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Just as Park Anya took out her “lipstick pistol”, a sparkling snowflake suddenly landed on the back of her fair hand.


It was snowing in Syria

What surprised her even more was that a large palm suddenly grabbed Park Anyas hand.

It was Jordans hand.

Park Anya widened her eyes.

She couldnt believe that Jordan could actually sense that she wanted to harm him at a time like this.

Jordan did not look at her.

He continued to hug her and said with tears in his eyes, “Im sorry.

Im a Deity.”

It was only then that Park Anya seemed to understand everything at that moment.

She finally understood why Jordan could develop the Mirakuru serum and kill Miyamoto Masaki.

She finally understood why her eldest brother and third brother had died in his hands after going against Jordan.

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She also understood why Jordan managed to stop her from killing him at this time.

Park Anya was not afraid that Jordan had seen through her.

She became very relaxed, as if all this was a relief.

All the pressure and ambition she had been enduring her whole life were gone.

Jordan hugged Park Anya tightly and fired two shots into her back with her lipstick pistol.



Just like that, Park Anya died in Jordans arms.

Jordans tears kept falling on Park Anyas face, which still held a radiant smile.

Ever since Jordan brought Park Anya here, he had already decided to do this.

He had no choice.

Shaun realized that something was wrong and immediately ran over.

He only relaxed when he saw that it was Park Anya who was dead and not Jordan.

The snow fell harder and harder on Jordan and the body of Park Anya.


Jordan shouted while hugging Park Anyas corpse.

He had killed the first woman he had ever loved in his life!

Half an hour later, he carried Park Anya out of the valley.

Shaun noticed a piece of paper falling from Park Anyas body.

He picked it up and handed it to Jordan.

He knew that Jordan was in a bad mood, so he did not dare to say anything.

Jordan took the paper and realized that it was a letter written by Park Anya.

It was addressed to Jordan.

“Jordan, if you see this letter, I would have already died by you or your subordinates hands.

I know that it wont be easy to take your life.

My brothers died because they tried to kill you.

But I had no choice.

My father said that he would only be willing to hand the Park family over to me if I killed you myself.

You know, thats what Ive been pursuing all my life.

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“Dont be sad about my death.

I should have died in the valley of the Syrian battlefield four years ago.

You saved me.

If I could start over, I would definitely choose to be with you then.

Please take good care of my daughter, Sora.

Thank you.

“I hope we can fall in love sooner in our next life.

“Park Anya.”

Jordan cried again after reading this letter!

This time, he was crying with pain and hatred!

“Ah! Its Park Sang-juns fault! Its Park Sang-jun, that b*stard, who forced Anya to kill me! Park Sang-jun killed his daughter! Why You know that I like your daughter.

You can become family with me, but you insist on persecuting the Steeles! Why!”

Jordan roared, “Men! Men!”

Salvatore immediately flew the Zephyr Three over when he heard Jordans summons.

“I am here! What can I do for you, Mr.


Jordan said, “We are going to South Korea.

I want to annihilate that old b*stard Park Sang-jun.

I want to avenge Park Anya!”

Shaun hurriedly pulled Jordan back.

“Jordan, dont be rash.

If you fight against the Park family like this, you might not be Park Sang-juns match.

Moreover, you have already killed the three descendants of the Park family.

If you kill Park Sang-jun, the Park family will be wiped out!”

Jordan said resentfully, “I want the entire Park family destroyed! Get lost.

If you dare to stop me again, Ill kill you too!”

Carrying Park Anyas body, Jordan walked towards Zephyr Three, not allowing anyone to stop him.

“Damn it, wait for me.

Ill go to South Korea to help you too!”

Shaun had no choice but to follow.

Jordan flew to Seoul at the fastest speed.

However, Jordan did not know where Park Sang-jun lived, so he stopped in the air.

Salvatore said, “Mr.

Jordan, we dont know where Park Sang-juns residence is.

Should we find a place to rest first Ill send someone to investigate carefully.”

Jordan had just personally killed the woman he liked because of Park Sang-jun.

He wished he could bite Park Sang-jun to death right now.

How could he still be in the mood to rest!

“He must be living in one of the luxurious skyscrapers in this city.

Blast every skyscraper!”

Salvatore gulped.

Jordan wasnt just going to just kill Park Sang-jun.

He was going to start a war with the entire South Korea!


Salvatore was not afraid.

Since Jordan had given the order, he would obey.

“Three, two, one, launch!”


A skyscraper was instantly bombarded by Zephyr Three 3s weapons and turned into a sea of fire!

“F*ck! What is Jordan doing!”

Shaun, who was following behind Jordan, couldnt help worrying when he saw this scene.

“Jordan is indeed a devoted man.

Its the same for Hailey and Lauren, and now Park Anya.

But if he messes around and becomes a global enemy, it will affect my research!”

Shaun immediately called Jordan.

“Jordan, stop.

I know where Park Sang-jun is!”

Still in mid-air, Jordan leaped into Shauns plane.

He grabbed Shaun and asked, “You know where Park Sang-jun is”

Shaun replied, “There was a period of time when I was close to Park Sang-jun.

I can roughly deduce his whereabouts, but I still need to use a spell to confirm his exact location.”

“A spell”

“Come with me.”

Jordan followed Shaun and realized that his plane was filled with creepy things like vintage papers, parchment maps and ancient accessories.

When they arrived at a small private room on the plane, Shaun took out a parchment map.

The map was very small, showing only the area of Seoul.

Shaun sat on the ground and began to cast a spell, muttering something.

He then took out a strand of white hair, lit it with a candle, and placed it on the map.


The hair hopped to a spot and turned into a small black dot.

Shaun smiled and pointed at the black dot.

“Park Sang-jun lives here.

TP Building, top floor.”

Jordan stared at Shaun.

This fellow was terrifying!


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