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It turned out that this woman was Shauns subordinate, and she wasnt the only one.

The waiter who “accidentally” knocked over the wine glass at the dining table and spilled wine on Haileys dress was also Shauns subordinate.

Shaun liked to use trickery and deception.

He had infiltrated all the secret families and his people were everywhere.

However, his subordinates could only infiltrate to the level of waiters and thugs.

None of them managed to garner core positions so they did not know the secrets of the families.

At this moment, Lauren was controlling remotely again.

This time, she was already familiar with the process.

Before long, Hailey, who had fallen to the ground, slowly got up.

Her manner had become much more refined and elegant.

“Hailey, dont blame me.

I just dont wish you to do anything wrong again.

Im doing this for your own good.” “Hailey” muttered to herself in the mirror.

At this moment, Lauren had taken over “Hailey”.

Soon after, Lauren walked out of the washroom and returned to the dining table.

Her expression was cold and did not match her revealing outfit.

Seeing that “Hailey” had returned, Geng Weilun reached out and placed his hand on hers again.

“We were just talking about tonight…”

Lauren suddenly quickly retracted her hand with a disgusted expression.

She said to Geng Weilun seriously, “Mr.

Geng, please show some respect! I have a husband!”

Geng Weilun was stunned.

What was going on!

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Hadnt she been very friendly toward him earlier and addressed him by his first name Why did she suddenly become so cold

Geng Weilun still wanted to maintain his gentlemanly image.

He smiled.

“Okay, okay, Im sorry for offending you.

You know, Im a cultured person.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have waited until today to touch your hand.

“However, Im not someone who can spend all my time on women.

You know, among the eight great families, the Geng family is second only to the Rong family.

The other families cant compare to us.

Therefore, becoming my woman is something to be proud of for the rest of your life! And you have this honor today! Hailey, come to my room to find me tonight!”

Geng Weilun stated arrogantly.

He was certain that Hailey would never reject him.

She was a woman who was even willing to sleep with a common rich man.

She will never reject a big shot like him who could easily spend a billion dollars as pocket change!

‘Hehe, Jordan, Im going to humiliate you tonight!


Unexpectedly, “Hailey” picked up her wine glass and splashed red wine directly onto Geng Weiluns face!

Geng Weiluns jaw dropped.

He couldnt believe that Hailey had done this!

Lauren snapped angrily, “Geng Weilun, you clearly know that I just married Jordan.

You even attended our wedding! But you are trying to seduce a married woman.

Have you ever considered Jordans feelings”

Geng Weilun was also furious.

“Damn it! Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed! Of course Ive considered Jordans feelings.

Its because I know Jordan will be very angry that I did this!”

Lauren was even angrier now.

“Youre all members of the eight great families.

The progress of the world is in your hands.

Why cant you get along Whats the point of fighting among yourselves like this Besides, theres no grudge between your two families.”

“How dare you! Since when does an unfaithful woman from a third-rate family have the right to lecture me Hailey, how dare you offend me like this Alright, I wont be polite to you anymore!”

With Geng Weiluns high status, how could he tolerate being lectured by Hailey

Geng Weilun picked up the bottle and poured it all over Hailey.


Lauren ducked.

Geng Weilun smiled.

“Looks like you didnt spill enough wine just now.

Ill spill more for you!”

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With that, Geng Weilun poured all of the expensive red wine onto “Hailey”.

But this was not enough.

He ordered his subordinate, “Someone, bring a basin of water!”

His subordinate immediately returned with a basin of water from the washroom.

Geng Weilun picked up the basin and splashed it on Hailey.

Lauren didnt know how to defend herself at all.

She was wearing high heels and couldnt dodge in time, so she was drenched.


Completely drenched, Haileys figure looked even more alluring.

Geng Weilun couldnt resist going over to hold onto her.

“B*tch, the fact that I fancy you only brings honor to your ancestors.

How dare you refuse me You dont know whats good for you! I wont waste any more time.

If you want to blame someone, blame yourself for being Jordans wife!”

Geng Weilun was about to forcefully tear off Haileys clothes.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Screams and gunshots echoed through the air.

“Someones coming!” Geng Weilun was shocked.

In the next second, he saw Jordan appear in front of him.

“Let go of Hailey!” Jordan shouted at Geng Weilun.

He thought that when he came here, he would see Hailey happily in Geng Weiluns arms.

He didnt even dare to think about his vision again, afraid that he would be even angrier at the sight of Hailey cheating.

He did not expect to see Hailey being assaulted by Geng Weilun like this.

It looked like Geng Weilun was trying to force himself on Hailey and she was resisting.

Lauren took advantage of Geng Weiluns surprise to bite his hand around her neck.

“Argh! It hurts!”

Geng Weilun didnt expect “Hailey” to bite him.

After biting Geng Weilun, Lauren took the opportunity to escape from his grasp.

She ran towards Jordan.

Lauren was very happy to see Jordan again.

After Jordan arrived in the small town, Shaun did not allow them to meet.

They could only catch glimpses of each other through the window.

This was too cruel for a pair of lovers.

Therefore, Lauren was delighted to see Jordan now.

She hugged Jordan excitedly.

“Hubby, why are you here”

Jordan did not know that the current Hailey was actually Lauren.

He pushed her away and said coldly, “Why Shouldnt I be here Did I disturb your date with your lover”

Lauren hurriedly explained.

“Its not like that.

I didnt do anything to let you down.

Geng Weilun wanted me but I rejected him.

So, he flew into a humiliated rage and splashed water on me.

Fortunately, you came in time.

Otherwise, I really wouldnt know what to do.”

When Geng Weilun was strangling “Hailey” earlier, Lauren was really afraid.

She was even prepared to “disconnect” at any time!


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