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Jordan looked at Hailey, who was kneeling in front of him and got a little agitated.


She was the woman he had loved for three years!


She was also the woman who had hurt Jordan the most!


Some time ago, Hailey kept saying that she would never apologize to Jordan in her lifetime and that she would make Jordan regret divorcing her.


She even wanted to make Jordan get on his knees to apologize to her!


This is the day that Jordan had been waiting for!


He had been waiting for an apology from her!


“Hailey Camden, Ive waited so long to hear those words from you! You even said the other day that you would never apologize to me in this lifetime.



Jordan had won.


“Im sorry, Im sorry, Im sorry, Hubby.

Its all my fault.

Will you forgive me”


While kneeling, Hailey grabbed the hem of Jordans trousers while begging him miserably.

At this point, she had already burst into tears.


Who would have thought that the pretty, flawless, and wealthy woman who was known as the most beautiful girl in Orlando would end up having to stoop so low one day


Jordan did not waver.

Instead, he asked, “Youve done me wrong, and it took you so long to apologize to me.

How do you expect me to forgive you”


Hailey wiped her tears and explained, “Hubby, youve misunderstood me.

Ive never actually done anything to wrong you.”


Jordan was infuriated.

“I saw it with my own eyes, and you still want to deny it”


Hailey frantically said, “Hear me out, I was just muddled up at that time, and I fell for Tylers trick.

He lured me to the hotel.”


“But you arrived to deliver takeout before we even did anything.

After you left, I felt like I was really letting you down, so I left the hotel immediately and went home to cook for you.”


“But Im not good at cooking, and I was scared that you wouldnt like the food I made, so I ordered takeout instead.”


“There are surveillance cameras at the entrance of our home, and the footage of me returning home that day is still present.

You can go check the timestamp yourself.”


“Or, you can just…”


Hailey got a little shy when she said the last sentence.


Jordan didnt know if Hailey was telling the truth or just making things up so that she could get back together with him.


Jordan didnt want to figure it out either!


“Even if its true, you already had the intention of being unfaithful towards me at that time.

I cant forgive you.”


Jordan said indifferently.


Hailey wept again.

“Hubby, I have my reasons.

Youve always been the only one I love.

I got cheated by Tyler only because I wanted to do something for my family.”


“As you know, my father and uncle are vying with each other for the family assets and inheritance.

Since I dont have a brother, the familys company will definitely be handed over to Drew in the future.

I had no choice but to impress my grandmother as much as possible because my parents have been pressing me to do so.”


Jordan was well aware of that.


Jordan said, “Ill give you the benefit of the doubt and take it that you were forced into it but dont you find it ridiculous that youre saying that you love me If you really loved me, would you have abstained from getting intimate with me in the past three years!!”


Hailey cried and complained, “Thats because of my moms demands.

I wanted to consummate our marriage, but she refused to let me.”


“Trust me, Im still a virgin now, and we can consummate our marriage tonight.”


As Hailey spoke, she grabbed Jordans suit again.


Jordan pushed her away.

“Dont touch me!”


Jordan said, “Hailey Camden, you know every well yourself that if Im still the good-for-nothing who works as a deliveryman that you think I am, you definitely wouldnt be getting on your knees and saying these things to me now!”


“Youre only apologizing because you know Im wealthy!”


“I dont like materialistic women who are only after money.

We will never get back together!”


Hailey hurriedly explained, “I dont love money.

I love you!”


However, no matter how Hailey tried to defend herself, Jordan would ignore her.


Hailey was so worked up that she leaped into Jordans arms.


She initially wanted to force a kiss on Jordan, but he dodged.


“Dont do that.

Let go of me.”


Jordan tried to shake Hailey off, but she kept clinging onto him and wrapping her arms tightly around him.

Unless he used brute force, he wouldnt be able to shake her off at all.


“I refuse!”


Hailey hugged Jordan tightly and stubbornly refused to let go.




Jordan had no choice.

After all, he couldnt punch her and knock her down.


That was a tactic that Rachel had taught Hailey.


While hugging Jordan, Hailey asked, “You must have bought that villa in Phuket for me, havent you You must know that its my favorite place for a holiday.

I want to spend a few days with you in that villa.

We can drink and enjoy the view of the sea together.”


“I really like this villa too.

Shall I move in”


“I want to give birth to a pair of children for you.

Can we do that”


In the past three years, Jordan had never felt such tenderness from Hailey before!


However, Jordan was not the type to be convinced easily.


He made up his mind and pushed Hailey onto the bed.


Due to the fact that the bed was very soft, Hailey wouldnt get hurt.


Afterward, Jordan said, “Hailey Camden, if you had gotten on your knees to apologize to me before I revealed my identity, we would still have had a chance to get back together.”


“Nevertheless, you chose to do so only after discovering that Im the president of a corporation.

It disgusts me!”


After saying that, Jordan walked out of the bedroom for fear of being pestered by Hailey again.


When Jordan reached the first floor, he said to Rachel, who pretended to be on the phone, “Rachel, take Hailey away with you.

Im going to get some rest.”


Seeing how furious Jordan was, Rachel hurriedly put down the phone and said, “Okay, Ill go check on her…”


Rachel soon arrived at the third floor.

She opened the bedroom door, only to realize that Hailey was hiding under Jordans duvet and crying her heart out.


Rachel hurriedly stepped forward and gave Hailey a piece of tissue.

“My dear, what are you doing You have snot and tears all over your face.

How can Jordan be attracted to you like this”


Hailey hugged Rachel and cried.

“What should I do Jordan refuses to forgive me, Ive already gotten on my knees to beg him, and thats the first time in my life that Ive ever done that…”


Rachel patted Hailey on her shoulder and comforted, “Dont panic.

This is only your first try.

How can he forgive you so easily Just do it a few more times, and itll work.”


“So, what do I do now” Hailey asked.


At this moment, thunder roared in the sky.


“Is it going to rain”


Rachel had a flash of inspiration, and she said, “Go to the courtyard and kneel down on the ground to beg for Jordans forgiveness.

Say that you wont get up unless he forgives you.”


“Yes!” Hailey went all out.

She just wanted to become the respected Mrs.

Steele now.


Rachel took Hailey downstairs and said to Jordan in a dignified manner, “Mr.

Steele, Im sorry to have disturbed you tonight.

We shall take our leave now.”


Jordan didnt see them off either.

“Ill have the chauffeur send you guys out.”


Jordan began to give the chauffeur instructions, but when Hailey went out into the courtyard, she got on her knees again and said, “Jordan, I cant wont get up until you forgive me!”


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