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Seoul, South Korea.

Park Sang-cheols subordinate suddenly ran to his office in a panic and said anxiously, “Master, I saw Zara at KBS TV station just now!”

Park Sang-cheols subordinate was watching television earlier when he noticed that the person being interviewed was actually Zara.

Jordan had arranged this on purpose.

He had to let Park Sang-cheols people know that Zara had come to South Korea.

Only then they would send people to capture her.

They had to do things in this way.

If Zara took the initiative to approach Park Sang-cheol, he would definitely be on guard and feel that she was up to no good.

Park Sang-cheol was puzzled.

“Zara That ordinary-looking relative of Jordans who was in Orlando”

Park Sang-cheols subordinate affirmed.

“Yes, Master.

Its that woman.”

Park Sang-cheol suddenly gritted his teeth and clenched his right hand.

“This jinx failed miserably and spoiled everything.

She caused me to nearly fall into Jordans hands.

Follow her for two days and see what shes up to in South Korea.

If theres no danger, capture her over.”


Three days later.

During an internal singing audition at an entertainment agency.

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“Hello, Im Zara Blaine from the US.

I want to be your companys trainee.”

Zara was wearing a cute short skirt and introduced herself politely.

At this moment, her combat strength was already astonishing.

She was extremely strong and could be described as terrifying.

However, she still looked like a weak and delicate little girl.

Suddenly, someone kicked the door open and entered.

“Hahaha, Zara, youre really bold.

You dare to come to our country to be an artiste trainee You want to be an artiste Why dont you take a look in the mirror Does our country accept trash”

It was Park Sang-cheols subordinate who had liaised with her the most in Orlando.

Zara recognized this person.

She remembered his voice and recalled how he had threatened her in Orlando.

She wished she could kill him immediately.

However, she couldnt do that.

If she killed him now, she wouldnt be able to get close to Park Sang-cheol.

The Park residence was heavily guarded.

She would never be able to get in if she tried to force her way in.

Therefore, Zara pretended to be afraid and hid in the corner.

“Dont… dont come over.

I beg you to let me live.”

Park Sang-cheols subordinate snorted.

“Let you live You caused me and my master to nearly die in the US! You jinx! Come, come with me to see Master!”

Zara shook her head vigorously.

“No, I dont want to see him.

Please, dont let me see him again.

Im afraid.”


Park Sang-cheols subordinate slapped Zara.

“If you dont want me to hit you again, behave yourself!”

Park Sang-cheols subordinates grabbed Zara and dragged her off.

However, he realized that Zara was a little heavier than them.

Park Sang-cheols subordinate sized up Zara and realized that her legs were longer than before.

He was overjoyed and patted her legs, taking advantage of her.

“Not bad, Zara.

Why do I feel that your figure is better than before”

Zara endured the humiliation.

She couldnt resist now.

She could only let this damn subordinate take advantage of her.

However, she secretly swore that she would personally kill this b*stard later!

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Along the way, Park Sang-cheols subordinate kept teasing and taking advantage of Zara.

If Zara had not put up some resistance, this subordinate might have raped her in the car before bringing her up.

“You little b*tch, how dare you bite me Damn, it hurts.

If Master decides to kill you later, I will play you to death!” Park Sang-cheols subordinates shouted angrily as he dragged Zara toward Park Sang-cheols room.

Just as they reached the door, the subordinate made Zara stop.

Park Sang-cheol was in the innermost part of the room.

‘No, I am still not close enough.

Given the distance between Zara and Park Sang-cheol, the bodyguards in the room, and the fact that there might be other security equipment in the room, Zara could not act rashly.

Jordan already reminded her that she only had one chance to attack.

This time, she had to kill Park Sang-cheol.

Otherwise, she would never have another chance.

Even someone as strong as Jordan failed to kill Park Sang-cheol last time and let him escape.

“Master, I have brought Zara over,” Park Sang-cheols subordinate reported.

Park Sang-cheol did not respond.

He seemed to be busy with something very important.

After a few minutes, Park Sang-cheol got up from his seat and walked over.

“Zara, youre really bold to come to South Korea.

Im very curious.

Why didnt Jordan kill you He knows that you drugged him.”

Park Sang-cheol felt that Jordan would have already executed a small fry like Zara.

At least, if it were Park Sang-cheol, he would have done so.

Zara looked pitiful and weak.

She cried.

“Jordan is very angry.

I begged him for a long time to have mercy on me on account of Hailey and my grandma.

Only then did he let me go.

However, he told me to disappear from his sight, so I came to South Korea.

Please let me go.”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.” Park Sang-cheol kept shaking his head.

“Jordan is too soft-hearted.

Hes too kind to women.

He didnt even kill that b*tch Hailey when she cheated on him.

And now, they seem to be back together!”

“It looks like hes very infatuated with this woman.

Zara, you should be glad that you have such a good relationship with the Camden family.

Otherwise, you wouldnt have the chance to appear in front of me alive today.”

Zara nodded repeatedly.

“Yes, yes.

Jordan values Haileys family very much.

My grandmother also saved his life before, thats why he let me go.”

Park Sang-cheol said, “Since Jordan is so soft-hearted, you still have a chance to get close to him.

I order you to filtrate his team and find a chance to kill him!”

When Zara heard this, she hurriedly refused.

“No, Master, dont make me do such things again.

I beg you.”


Park Sang-cheols subordinate slapped Zara.

“Do you have the right to refuse If you dont do it, Ill kill you!”

“Ill do it, Ill do it! Dont kill me, please! Ill do anything you want me to.

I will even be your woman,” Zara hurriedly said.

Park Sang-cheol and his subordinate laughed out loud.

“Hahaha, you lowly woman.

How dare you dream of being Masters woman Youre not even worthy of me!” Park Sang-cheols subordinate shouted.

Park Sang-cheol sized up Zara and realized that she looked even more charming than before, especially with her long legs.

Zaras legs had always been her best feature.

And after being injected with the serum, her legs became even longer and sexier.

“This woman… is actually not bad.” Park Sang-cheol revealed an evil smile.


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