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Just a strand of Park Sang-juns hair was enough to find his location.

This method could not be explained by science at all.

It was like an immortal technique.

Jordan couldnt help asking, “Shaun, where did you learn these methods”

Shaun smiled.

“These were passed down from my ancestors.

I can only say that my ancestors also had a fortuitous encounter.

Dont covet my ability.

Your own ability is much stronger than mine.

Lets go to the top floor of the TP Building and find Park Sang-jun.”

Shaun brought Jordan to the cockpit and instructed the pilot, “Land on the top floor of the TP building.”

But Jordan said, “No, well crash the plane into the top floor of the TP building.”

Shaun was terrified.

“What Jordan, dont mess around just because this isnt your plane.

We will be blasted to bits if we fly into the building! Do you think the Park familys defense system is just for show”

Jordan said indifferently, “Whatever.

Anyway, a tiny blast cant kill me.

I just want to get rid of Park Sang-jun as soon as possible.

I dont want to wait a second longer!”

“F*ck you…” Shaun was really unhappy now.” Dont listen to him.”

However, Jordan did not need to heed Shaun at all.

He just shoved the pilot away.

He knew how to fly a plane himself.

“Ah, damn it! Jordan, you cant do this! I only have this one decent-standard plane.

I dont have any more if its destroyed!”

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Shaun was burning with anxiety.

It seemed like he cherished this plane very much.

But Jordan ignored Shaun.

Its not like Shaun sought out Jordans opinion when he decided to kidnap Lauren.

Jordan flew the plane towards the top floor of the TP building as fast as he could.

Beep beep beep beep…

As Jordans plane approached, the Park familys defense system automatically issued an alarm.

“Whats happening”

Park Sang-jun hurriedly got up from his seat and asked his subordinate when he heard the alarm.

The subordinate hurriedly replied, “Theres an unknown plane speeding towards the top floor.

Master, for safety reasons, please go downstairs and hide for the time being!”

“Damn it! It must be Jordan!”

Park Sang-jun walked towards the elevator as he instructed his subordinates, “Blast him hard! Kill him with your maximum firepower!”



A missile shot towards Shauns plane.

Although the plane dodged, the missile had an automatic tracking system.

It circled around and landed at the back of the plane.


The entire plane shook.

Shaun was also swaying left and right, his heart aching.

“Ah, Jordan, youre trying to kill me.

What did I do in my previous life to offend you so much”

Shaun couldnt stop Jordan even though the latter was acting recklessly.

He couldnt fight him physically even if he wanted to.

He wouldnt be able to hurt him at all.

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If he used evil spells to deal with him, he was afraid that he would end up hurting Jordan too badly and he wouldnt be able to help him with the mind-transplant technology anymore.

Therefore, he could only watch helplessly as Jordan did this.


Many planes suddenly appeared nearby and kept shooting at Shauns plane.

They were planes belonging to a secret family and had very strong defenses.

They could not be shot down easily.


With a loud crash, Jordan crashed the plane into the wide glass windows of the top floor.



The plane finally came to a stop after crashing into the top floor.

“My plane…” Shauns heart ached so much that he was about to cry.

Ignoring Shaun, Jordan was the first to get off the plane.

He shouted, “Park Sang-jun, come out.

Didnt you want to kill me Im here now.

Kill me!”

Clang! Clang! Clang!

As Jordan shouted, dozens of metal rods descended from the ceiling.

Like prison bars, they surrounded Jordan and the rest.

“Damn it.”

Would Jordan be trapped by this “cage”

He reached out, wanting to break those metal rods with his bare hands.

However, he realized that no matter how hard he tried, the rods did not budge!


Jordan never expected that he could not break these ordinarily-looking rods with his current strength.

Suddenly, a familiar voice sounded in Jordans ear.

“Hahahaha, Jordan, my rods are made of the rarest vibranium in the world.

They are extremely hard.

No matter how strong you are, you wont be able to break them!”

At this moment, Shaun walked over and carefully observed the rods.

He couldnt help feeling troubled.

Park Sang-jun, who was downstairs, saw Shaun and asked, “Shaun Why are you with Jordan”

Shaun smiled.


Park, yes, its me.

I came with Jordan to visit you.”

Park Sang-jun snorted.

“Visit You guys crashed your plane right into my building.

How is this a visit Shaun, I didnt expect a person with such superb methods like you to associate with a piece of trash like Jordan.

I really misjudged you!”

Shaun smiled again.

“Why dont we meet face to face Ill tell you everything.

I have a big plan, and need to work with Mr.

Park on it.”

Park Sang-jun said, “Mr.

Handley, please wait a moment.

We can discuss it slowly after I kill this b*stard Jordan!”

With that, Park Sang-jun immediately pressed a button.

An attack was aimed straight at Jordan!

Sizzle sizzle sizzle…

An electric current shot toward Jordan! It was as if a bolt of lightning had suddenly appeared in the sky and struck him.

Jordans reaction was very fast and he dodged the first attack.

However, the space within the rods was really limited.

He was struck by the second wave of electric current.


The electric current was very strong.

Even though Jordan had been injected with the serum, he still felt the negative effects of being electrocuted.

It was difficult for him to even walk.

“Hahahaha.” Park Sang-jun laughed loudly at Jordans uncomfortable expression.

“Jordan, you arrogant brat.

You used some despicable methods to kill my two sons.

Do you think youre invincible How dare you barge into my territory to take my life You completely disregard the Park familys strength!

“Hehe, I know that youve been injected with the Mirakuru serum and are invulnerable.

This electric current wont kill you immediately.

But it doesnt matter.

I have plenty of time.

If you dont die within a minute, Ill electrocute you for an hour.

If you dont die in an hour, Ill electrocute you for 10 hours! If you dont die in 10 hours, Ill electrocute you for 10 days and 10 nights.

I dont believe that I cant electrocute you to death!”

Shaun looked panicked.

He was very worried when he saw Jordan being attacked by the electric current.

“This damned Park Sang-jun dares to attack my people!”

Without Jordan, Shaun would never be able to develop mind-transplant technology.

He had to save Jordan!


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