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Jordan was very angry at Geng Weilun for creating unfounded rumors about his relationship with Madam Geng.

“You b*stard, I respect Madam Geng and have never done anything offensive toward her! Its impossible for me to have designs on your mother.

Be careful with your words!”

Geng Weilun couldnt hold it in anymore.

He wanted to vent all his suppressed rage.

Geng Weilun cursed Jordan.

“F*ck you! If you didnt have any designs on my mother, why did you kiss her in the virtual game! You beast, everyone else saw it in the game!”

“When did I…”

Jordan was about to retort that he had never kissed Geng Weiluns mother before when he paused.

On second thought, Jordan had indeed kissed an unfamiliar woman in that virtual game, that only people from the secret families could access!


Jordan instantly recalled that scene back then.

Jordan asked in surprise, “Marilyn Monroe is Madam Geng”

Jordan had kissed “Marilyn Monroe” in the game.

However, he remembered that she said that she was about the same age as him.

He never expected her to be Madam Geng, whose son was even older than him!

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This was too much.

Jordan was the victim here!

Geng Weilun snorted.

“You know the answer to that! Jordan, stop pretending! You deliberately approached my mother.

Do you think I dont know what youre thinking You know that your family is doomed, so you wanted to find a strong backer! You might even be planning to marry into the Geng family.

Anyway, youve been a dependent husband before! Let me tell you, youre delusional!”

Jordan couldnt help chortling.

“Hahahaha, what did you say Marry into the Geng family You mean Ill be your stepfather Hahaha, not bad.

Your suggestion is very good.

Weilun, Ill consider it seriously.


Jordan was really amused by Geng Weilun.

How could Jordan like an old woman like Madam Geng All of Jordans wives were as beautiful as a blooming flower.

In terms of looks alone, Madam Geng didnt meet his standards.

Moreover, Jordan was a Deity.

How could he be interested in the status and power of the Geng family It wouldnt be long before Jordan surpassed them!

“You…” Geng Weilun was furious.

Jordan said, “Dont worry about your mother and me.

Its not your place to worry about us adults.

Go and play by the side!”

With that, he left with “Hailey”.

“Ah!! Damn it! This damn b*stard!”

Geng Weilun was furious and kept smashing the wine bottles and glasses on the dining table.

A subordinate piped up.

“Master, that brat Jordan is too arrogant.

He dared to humiliate you.

Why didnt you let me shoot him just now”

Geng Weilun said angrily, “I would have done it myself long ago if I could.

I wouldnt need you!”

Jordan was now an impregnable fortress.

If he did not plan carefully, he would not be able to kill him.

Now, Jordan could go anywhere he wanted and swagger in and out.

The others could not do anything about it.

Walking out of the restaurant, Lauren was very curious about what had just happened.

She asked, “Hubby, why did you kiss Madam Geng Did you and her have a relationship”

Jordan didnt know that Lauren was controlling Hailey now.

He retorted.

“Hailey, I dont need to explain to you whatever happened or did not happen between me and another woman! Dont think that just because I married you again, youre really my wife and have the right to control me! Take care of yourself first!

“Your performance today wasnt bad.

You splashed wine in that kids face.

You did well.

However, you shouldnt have gone out with him in the first place! Youre even wearing a low-cut dress! Go home immediately.

Ill burn all the revealing clothes in your closet!”

Lauren was a little annoyed at Jordans chauvinistic manner.

She said in a gentle voice, “Hubby, this is not good.

Youre so strict with your wife, but you have so many women outside.

As your wife, I cant even ask you about them.”

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Jordan replied coldly, “Ill say it again.

You are not my wife! Only Lauren and Victoria are my wives!”

Lauren was very happy and finally revealed her true identity.

“Haha, Hubby, Im Lauren.”

Coincidentally, the elevator door opened.

Jordan pushed “Hailey” in.

As he was very strong, Hailey slammed into the wall inside the elevator.

“Ouch.” Lauren cried out.

Jordan said, “Why dont you claim that youre Cayden His spirit possessed you to take revenge on me.

Ill believe that more.”

Jordan pressed the first-floor button.

Lauren said in exasperation, “Hubby, its really me.

Im Lauren!”

Jordan crossed his arms.

“Alright, prove to me that you are Lauren.”

Lauren said directly, “You slept with Park Anya.

I possessed her at that time.”

Jordan was so startled that his legs went weak.

He almost knelt in front of Lauren.

‘Dear wife, why are you everywhere Why is it that you keep catching me red-handed about matters regarding other women!

Previously, it was Park Anya.

Now, it was Madam Geng!

Jordan hurriedly withdrew his arrogant attitude and grabbed “Haileys” slender arm pitifully.

“Honey, are you jealous Let me explain.

Theres really nothing between me and Madam Geng.”

Lauren snorted.

“Hubby, tell me what to do.

Every time I possess someone and meet you, Ill find out some secret about you and other women.

How many women are you hiding behind my back”

Jordan did not know what to do.

Although he was a Deity, he was helpless in front of the woman he loved.

Moreover, he was truly in the wrong now!

Jordan crouched down and hugged “Haileys” thigh.

“It was Madam Geng who kissed me in the game.

I swear that Ive never even touched her hand in reality.”

How could Lauren not believe Jordan With his status as one of the members of the eight great families, he could have hundreds or thousands of wives should he choose to.

However, Jordan even rejected the noble Lota.

He only wanted Lauren and Victoria, two women with common backgrounds.

Lauren pulled Jordan up.

“Alright, lets not talk about this anymore.

Hubby, I miss you so much.

That detestable Shaun doesnt let us meet.

I can only meet you this way.”

Jordan hugged her.

“Honey, I miss you too.

Wait for me.

After I successfully develop the mind-transplant procedure for Shaun, we can meet again!”


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