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Half an hour later.

The Rongs and a few other major families were still going through the inventions and research of the Miyamoto family.

Rong Bailun suddenly realized that the seat beside him had been empty for a long time.

He asked in confusion, “Why is Madam Geng taking so long in the toilet It must have been half an hour, right”

Dieter, who knew the truth, smiled.

“Women and men have different physiological structures.

Chairman Rong, we should be more understanding.”

Geng Weilun also felt that something was wrong.

Just as he was about to get up to call his mother, Madam Geng Weilun suddenly walked over with a bright smile.

Madam Gengs face was flushed and she couldnt hide her smile.

Her footsteps were slow as if she was exhausted.

Seeing her countenance, Dieter couldnt help teasing her.

“Look, our most charming Madam Geng is back.

Madam Geng, are you okay You look like you just came back from your honeymoon.”

Dieter knew very well that Madam Geng had been with Jordan for the past half an hour.

Although there was a slight age difference between the two of them, they were a man and a woman and had been alone for so long.

They must have done something shameful just now!

When Dieter noticed Madam Gengs blissful state, he couldnt help teasing her.

This was definitely thanks to Jordan!

In response, Madam Geng rolled her eyes at Dieter and returned to her seat.

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“Is everything okay” Rong Bailun asked with concern.

Madam Geng replied, “Im fine, thank you for your concern.

I must have eaten something off.

However, in the washroom just now, I realized something.

“I find the deaths of Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro rather strange.

We cant blame just blame everything on Jordan.

Even if we find out that it was Jordan who did it, we shouldnt just issue a Level One Pursuit Order.

This will only deepen his hatred for us.

There will be hidden dangers to our safety.

Therefore, I suggest canceling the Level One Pursuit Order on Jordan!”

Rong Bailun immediately retorted, “No! Jordan is too dangerous.

We can either capture him alive or kill him directly.

We cant be soft-hearted anymore.

Otherwise, when he becomes stronger, we will be in danger then!”

Madam Geng said, “Hes alone.

At most, he has a small team.

What threat can he pose Which one of our major families hasnt undergone decades of development Moreover, we had the help of a Deity previously.

Jordan is just an ordinary man.

Whats there to be afraid of”

Rong Bailun said, “At the very least, Jordan has exceeded my expectations several times.

Hes a very terrifying person.

He cannot go on unrestrained!”

At this moment, Lota spoke up for Jordan.

“Chairman, youre too much.

How can you force everyone to follow you just because you hate Jordan I support Madam Geng to cancel the Level One Pursuit Order on Jordan!”

Rong Bailun glanced at the little girl disdainfully.

“Im sorry, my dear.

Its useless for just the two of you to rescind the order.

Three against two, we have to obey the majority rule!”

At this moment, Dieter suddenly said, “I agree with Madam Gengs suggestion.

Cancel the Level One Pursuit Order on Jordan!”


Rong Bailun looked at Dieter in horror.

He never expected the Haus family, who had always followed him, would stand on Madam Gengs side this time!

Madam Geng smiled.

“Chairman Rong, as you said earlier, we obey the majority rule.

Now, three of our five families have agreed to cancel the Level One Pursuit Order on Jordan.

You should accept this fact.”

The remaining Addington family, who had kept silent, looked helplessly at Rong Bailun.

It was useless now.

Rong Bailun narrowed his eyes and thought to himself:Jordan is really impressive.

Not only can he kill the heads of the Park and Miyamoto families, but he also made the Geng and Haus families stand on his side.

What a terrifying fellow.

This person must be eliminated as soon as possible.

Otherwise, there will be endless trouble in the future!

For the first time in decades, Rong Bailun felt that his position as the overlord of the world was being threatened by another person!

Rong Bailun said in exasperation, “Alright, since you all think that Jordan doesnt deserve to die, lets cancel the Level One Pursuit Order for now.

Madam Geng, youve protected Jordan so many times.

It seems that your relationship is definitely not ordinary.

No wonder Jordan is unwilling to marry Lota.

He already found a better backer.

But I dont know if Geng Weilun is prepared to acknowledge a stepfather.


With that, Rong Bailun rose and left first.

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Rong Bailun was indeed a ruthless person.

His words infuriated Lota, Geng Weilun and Madam Geng.

Especially Geng Weilun.

After the others also left, Geng Weilun finally couldnt hold it in anymore and threw things around in a rage!

“Argh! Why! Why! Mom, why are you still protecting that brat Jordan! Whats your relationship with him Have you already slept with him Are you going to make him my stepfather!”

Geng Weilun was furious.


Madam Geng slapped him across the face, showing no mercy to her son.

“You have no right to interfere with who I sleep with! Youre not the one leading the Geng family!”

When Geng Weilun heard this, it was clear to him that his mother had just admitted to sleeping with Jordan!

Geng Weilun was dismayed.

“Alright then, expel me from the family! Anyway, Jordan is younger than me.

He was also injected with the serum, so he will die much later than me.

Just pass the family business down to your lover!”

With that, Geng Weilun was about to leave in a fit of anger.

Madam Geng grabbed him.

“Son, why are you so impulsive Im indeed close to Jordan, but that doesnt mean that I want to be with him.

Its even more impossible for me to pass the family to an outsider! Son, to tell you the truth, Jordan has acknowledged me as his Master.

He can be considered a subordinate of our Geng family.

In the future, he will also be under you!”

Geng Weilun was shocked.

“What Mom, you said that Jordan acknowledged you as his Master Hes a servant of our family Does that mean Im his Master too”

Madam Geng smiled.

“Thats right.

Thats it.

So you dont have to hate Jordan.

He will only help you in the future.

Your status is far above his.”

Geng Weilun laughed out loud.

“Hahahaha, to think that the arrogant Jordan has become our familys dog.

Hahaha! Jordan, the next time we meet, I want you to kneel down and clean my shoes!”


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