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Park Anyas expression changed drastically.

She had to personally kill Jordan

Jordan was one of the only two men who had ever moved Park Anyas heart!

And some time ago, they had even had sex…

Park Anya was naturally unwilling.

“Daddy, stop fighting with Jordan, okay Why must you fight him to the death”


Park Sang-jun slapped Park Anyas face.

“Your brothers were killed by Jordan.

How can I let him off! Park Anya, if you want to inherit the Park familys business, you will bring Jordans head to me! Otherwise, I will bear another son and hand the Park familys business to him! Anya, Jordan likes you.

You have the best chance to kill him.

I hope you wont disappoint me!”

With that, Park Sang-jun left.

Park Anya was in a huge dilemma.

How could she be willing to kill the man she loved However, if she didnt do that, all her efforts across her entire life would be in vain.

“Jordan, why does it have to be you…”

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The next day, Park Sang-jun flew to Japan to meet Miyamoto Chujiro.

Both of them had experienced the pain of losing their sons.

Moreover, Jordan was the murderer of all of them.

Therefore, at this moment, they were on the same wavelength.

The two of them sat on cushions before a Japanese-style low table.

The fragrance of tea filled the air.

Park Sang-jun said, “Mr, Miyamoto, Jordan killed both of our sons.

Your son, Miyamoto Masaki, was also murdered by Jordan.

We must take revenge!”

Miyamoto Chujiro clenched his fists.

“Ever since my son died, revenge has been constantly on my mind.

However, Jordan has already been injected with the Mirakuru serum.

It wont be easy to kill him!”

Park Sang-jun said, “He killed the people closest to us and caused us to live in pain every day.

Although we cant kill him for the time being, we can let him experience the pain of losing his loved ones!”

Miyamoto Chujiro picked up his teacup and asked, “You mean to kill his family His parents were in my hands, but Jordan saved them.

I dont know where his two wives are.

As for his siblings, Im afraid killing them wont be enough to make Jordan feel deep sorrow.”

Park Sang-jun said, “Jordan has more than two wives.

He just married another one.

The one in Orlando is called Hailey.”

“Didnt that woman have an affair before Jordan probably doesnt care about her.

If we kill her, Jordan will probably clap and cheer, right” Miyamoto Chujiro also knew about Hailey.

Park Sang-jun shook his head.


Miyamoto has underestimated Jordans feelings for that b*tch Hailey.

From what I know, he loves her very deeply.

A few days ago, Geng Weilun tried to get close to Hailey.

Jordan was thousands of miles away and especially rushed over to stop him.

“Ive seen the surveillance video of Jordan and Hailey in the elevator.

In the video, Jordan took the initiative to hug and kiss Hailey.

He looked like he loved her very much!”

Miyamoto Chujiro let out a disdainful sound.

“Hmph, Jordan, this piece of trash.

He pretended to be a hero in front of us, but he still fell for a woman who cheated on him repeatedly.

He actually forgave her! Mr.

Park, do you mean that if we kill Hailey, Jordan will feel the same pain as us”

Park Sang-jun nodded.

“Thats right.

Moreover, Hailey isnt the only one in Orlando.

Theres also their son.

Even if he doesnt feel sorry for Hailey, if we kill his son, Jordan will definitely be even more heartbroken than us!”


Miyamoto Chujiro smacked the table and stood up angrily.

“Thats right! He killed our sons, so we have to kill his wife and child too! Mr.

Park, what are we waiting for Make a plan immediately.

Go to Orlando to kill Hailey!”

Park Sang-jun said, “Hmmm, Hailey is under the protection of Jordans men.

We cant underestimate them.

We have to be careful.”

Miyamoto Chujiro snorted.

“Dont worry.

Our Miyamoto family has recently developed a poisonous gas.

To kill Hailey and their son, I dont mind killing off everyone in the whole of Orlando at the same time!”

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Two days later, at Orlando TV Station, a reporter wearing a mask stood at the entrance of the New City residential estate.

He held a microphone and faced the camera.

“Early this morning, 10 residents in the New City residential estate behind me were found to have been poisoned by an unknown gas.

They were sent to the hospital but could not be saved.

At the moment, the police and the hospital have yet to explain the source of the gas.

They are reminding everyone to wear masks when outside.”

Hailey was in her room.

She was so nervous that her forehead was covered in sweat.

She kept calling Jordan and leaving voice messages.

“Hubby, Im so scared.

More than 10 people died in our neighborhood overnight.

Fortunately, I closed the windows when sleeping at night.

Otherwise, something might have happened to me and the baby! Now, I dont dare to open the windows or even go out.

A few of the men you sent to protect me have also been poisoned!

“What should we do, Hubby Im so scared.

Come and save me and our son…”

A small, remote town in the US.

Shaun suddenly received a call from his subordinate.

“Bad news, Master.

An unknown poisonous gas suddenly appeared in the New City residential estate.

Many people have died.

Jordans wife and child are still fine, but the poisonous gas around them hasnt dissipated.

Moreover, the source of the poisonous gas has not been found.

Their situation is not optimistic! Damn it! Who the hell did this!”

Shaun felt like he was going crazy when he heard this.

It hadnt been easy for him to make Jordan settle down in this town and help him with his mind-transplant technology.

And now, something had happened to Jordans family!

If Jordan knew, wouldnt he have to go back again

Shaun immediately found Jordan and realized that he had already heard the news and was preparing to rush to Orlando.

“Jordan, dont leave.

If you leave, our research cannot move on.” Shaun stopped Jordan.

Jordan pushed Shaun away.

“Get lost! Something happened to my son.

If anything happens to him, can you take responsibility!”

Shaun assured him.

“I already know about this.

Leave it to me.

Ill personally go to Orlando to help you send Hailey and your son to a safe place.

You can stay here and continue the research.

How about that”

How could Jordan leave his wife and child to a demon like Shaun

Jordan said, “Let you go there and help me Let you go there to kidnap them as hostages to further blackmail me Get lost!”

Without another word, Jordan stormed out.

Shaun knew that Jordan would not trust him.

After all, he was already holding Lauren as a hostage.

“Deity Jordan, wait for me.

Ill go with you!”


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