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Shaun said, “Jordan, dont misunderstand.

Im not teasing you.

Im just reminding you.

Dont forget, if it werent for me, you would have returned only to see the corpses of your wife and children, not living, breathing folks.

Were on the same side now.

Ill only want to ensure your safety and not harm you.

Dont you think its suspicious that Park Anya would come looking for you for no reason”

When Shaun saw that Jordan was going to bring Park Anya to have some alone time, he instinctively felt that this would be very dangerous.

This was because in Shauns impression, this woman was even more powerful than Park Sang-cheol and Park Chan-young.

Jordan said, “The last time we met, I invited her to follow me.

Now that she has been expelled from the family, whats so suspicious about her coming to find me”

Shaun said, “The last time Park Anya met you was when Lauren possessed her, and Park Sang-cheol was still alive.

She decided not to follow you then.

Now that Park Sang-cheol is dead and shes the only descendant left in the Park family, she is the only future heir to the Park family.

Why would she choose to follow you at this time”

Park Anya was shocked by Shauns words.

She looked a little flustered and she hurriedly explained, “My father will never pass the position of family heir to me.

He said that he would find another woman to give birth to a son, but he would never choose me.

He even said that I like you even though you are his enemy, and I deserve to die.

He couldnt wait to kill me.”

Jordans heart ached at Park Anyas words.

He knew that she must have suffered a lot in the family because he had killed Park Chan-young and Park Sang-cheol.

Especially when Lauren had possessed Park Anya to plead for mercy for Jordan, causing her to be expelled from the family.

Jordan had always felt very guilty about that.

“What The person who possessed me at that time was your wife I thought it was Shaun.” Park Anya quickly changed the topic.

Jordan was a little embarrassed and explained.

“Im sorry, Anya.

I lied to you previously because I was afraid that you would blame Lauren.

After all, she caused you to be expelled from the family.”

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Park Anya smiled.

“No, Im very happy that it was her and not that disgusting Shaun.

Lauren possessed me and had sex with you.

This means that she recognizes me as your woman.

Lauren is your only official wife.

If she acknowledges me, we can be together openly.

Im so happy!”

With that, Park Anya leaned her head against Jordan like a little bird.

Jordan hugged Park Anya and enjoyed this blissful feeling that he had imagined for many years.

He had never thought that one day, Park Anya would no longer be so cold to him but cling to him like a little girl.

Shaun stared at Park Anya as if she was a vixen.

As the saying went, only objective bystanders could see the game clearly.

Jordan had too many feelings for Park Anya.

Even if he had a pair of divine eyes, he was temporarily blind to her true motives.

Meanwhile, Shaun was a cunning old fox.

He could tell at a glance that this woman was not simply seeking refuge with Jordan.

Even if Park Anya was telling the truth, that she was really expelled from the family and Park Sang-jun really planned to have another son as his heir.

Park Anya would not come looking for Jordan at a time like this.

Her brother, Park Sang-cheol, had only died a few days ago!

Shaun reminded Jordan again.

“Jordan, its better to be safe than sorry.

How many heroes have fallen at the hands of a woman Since you have the ability, why dont you use it before deciding if you want to take her in”

As Shaun didnt want Park Anya to know that Jordan was a Deity, he referred to Jordans ability in a vague way.

Nevertheless, with Jordans intelligence, he would definitely understand.

Jordan understood what Shaun meant.

He wanted him to use his Deity ability to predict what would happen between him and Park Anya.

In this way, he could know in advance if Park Anya was sincere in being with him.

To be honest, Jordan was unwilling to do this because this would mean he did not trust the woman he liked.

It would be like a couple secretly checking each others phones after the other party fell asleep.

Shaun suddenly walked forward and grabbed Park Anyas smooth arm.

He smiled.


Park Anya, do you remember that we danced together before”

Park Anya hurriedly shouted, “Let go of me! Youre a demon!”

Park Anya was really afraid of Shaun.

He had been in control of Tom Schmids body when they danced.

She felt that this person was too terrifying.

When Salvatore saw this, he shouted angrily, “B*stard, how dare you touch Mr.

Jordans woman! Men, protect Madam!

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“Protect Master Shaun!”

Jordans people started fighting with Shauns people again.

In the ensuing chaos, Jordan closed his eyes and began to use his Deity power to peer into the future.

Everything was so beautiful.

The two of them hugged and kissed.

They listened to the Korean song they had heard four years ago and enjoyed their alone time.

The beautiful Park Anya whispered into Jordans ear.

“Jordan, my soldier, you are the man I love the most in my life.”

Jordan was very happy to see this scene.

However, in the next second…

Park Anya quietly took out a pistol disguised as lipstick and aimed it at Jordans head!


Jordan broke out in cold sweat and crouched on the ground.

“Park Anya… isnt here to be my wife.

Shes here to… kill me”

Although Jordan had been injected with the Mirakuru serum and would be fine if he was shot, it was still possible for him to die if he was shot directly in the head!

“Why Why did this happen”

Jordan could not believe this.

Park Anya was the woman he had liked for many years! She was Jordans first love!

His heart ached.

At this moment, his heart ached a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times more than when Zara wanted to harm him!

Zara was not important to Jordan.

He could do whatever he wanted with her.

He would not feel any heartache killing her.

But Park Anya…

On the side, Shaun saw Jordans current state and thought to himself:Jordan, looks like youve already seen this womans true goal.


Shaun had grabbed Park Anya earlier to give Jordan the chance to use his powers and see the future.

Now that his goal had been achieved, he let go of Park Anyas arm.

Park Anya immediately ran to Jordan and threw herself into his arms again.

She looked very afraid.

“Darling, I dont want to see Shaun.

Can you take me away I only want to be with you now.

I dont want to see anyone else!”


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