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Park Anya took the initiative to hold Jordans hand, but he stood rooted to the ground, motionless and expressionless.

He looked completely different from before.

Shaun knew what had happened to Jordan but Park Anya didnt.

She definitely wouldnt expect Jordan to have such a drastic change in attitude within just 10 seconds.

“Bring you where” Jordan asked coldly.

At this moment, Jordan no longer knew how to face the woman he liked.

The thought of her killing him made his heart turn cold and ache! If it were any other woman, Jordan would have already killed her by now!

Park Anya did not notice Jordans abnormality and said gently, “Im willing to go anywhere as long as Im with you.”

Jordans mind was filled with thoughts.

He knew that from the moment he predicted that Park Anya would kill him, the two of them would never have a chance in their lives.

Placing his right hand on Park Anyas back, Jordan caressed her long, elegant hair.

Her hair was extremely soft.

The sunset was endless, just approaching dusk.

Jordan did not expect that the first time he experienced such sweetness with Park Anya would also be the last time.

“Madam, lets go to Syria then,” Jordan said in a mild tone.

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Park Anya was taken aback.

She looked up at Jordan.

She did not expect him to choose that place.

The battlefield in Syria was the place where the two of them first met.

Did Jordan have a hidden reason for choosing that place

After a pause, Park Anya smiled.

“Mmm, you decide.

From now on, Ill do whatever you say.”

“Okay.” Jordan kissed Park Anyas forehead gently and shouted at Salvatore.

“Prepare the plane and set off for Syria!”

Jordans voice was very loud.

He seemed to be venting all his anger in that command.


Jordan quickly walked hand in hand with Park Anya towards Zephyr Three.

However, Shaun frowned:What is Jordan doing Why is he going to Syria He should have already seen that Park Anyas motive is not so simple.

“Men, prepare the plane and set off for Syria!”

Shaun had become Jordans follower and bodyguard.

He was afraid that something would happen to Jordan, so he followed him to Syria.

When the plane took off, Jordan looked through the window and realized that this prosperous district of the city was in a mess.

An unknown gas was spreading and it was clearly not the one by Shaun.

“Damn it, they failed to poison my wife and child, so they are venting their frustration on the ordinary citizens of Orlando.

Those b*stards!”

Jordans heart ached very much because once these ordinary people came into contact with this poisonous gas, which was created by a secret family, they would definitely die.

“Salvatore, get Dragon to send 10,000 gas masks to Orlando immediately,” Jordan instructed.


Only the gas mask developed by the Steeles medical department could ensure that the citizens would not be harmed.

Jordan had lived in Orlando for several years and had deep feelings for this place.

This was the only thing he could do.

As Park Anya glanced out of the window, she placed her hand on Jordans shoulder.

“It was probably the Miyamoto family who did this.

They are the best at using poisonous gas.

I heard my father mention it before.”

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“Miyamoto Chujiro! You killed so many ordinary people in Orlando.

I wont let you off!”

Jordan clenched his fists angrily.

Park Anya reached out and pried open his fist bit by bit.

She smiled.

“Darling, youve already done everything you can.

Let me help you relax.”

Jordan looked at Park Anya.

He had to admit that Park Anya really knew how to manipulate him to make him happy.

In this aspect, she was far more capable than Lauren and Victoria.

Hailey could not compare to her at all.

Before Jordan could speak, Park Anya had already kissed him…

This flight might become an unforgettable memory for Jordan.

The last time he had Park Anya, she had been controlled and was not a willing party.

But this time, she was.

For some reason, Park Anya did not choose to attack Jordan now.

Perhaps she wanted to wait for Jordan to get used to her and not be on guard before taking action.

Or perhaps she wanted to enjoy the feeling of being Jordans woman for a little while.

Soon, the plane flew to Syria and stopped at the bottom of the valley that they had hidden in back then.

After getting off the plane, Jordan instructed Salvatore, “Fly the plane far away.

Without my orders, dont approach.”


After the plane departed, only Jordan and Park Anya were left.

The two of them held hands as they revisited their old place.

Park Anya couldnt help laughing.

She smiled.

“Back then, you led me to escape from enemy pursuit and we had no choice but to hide in this valley.

At that time, I really thought that we were going to die here together.”

Jordan looked at Park Anya expressionlessly and asked, “Shall we go to the bottom of the valley again”

Park Anya smiled again.

“Alright, lets reminisce about the scene from back then.

But this time, I wont take the initiative to kiss you.

I want you to kiss me.”

Jordan nodded.


Park Anya took off her high heels and Jordan led her down to the bottom of the valley.

This was the place with the best scenery within a hundred miles.

“This place is still so romantic.

It would be good if we could die here, right” Park Anya asked jokingly.

At this moment, Park Anya had already decided that she would take out the lipstick pistol and shoot Jordan when she was intimate with him later.

What she didnt know was that Jordan already knew.

Jordan didnt say anything.

Instead, he took out his phone and played the Korean song.

Hearing the song, Park Anya smiled.

“This is the song we listened to back then in this place.

You still remember it.”

Jordan nodded vigorously.

“Yes, I remember everything about you.”

Tears welled up in Jordans eyes as he said that.


Park Anya stroked Jordans face with her right hand.

Then, she took the initiative to kiss him.

Just like four years ago.

The difference was that four years ago, Park Anya said that Jordan was not qualified to be her man, so she only kissed him and did not go further.

This time, Park Anya had already submitted to Jordan.

When the song came to an end, Park Anya whispered in Jordans ear, “Jordan, my soldier, you are the man I love the most in my life.”

Park Anya took out the lipstick pistol with her right hand and aimed it at Jordans head.

Tears were already flowing down Jordans cheeks.

10 seconds later.




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