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In just a second, Shaun rushed into the courtyard of the Miyamoto familys mansion and hid under a tree.

“Hahaha… Jordans as fast as lightning! I really enjoy having such a body!”

Shaun was in high spirits.

At this moment, he was in control of Jordans body.

It was like a video game player changing his game character and gaining the high-level abilities of the new character.

This feeling was too satisfying.

Shaun smiled wickedly.

“With Jordans body, if he gets himself a woman, she will probably never forget him.

Hahaha, after I kill Miyamoto Chujiro later, Ill see if there are any beauties inside.

I want to play with them!”

Now that he had control over Jordans body, Shaun didnt care about anything else.

He could use Jordans body however he wanted as long as he didnt injure it.

He would let Jordan leave a “good” impression on the ladies here!

Shaun found an opportunity to approach the mansion.

After entering the mansion, Shaun killed all the guards at the door before sneaking in.

Instead of taking the elevator, he took the stairs.

But after reaching the fifth floor, the door to the stairs was locked.

And the elevators on this floor required facial recognition.

“Damn it.

The Miyamoto familys elevator requires facial recognition to access.

These guys are indeed very careful.”

Shaun had no choice but to release a cat and use it to control a person who had just walked out of the elevator.

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“Who is it!”

A muscular Japanese man with a beard spotted Jordan.

“Its you!”

The man was about to scream when Shaun stopped him.

He then forced him to access the elevator and go to the floor where Miyamoto Chujiro was.

After using the man, Shaun twisted his neck and killed him.

The burly man, who weighed more than 200kg, was so easily killed with his bare hands.

Shaun was very pleased.

“Just a casual twist of his neck and he died.

F*ck, Jordans strength is really domineering!”

Shaun was envious of Jordan, especially since he had just visited the toilet before coming over.

Now, he suddenly felt that switching brains with Chairman Rong was not as good!

“Jordan, oh Jordan, when I think of a way to deal with your prediction ability, hehe, your body, your Deity ability, and your two beautiful wives will all be mine!”

Shaun gave an evil smile.

He pulled the brim of his hat lower and slowly walked in.

Coincidentally, Miyamoto Chujiro was walking in the direction of Shaun.

When he saw him, he instructed, “You, go and get my suit.”

Shaun grinned.

“Im afraid its not appropriate for me to help you get your clothes, Mr.


Miyamoto Chujiro was shocked to hear the man reply in English, rather than Japanese.

Shaun took off his hat and Miyamoto Chujiro saw Jordans face.

Miyamoto Chujiro was so terrified that his legs trembled!

“Jor… Jordan!”

Miyamoto Chujiro went weak with fear and sat on the ground!

One had to know that Jordan had just gone to the Park familys territory and killed Park Sang-jun alone.

He was famous among the eight great families.

Even Chairman Rong would probably break out in cold sweat if he saw him now.

“Men, come here now!”

Realizing the danger, Miyamoto Chujiro immediately ordered his subordinates to attack Jordan.

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However, it was already too late.

With Jordans physical ability and Shauns long-range killing skills, Miyamoto Chujiro was already a dead man.

Shaun did not kill Miyamoto Chujiro from afar.

Instead, he used Jordans speed to charge toward Miyamoto Chujiro.

He grabbed him.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of bullets hit Jordan.

However, now that Miyamoto Chujiro was in Shauns hands, his subordinates did not dare to shoot randomly.

Miyamoto Chujiro knew that he was doomed.

He knelt down to Jordan on the spot.

“Jordan, I was wrong.

I shouldnt have offended you and ruined the relationship between our families.

Its all that old man Park Sang-juns fault.

He always incited me to go against your family.

Please let me live.

In the future, Im willing to cooperate with you.

Ill listen to everything you say!”

Shaun shook his head helplessly.

“Miyamoto Chujiro, whats the use of regretting now Didnt you previously believe that the Steeles had developed the Mirakuru serum and tried to get close to them If you had maintained that friendly relationship with Jordan, would things have ended up like this”

When Miyamoto Chujiro heard “Jordan” mention the name “Jordan”, he looked at his captor again.

Jordans expression was not his usual one.

He looked like a different person.

In the past, although Jordan and Miyamoto Chujiro were always at odds with each other, the former always exuded a courageous and righteous aura.

However, the current Jordan gave off a cowering and sneaky vibe.

Especially when he smiled, it was obvious that he was not a good person.

“You… youre not Jordan” Miyamoto Chujiro was shocked.

Shaun did not intend to hide his identity.

After all, Miyamoto Chujiro was about to die.

What did it matter if he knew who he was

“Hehe, thats right.

Im Shaun!” Shaun revealed his identity.

Miyamoto Chujiro was shocked.

“Shaun The one who controlled Lotas parents Ah! Mr.

Handley, we have no grudge against each other.

Please show mercy! Let me go.

I can give you whatever you want!”

Upon hearing that it was not really Jordan in front of him, Miyamoto Chujiro immediately felt that he could be saved!

But Shaun shook his head.

“Theres indeed no grudge between us, but that brat Jordan wants me to kill you.

So you must die, understand”

Miyamoto Chujiro hugged Shauns thigh and begged.


Handley, let me go.

Please let me go.

Im willing to pay any price!”

Shaun grabbed Miyamoto Chujiro and said, “Dont worry, I wont kill you yet.

Since Im here, I have to see the inventions of the great Miyamoto family.

Other than the Mirakuru serum, what other creations does your Miyamoto family have Show them to me!”

In order to survive, Miyamoto Chujiro was very cooperative.

“Sure! Men, go to the laboratory and bring everything that has been successfully developed for Mr.

Handley to see!”

Soon, his subordinates brought over a large pile of things, including food, beverages and music devices.

Shaun was not interested in these things.

“Do you have any combat weapons” Shaun asked.

Miyamoto Chujiro answered, “Yes, a QR code!”

“A QR code”

In this modern age, everyone was very familiar with QR codes.

However, no one expected the Miyamoto family to make QR codes into weapons.

Miyamoto Chujiro was subdued by Shaun and did not dare to move.

He instructed his subordinates, “Hurry up and introduce Mr.

Handley to the use of theexplosive QR code!”


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