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When Park Sang-jun found out that he had been poisoned by the Haus family, he was very worried about his health and hurriedly walked to the top floor.

Once Shaun saw Park Sang-jun, he called out.


Park, please let us out!”

However, Park Sang-jun was not in a hurry.

He said, “Mr.

Handley, please wait a little longer.

I think Jordan is only slightly injured and is still very aggressive.

I want to electrocute him for another half an hour.

After he passes out from the shock, Ill let you out.

At that time, Ill inject Jordan with the poison developed by our Park family.

In the future, he will be our puppet.

He will have to do whatever we ask him to do.

Isnt that good”

Shaun cursed Park Sang-jun in his heart:You despicable old man! You want to electrocute my Deity I wont let you off if he suffers any damage! You want to control him with me and dominate the world Hehe, are you worthy

However, Shaun just smiled and said, “Mr.

Park is right.

Please continue.”

Park Sang-jun nodded and immediately instructed his subordinates, “Continue to electrocute that brat Jordan until he faints! Be careful not to hurt Mr.


However, just as Park Sang-jun was instructing his subordinates, Shaun suddenly revealed an evil smile.

A black cat suddenly ran out of the “cage” and ran towards Park Sang-jun.

“What is this!”

Park Sang-jun suddenly saw a black cat flying toward him.

Man and cat looked at each other and Park Sang-jun took a step back in panic.

In the next second, a dagger appeared in Shauns hand.

With a whoosh, the dagger flew out.

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“Master, be careful!”

A vigilant subordinate of the Park family immediately stood in front of Park Sang-jun.

He thought that Shaun was aiming his dagger at Park Sang-jun.

However, the dagger was not aimed at Park Sang-jun, but the cat.


The dagger pierced the cats neck, and it fell to the ground, dead.

The same thing happened to Park Sang-jun.

There was an inexplicable wound in the middle of Park Sang-juns neck, and blood was flowing out.

Park Sang-jun couldnt breathe.

He pointed at Shaun in surprise.


Park Sang-jun fell to the ground.

Shaun had killed Park Sang-jun!

Jordan was shocked.

Shauns combat ability was indeed powerful.

His range of attack far exceeded Jordans!

For example, in this situation, if Jordan could not get out of the “cage”, he would not be able to kill Park Sang-jun.

However, Shaun could kill Park Sang-jun from afar.

This ability was too terrifying.


Seeing Park Sang-jun fall to the ground, all the Park familys subordinates immediately took action, wanting to shoot Shaun.

However, Shaun was a cunning old fox.

How could he give them this chance

Suddenly, countless black cats rushed out!

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Shaun looked at Jordan.

“Can you still hold on If you still have the strength, help me kill the black cats.”

With Jordans strength, he did not need a dagger at all.

Even a small coin was enough to kill a cat.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Shaun and Jordan attacked the black cats together.

The Park familys subordinates all collapsed.

Shaun deliberately left one subordinate alive.

He grabbed the black cat that was linked to the subordinate and said, “If you dont want to die, remove these bars immediately and let us out!”

This subordinate was afraid of death.

He did as Shaun instructed and let them out.

However, in the next second, he still died at Shauns feet.

“Hmph, how can I let you live now that you know Jordan is a Deity”

“Men, kill everyone in this building!”

Shaun was handed over the situation to his subordinates.

He and Jordan returned to the plane first and left.

If they delayed any longer, he was worried that the police or the other secret families would come over.

The plane returned to the air and entered stealth mode.

Shaun and Jordan heaved a sigh of relief and sat in their seats.

Shaun took a sip of water and said, “Jordan, you said that you wanted to kill Park Sang-jun and wipe out the Park family.

Ive helped you fulfill your wish! Now, theres basically no one left in the Park family.

Theyre completely finished among the eight great families.

Theyre in a worse state than the Steeles now.

Can you come back with me to help with my research”

In the end, Shaun only helped Jordan to help himself.

Jordan looked at Shaun.

“Youre really terrifying.

If I were to fight you one-on-one, I would also be killed by you, right”

Jordan originally felt that he was invincible after being injected with the Mirakuru serum.

No one could defeat him in a one-on-one battle.

However, when he saw how easily Shaun killed Park Sang-jun, he couldnt help but sigh at how powerful Shaun was.

Shaun smiled.

“Youre too humble.

Youre a Deity.

How can I win against a Deity”

Jordan continued to ask, “Is what you said to Park Sang-jun just now true The Haus family secret.”

With this trip to South Korea, Jordan accidentally learned the Haus family secret.

It was an unexpected gain.

Shaun said, “The Haus family secret research does focus on using green plants as spyware to eavesdrop on the world.

This is a secret I discovered a long time ago.

However, the fact that the green plants can release poisonous gas and harm peoples bodies is just a lie.

I was just trying to prevent him from killing you.”

Jordan nodded.

Shaun had mixed the truth with lies.

It was indeed not easy to distinguish fact from fiction.

“Where are we heading now” Jordan asked.

Shaun said, “Back to our little town in the US, of course.”

Jordan said, “Turn around and go to Japan.

I want to kill Miyamoto Chujiro and destroy the Miyamoto family!”

Shaun stood up in shock.

“Are you crazy! Not only did you want to destroy the Park family, but you also want to destroy the Miyamoto family Do you know that none of the eight secret families are easy to deal with You almost lost your life trying to kill Park Sang-jun just now!

“Do you think you can kill Miyamoto Chujiro Let me tell you, now that Park Sang-jun is dead, Miyamoto Chujiro must have already implemented the strictest defense.

Your plane will be attacked as soon as it enters Japan! You wont even have the chance to stand face to face with Miyamoto Chujiro!”

Jordan said, “I wont rest until Miyamoto Chujiro is dead.

Moreover, he killed so many innocent citizens in Orlando.

I have to avenge them! As for it being difficult, Im not worried.

I have you, right”

Shaun was taken aback.

“What… what do you mean”

Jordan said, “Ive decided to send you to kill Miyamoto Chujiro.”


Shaun slammed the table angrily.

“You little b*stard! What do you take me for Do you think I am your personal assassin”


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