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Among the five families, only Lota remained on Jordans side.

Lota said, “Why are you so sure that Jordan did this He was injected with the Mirakuru serum, but this doesnt mean that he is invincible.

How could he have gone to the Park and Miyamoto family territories and killed their leaders How could he leave unscathed Arent you overestimating Jordans strength”

Everyone had actually discussed this point when they just arrived.

The Park and Miyamoto families were heavily guarded.

No matter how strong Jordans body was, it was impossible for him to kill them easily.

Rong Bailun snorted.

“This can only mean that Jordan still has hidden abilities that we dont know about.

Therefore, when we go after Jordan, we should try our best to capture him alive.

I want to know what other secrets he has.

Now, I announce that the Miyamoto family, like the Park family, will officially be taken over by the rest of the secret families.

Everyone, lets take inventory of the Miyamoto familys possessions.”

Everyone was overjoyed.

The deaths of Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro did not affect the other families much.

Instead, they could use this opportunity to increase the strength of their own families.

They all sat down and listened carefully to the report on the Miyamoto familys situation and research over the years.

Dieter drank a glass of water and went to the bathroom.

Just as he was about to go back, he suddenly realized that there was a figure in front of him.

Dieter was so frightened that he almost urinated in his pants.

“Jo… Jordan!”

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Jordan, controlled by Shaun, appeared in front of Dieter.

He had an evil smile on his face that made one shiver.

Dieter was about to shout when Shaun immediately stopped him.

“If you dont want others to know the secrets of your family, be obedient!”

Dieter was shocked.

“What did you say”

Shaun smiled.

“Dieter, your family is really sinister.

You actually used green plants to spy on the entire world.

I remember at a great meeting a few years ago, you gave out newly cultivated green plants to all the families.”

“Do you think Chairman Rong and Madam Geng will spare you if they find out youve been spying on them”

Dieter was trembling with shock.

“How… how did you know!”

Although there was a possibility that the conversation between Shaun and Park Sang-jun had been monitored, it would still take some time before the Haus subordinates analyzed the recording and relayed the details to Dieter.

After all, they were monitoring too many things.

Therefore, Dieter still did not know that Jordan was being controlled by Shaun, nor did he know that they knew the Haus family secret.

Shaun said, “You dont need to know how I found out.

You just need to know that I have no intention of killing you.

If I did, you would already be dead.”

Dieters nervousness gradually disappeared.

Indeed, Jordans physique was extremely domineering now.

It was too easy for him to kill an ordinary middle-aged man like Dieter.

Dieter asked, “Tell me what you want!”

Shaun said, “I want you to help me.

Now that your five families have issued a Level One Pursuit Order on me, it will be very difficult for me to stay hidden for long.

Moreover, your families are extremely cruel.

In order to kill me, they will definitely stoop to any means and hurt many innocent citizens.

This is something I dont want to see!”

Shaun began to imitate the real Jordan, putting on Jordans patriotic and noble attitude.

Dieter said, “You want me to tell Chairman Rong to cancel the Level One Pursuit Order”

Shaun said, “You dont have to be the one to raise it.

Call Madam Geng over later.

She and Jor… she has always had a good relationship with me.

Its better for her to bring it up.

When the time comes, you just have to vote accordingly.”

Dieter hesitated.

He wondered what the other families would think of him if he voted against the Level One Pursuit Order.

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Shaun snorted, having guessed what Dieter was thinking.

He said, “You old fool, youve been playing safe and boring for the past few years.

You just follow the majority vote every time.

Now, its time to show some character.

Besides, you have no choice now!”

What choice did he have Dieter said hatefully, “Alright, if Madam Geng makes the suggestion later, Ill follow her and vote against the Level One Pursuit Order.

Will that do”

Shaun nodded.

Seeing that Dieter was about to leave, he grabbed his arm and smiled sinisterly.


Haus, I have another question for you.”

“What is it” Dieter asked impatiently.

Shaun continued smiling.

“Youve been monitoring our families for so many years.

I believe you already know the secrets of all the families.

Youre just pretending to be oblivious.

Do you know Rong Bailuns secret What exactly does his family research”

If anything, Shaun was quite curious about the Rong family as they were the strongest.

They were the top dogs in any domain.

Therefore, Shaun wanted to know what the Rong familys main research direction was.

He believed that the answer would definitely be breathtaking.

“I have nothing to say!” Dieter shook off Shaun and walked away.

“Ill go and get Madam Geng for you!”

After returning, Dieter deliberately shot Madam Geng meaningful glances from time to time as he drank his tea.

When Madam Geng realized this, she looked disgusted.

‘Damn it, what is this Dieter trying to do Is he trying to flirt with me Please, I only like fresh meat.

Why would I like an old fellow like him

Madam Geng ignored him.

Left with no choice, Dieter sent one of his men to deliver a message to her:Someone is waiting for you in the washroom.

When she received the message, Madam Geng was curious.

Who was that person How did he get Dieter to deliver the message for him

“Im going to the washroom.”

Madam Geng thought for a moment before getting up and walking towards the washroom.

When she reached the toilet, Madam Geng looked inside.

It was empty.

She said, “Come out.

Who is it”

At this moment, Shaun was sitting on a ledge behind the door.

He smiled and leaped off the ledge.

“Ah! Its you! Jordan!”

Madam Geng turned around and was shocked to see Jordan.

Of course, she did not shout.

Instead, she deliberately lowered her voice.

She believed that Jordan knew she never had any ill intentions toward him.

Instead, she had always spoken up for him.

When Shaun saw Madam Geng, he threw himself into her arms like a weak little boy.

“Auntie Geng, Im so scared…”


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