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A few hours later, on Shauns “battered” invisible plane.

Seated on a special yellow rosewood seat, Jordan slowly woke up and opened his eyes.

When he opened his eyes, he saw a blurred figure walking over.

As his vision gradually cleared, Jordan saw that it was Shaun.

He was holding two glasses of red wine, one of which was handed to him.

He still had that strange and unfathomable smile on his face.

“Deity Jordan, youre awake.

Come, lets celebrate!” Shaun handed the wine glass to Jordan.

At this moment, Shaun was no longer controlling Jordans body.

The past few hours had made him very happy.

He had controlled many people before, but he never had such an experience.

If Jordan hadnt instructed Shaun not to control him for too long, Shaun would have definitely used Jordans body and identity to have fun for a few more hours and play with a few more women.

Jordan accepted the wine glass and asked anxiously, “Is Miyamoto Chujiro dead”

Miyamoto Chujiro had killed innocent Orlando citizens.

This was something Jordan could not tolerate!

Shaun smiled.

“With the two of us working together, we are as good as invincible! Killing Miyamoto Chujiro is just a simple matter.

Hahaha! If you dont believe me, you can ask your subordinates.

Miyamoto Chujiro really died in our hands!”


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Jordan shouted and stood up.

Shaun held up his glass of red wine to clink glasses with Jordan.

Jordan did not refuse.

However, after clinking glasses, Jordan asked, “Apart from killing Miyamoto Chujiro, you didnt use my body to do anything bad, right”

Shaun was an old fox and hid it very well.

“Of course not.

Were partners on the same side.

How can I harm you Dont worry, everything I do is beneficial to you.

Now, we can return to the US in peace and continue our research on the mind-transplant technology, right”

Jordan nodded.

Now that Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro were dead, he had no more enemies to kill.

A month later.

While Jordan was doing research in Shauns laboratory, he suddenly received an unfamiliar call.

“Who is it” Jordan asked.

“Hahaha, Jordan, cant you tell who I am”

An old man with an English accent sounded from the other end.

Jordan was no stranger to this voice.

He recognized it on the spot.

“John Addington”

There was no way Jordan would remember wrongly.

This voice definitely belonged to the head of the Addington family, John Addington!

Jordan couldnt understand why John Addington would call him.

Although the Steeles were also in England, the Addington family did not have a close relationship with them.

The Addingtons had always been a follower of the Rong family.

They disdained to be associated with the Steeles.

John said, “Thats right.

Im John Addington.

Your brother Jamie is in my hands now.

If you dont want him to die, come to Gibraltar immediately!”

“No, Jordan, dont come.

He has…”

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Jamies voice sounded from the other end of the line!

But before he could finish, John hung up.

Jordan was terrified.

“Why is Jamie in John Addingtons hands”

Half an hour ago.

Between the southernmost part of Spain and northwestern Africa, in a place called the Straits of Gibraltar, there was a huge warship called the USS Addington.

This part of the sea had previously been claimed by Spain and the United Kingdom.

However, since the Addington familys warship had sailed over, Spain had given up.

The USS Addington was the largest known in the world.

On this day, as per usual, John Addington arrived to board his warship, accompanied by many subordinates.

However, just as he was about to board, dozens of figures suddenly emerged from the sea! They were like sharks lurking in the waters, suddenly leaping out to take Johns life!


John was so frightened that his face turned pale.

“Guards! Guards! Its Jordan! Jordan is here to kill me!”

At that point in time, John thought that it was Jordan.

After all, he had just killed the heads of the Park and Miyamoto families a month ago.

However, this kind of sneaky ambush was not Jordans style.

Jamie was the real perpetrator, who had been hiding here for a long time!

Ever since his grandfather passed away and left the family, Jamie appeared to have left England.

In reality, he hadnt.

He continued to lurk in England in order to get close to the Addington family.

He wanted to find out their secret and snatch it back to save the family.

After following John for a long time, he realized that he would come to this warship from time to time.

He believed that this warship must hold the secrets of the Addington family!

Bang bang bang bang!

Bang bang bang bang!

Johns subordinates hurriedly took out their pistols and shot these uninvited guests.

However, Jamie and his men were too fast.

Moreover, they were leaping out at random from the deep sea.

It was impossible to guard against them.

Moreover, Jamie had the expert Phoenix, who immediately took control of the situation.

In less than 10 seconds, a gun was aimed at Johns head.

“Dont move! Otherwise, Ill kill your master!” Phoenix held a gun and threatened John.

John quickly said, “Everyone, stop! Stop!”

Only then did Johns men stop attacking.

They were all furious.

Jamie walked towards John and smiled.

“Uncle Addington, to ambush you, we endured being underwater for three days and three nights.

You made me endure a lot!”

John looked at Jamie.

“Are you Jordans second brother”

“Thats right!”


Jamie punched John in the face.

“This punch is for my dead men and researchers! I didnt expect that after being in England for so long, not only did you not help the Steeles, you even harmed our people.

To think that my grandfather treated you as a friend and was so good to you!”

John laughed.

“Ignorant fellow! How can your family be worthy of making friends with my noble Addington family! You overestimate yourself!”


Jamie punched Johns face again.

“B*stard! How dare you be disrespectful to Lord Addington! I will definitely tear you into pieces!”

One of the subordinates said angrily to Jamie.

How could Jamie stand being threatened by others

He picked up his pistol and shot that person dead on the spot!


John was a little frightened.

He did not expect Jamie to be even more decisive than Jordan when it came to killing!

Immediately after, Jamie aimed his gun at John and said, “Addington, if you dont want to die, bring me to your warship.

Let me see what secrets your family is hiding!”


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