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If other people saw this scene, they would definitely be shocked by how shamelessly Jordan was behaving.

He was acting like a weak “damsel” in distress.

Many girls behaved like this in front of the boys they liked.

They would pretend to be afraid and say things like “save me, youre so brave and awesome” to gain their favor.

Madam Geng did not mind Jordan hugging her, but she found it difficult to accept how he addressed her.

“Darling, you dont have to be afraid.

Come and tell me what happened.

Did you really kill Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro Also, can you change the way you address me Thanks to you giving me the Park family medicine, Im now 10 years younger, remember Do we still look that far apart in age” Madam Geng asked.

Shaun pulled away from Madam Gengs embrace and smiled.

“No, no, Madam Geng.

You look like youre my age.

You exude a youthful charm that makes me feel at ease…”

Madam Geng was very happy to hear such praise from “Jordan”.

Madam Geng asked again, “Tell me what happened so I can help you”

Shaun nodded.

“I didnt kill Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro! Park Sang-jun sent his daughter Park Anya to kill me and she ended up dying in my hands.

You know, Park Anya is the woman I like.

My heart ached so badly! I was indeed very angry at that time.

I immediately went to South Korea to settle my score with Park Sang-jun.

However, after finding Park Sang-jun, I was trapped!

“Park Sang-jun is a scheming old scoundrel.

His residence has many traps.

He used an indestructible material to lock me up and even used electricity to torture me!”

Shaun was speaking the truth, so Madam Geng didnt feel anything amiss.

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“The Parks are a secret family so of course you cant just barge into their territory alone.

Since you were trapped, how did you escape in the end” Madam Geng asked.

From this point, Shaun started to fabricate a lie.

“Park Sang-jun, that old fellow, wanted to kill me, but Miyamoto Chujiro suddenly appeared! Miyamoto Chujiro had always wanted the Mirakuru serum, so he told Park Sang-jun not to kill me.

“I came up with an idea.

I told Miyamoto Chujiro that if he could save me, I would give him the Mirakuru serum! Then Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro fought over me.

The battle was very intense.

In the end, the two of them killed each other! Madam Geng, their deaths have nothing to do with me!”

Madam Geng smiled.

“Oh, I see.

Honey, do you think Ill believe you”

Shaun was stunned.

He had underestimated Madam Geng.

He didnt expect his lie to fail to fool her.

Madam Geng said, “Jordan, youre really not good at lying.

Your tone changes when you are lying.

Also, you werent so weak and timid in front of me in the past.

You killed Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro, right”

Shaun now knew that his imitation of Jordan was not on point.

After all, Jordan was a Deity, and his every move was domineering.

Meanwhile, Shaun was synonymous with the term “wretched”.

How could he master Jordans charm in such a short time

Shaun didnt hide it anymore.

He smiled.

“Haha, Madam Geng is indeed formidable.

Thats right.

Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro died at my hands.

However, as you know, they both have an irreconcilable feud with me.

Even if I dont kill them, they will kill me sooner or later.

“As for me being able to kill them, it was indeed a fluke.

If not for my good luck, I would have died at their hands.

I wouldnt be able to stand in front of you now.”

Madam Geng said, “Jordan, youre powerful and lucky to be able to kill the heads of the Park and Miyamoto families on your own… Chairman Rong is now very wary of your ability.

We have already issued a Level One Pursuit Order on you.

Do you know that”

Shaun said, “I sought you out because of this.

Madam Geng, I need your help.

Please suggest the cancellation of the Level One Pursuit Order to the other families.”

Madam Geng looked troubled.

“Jordan, Im afraid that I…”

Madam Geng was about to refuse when Shaun suddenly took the initiative to kiss her.

Madam Geng was stunned for a moment before she smiled.

“Wow, what are you…”

This kiss was too unexpected.

Although the two of them had kissed before in the virtual game, it was just a game.

Moreover, Madam Gengs avatar in the game was Marilyn Monroe.

She could do whatever she wanted.

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However, in real life, it was impossible for her to take the initiative to kiss a handsome boy like Jordan because her status did not allow her to be so promiscuous.

Shaun knew that Madam Geng had taken a liking to Jordan, so he used this method to appease her first.

Taking Madam Gengs hand, Shaun said, “Darling, I know youre interested in me.

Ive always admired you.

Youre the most charming woman Ive ever seen.

If you agree to help me, Im willing to be your man from now on.

Your subordinate, your undercover agent, your thug, your guardian, your lover…”

Madam Geng was delighted by those words.

Jordan had the ability to kill Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro on his own.

If Madam Geng could make Jordan hers and hers alone, it would be extremely beneficial to the Geng family!

However, Madam Geng knew that Jordan had always been proud and aloof.

He did not take the other six families seriously at all.

He would not submit to any family like his brother.

Madam Geng asked, “Jordan, are you really willing to follow my family”

Shaun knelt down on the spot.

“Im willing! From now on, I am Madam Gengs dog! Please order me around! Please use me!”

Shaun was thinking to himself:I can promise you anything, anyway, Im not really Jordan, hahaha!

When Madam Geng saw this, she could feel Jordans sincerity.

“Oh my god! Jordan, I really didnt expect a proud man like you to be willing to follow me.

Alright, I promise you that Ill get Chairman Rong to cancel the Level One Pursuit Order on you.

Now that youre mine, Ill definitely ensure your safety!”

“Thank you, Master!” Shaun continued to behave humbly and called her Master.

Madam Geng was overjoyed.

She patted Jordans head and looked down at him.

“Since you call me Master, does that mean I can order you to do anything”

Shaun could tell that Madam Geng was very eager for something more.

He said, “Jordan is willing to satisfy any of your needs!”

With that, Shaun took the initiative to kiss Madam Geng once more…


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