

So he only gave the waiter a simple reprimand and did not get angry.

Hailey said, “Im going to the washroom to clean up.

Excuse me for a moment.”

Geng Weilun nodded.

“Okay, no hurry.

Take your time.”

After Hailey left, Geng Weilun ordered his subordinates to buy a new dress for her.

He would give her a surprise later.

Arriving at the washroom, it was empty as the entire restaurant had been booked.

As Hailey wiped her dress with a tissue, she muttered to herself, “Sigh, Weilun is making a move now.

What should I do Hailey, you have to resist the temptation this time.

You cant make another mistake! But Jordan, that asshole, hasnt even touched my hand after marrying me.

He cant make me a celibate for the rest of my life.

I am a normal woman with normal needs!”

At this moment, another woman walked in.

Hailey nodded at her with a polite smile, completely unguarded.

The woman walked toward Hailey with a red handkerchief in her hand.

Hailey asked, “Your handkerchief is so beautiful and fragrant.

Can I smell it”

The woman was momentarily taken aback before happily handing the handkerchief to Hailey.

Hailey took the handkerchief and sniffed it.

Within seconds, she fell to the ground and fainted.

“That easy Goodness, this is probably the easiest mission Ive ever had.”

With that, the woman immediately changed all the accessories on Haileys body into tribal-style ones.

She then picked up the phone and called Shaun.

“Master, I have prepared Hailey.

We can control her at any time!”


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