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Rachel was Haileys “adviser,” her main tactic was for Hailey to pester Jordan incessantly.


She was very experienced when it came to relationships and understood men very well.


She knew that many men had a bark that was worse than their bite.

If women, especially beautiful ones, took the initiative to apologize to them and pursue them, men would usually accept them easily.


Pretending to be surprised, Rachel walked to the villa again.

She said to Jordan, “Jordan, look, Hailey has gotten on her knees to apologize to you again.

If you still dont forgive her, she wont get up.”


“I just saw the weather forecast, and therell be a heavy downpour soon.

Why dont you forgive her first What if it starts raining and she still refuses to get up”


“For the past three years, you have taken such good care of her, and she has never once fallen ill.

You dont want her to catch a cold, do you”


Rachel knew very well that it would pain Jordan to see Hailey fall sick.


Jordan would indeed be heartbroken, but he wouldnt forgive Hailey just because of that!


It was a matter of principle.

If he just forgave her for her infidelity so easily, the consequences to bear for her wrongdoing would be too trivial!


Jordan remembered that the sky was still full of stars when he came home, so he thought it wouldnt rain.


“If she wants to continue kneeling, let her be!”


After saying that, he walked up the stairs heartlessly and entered the bedroom on the third floor.


Rachel walked out again, pretending to persuade Hailey to leave.

However, before she left, she said to Hailey supportively, “You go, girl!”


After about ten minutes, the thunder rumbled again.

Jordan walked towards the window of his bedroom on the third floor, only to see that there were no longer any stars in the sky from a sky that was full of stars just earlier on.


Instead, there were dark clouds in the gloomy sky.




Raindrops kept falling down.


Jordan remarked, “The weather today is the most bizarre Ive ever seen.”


He remembered that there werent any predicted showers when he looked at the weather forecast in the morning.


He thought that maybe God was punishing Hailey, this unfaithful woman, by choosing to rain when she had decided to kneel down in the open!


The rain fell on Haileys long, smooth and beautiful tresses, as well as her delicate face and her expensive dress.


Jordan was standing on the third floor, looking at her through the window.


There were lights in the courtyard, so Jordan could still see Hailey even though it was late at night.


At this moment, Jordan was watching his ex-wife get drenched in the rain.

However, he didnt pity her and instead relished in the thrill of taking revenge!


“You reap what you sow! Hailey Camden just continue kneeling.

I wont give in!”


Jordan muttered when he was in the room.


Gradually, the rain surprisingly became heavier and heavier.

Even the wind began howling!


The heavy downpour was crashing down on Hailey, making her thoroughly drenched!


Her head was wet and no longer as layered and voluminous as it was before.

They were now all sticking to her scalp.


The exquisite makeup that she had spent an hour applying was all smudged and washed away by the rain.




At this juncture, Hailey looked completely unkempt and disheveled.


Yet, Jordan realized she was still as gorgeous as ever!


“This woman is such a ravishing beauty! Shes in such a mess because of the rain, but shes actually still so beautiful!”


It was no wonder that Jordan used to adore Hailey so much.

She was simply too beautiful.


However, Jordan found it a pity that he never really had her!


Jordan honestly didnt have any emotional regrets about divorcing Hailey.


Just like in the poem, Jordan had never expected Hailey to spend the rest of her life with him.

All he wanted was for her to genuinely love him, even if it was just for a moment.


However, there was something Jordan felt was a shame.


That was, Hailey had never been his woman!


Looking at her exquisite features, Jordan suddenly had an evil idea.


“Should I be a scumbag for once Should I pretend to forgive her and make her stay the night, do the deed, and then turn my back on her tomorrow morning”


However, Jordan let his idea remain as a mere thought in his mind.

After all, it was one of his greatest regrets in life.


He would never do such a thing.


Thus, Jordan simply stopped looking at her, lest his evil idea turned into reality.


Just like that, an hour passed, and the rain dissipated a little, but it didnt stop.


Jordan walked to the window again and found that Hailey was still kneeling on the ground!




Jordan sighed again.

‘Maybe, I should go downstairs and tell Hailey that Ill never forgive her regardless of how long she kneels for.


However, he was afraid that Hailey would pester him again like she had just done.


Jordan made up his mind and decided to wait for another hour.


Jordan spent that hour watching Hailey see if she would slack off and take a break.


However, Hailey stayed still on her knees.


“Hailey Camden…”


Jordan knew that Hailey was a spoiled brat who was different from the firm and domineering Victoria.

She definitely wouldnt be able to stand staying under the rain for such a long time.


Just as he expected, Haileys body began swaying unsteadily after another two minutes.


With a loud thud, Hailey suddenly fell to the side and passed out!


Jordan dashed downstairs almost instinctively and sprinted out to the courtyard.


“Hailey! Hailey!”


Jordan patted Haileys face in a bid to wake her up.


However, Hailey did not respond at all.


Jordan had been on the battlefield before, and he would be able to tell if someone was feigning dead or pretending to faint or not.


Hence, Jordan was sure that Hailey had really fainted.


Thus, he picked her up in his arms and headed back inside the villa, where he placed her on the couch in the living room.


Actually, it was the first time Jordan had carried Hailey in his arms.


After three years as her husband, Jordan finally had the honor to do that!


Jordan couldnt help but find it ironic!



Jordan.” A maid walked over from the servants chamber when she heard the sounds.


Jordan took the towel handed to him by the maid and used it to wipe away the rainwater on Haileys body.


He said, “Call the ambulance.”


“Yes, Mr.



The ambulance soon arrived, and the doctor carried Hailey to the ambulance.


Before they left, Jordan instructed a female paramedic, “After she wakes up, dont tell her that I was the one who carried her back into the villa.

Just say that you guys picked her up from the courtyard.”


Despite feeling puzzled, the female paramedic answered, “Oh, alright.”


Afterward, Jordan gave the paramedics the Camdens contact number.


Half an hour later, in Florida Hospital.


Hailey had been put on the IV drip and had come too long ago.


Meanwhile, Rachel and the Camdens had also arrived.


There were no major issues with Haileys health, and she had merely caught a cold, but that wasnt what her family was concerned about.


They were more concerned about the outcome of Haileys meeting with Jordan.


Sylvie asked, “Hailey, how did your talk with Jordan go”


Hailey sobbed and said, “Jordan is so heartless, I knelt for two hours, but he refused to forgive me!”


Rachel glanced at Hailey and asked the nurse, “Was she inside the villa or at the courtyard when you guys picked her up”


The nurse hesitated for a long time, feeling extremely displeased with Jordan when she saw Haileys pitiful and upset.


“Seriously, do rich people get the right to do this just because theyre rich How can he make such a beautiful girl kneel down and apologize to him Im not going to obey his instructions!”


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