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According to Jamies investigation into the Addington family during this period of time, he was certain that their secrets were on this warship.

This was because John would come here from time to time.

Sometimes, he would even carry out a large-scale clearing operation.

No human or plane was allowed to approach within a few hundred kilometers of the surrounding waters!

It had not been easy for Jamie to set up this plan.

Today, he had found the best opportunity to subdue John.

As for sneaking into the warship while John was away, that was impossible.

The security of the Addington familys warship was top-notch among the eight secret families.

Without Johns authorization, even a fly couldnt sneak in!

John stared fiercely at Jamie.

He had always looked down on Charleston and never imagined the day when the latters grandson was able to successfully capture him.

John said, “Its my own fault for focusing all my energy on capturing Jordan recently.

I forgot that the Steele family also has a little troublemaker like you.

If Jordan hadnt caused such a huge uproar, you would have died long ago.”

Previously, the secret families had discussed killing Jamie.

With the abilities of the secret families, if they were serious about doing it, Jamie would have been discovered by now.

Jamie smiled.

“I dont deny that I have an outstanding younger brother.

When I heard that he killed Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro, I was overjoyed.

This is the consequence of offending the Steeles! Alright, enough nonsense.

Bring me to your warship immediately!”

John had no choice but to bring him up.

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After boarding the warship, there was another checkpoint.

One had to undergo a physical and facial scan to enter.

“Ding! Unauthorized users detected.

Do you want to kill all of them” An electronic system voice inquired.

Jamie was a little nervous.

Fortunately, John was here.

Otherwise, he would have been killed!

John was in Jamies hands now.

He had no choice but to say, “No.”

The system continued to ask, “Do you want to give these personnel temporary or permanent authorization”

John said, “Give them temporary authorization.”

Jamie immediately pointed his gun at John.

“Hey, what do you mean by only giving us temporary authorization I want permanent authorization.

We all want permanent authorization!”

John was furious, but he had no choice.

“Give them permanent authorization!”

The system: “Permanent authorization has been successfully granted.

Everyone can enter safely.”

Only then did Jamie and his men dare to enter.

After entering, Jamie immediately brought John to the top level of the warship.

This was because, during his observation of the Addingtons during this period, he realized that there was a very secret area at the top level of the warship.

It was sealed off and could not be seen from the outside.

Jamie wanted to know what was inside.

As they gradually approached, it was obvious that John was getting increasingly nervous.

“Whats in there, John Its a weapon, isnt it Why lock it up for fear of being seen” Jamie asked directly.

John hesitated for a moment before answering.

“Its perfectly normal for warships to be armed.

Why are you asking me such a stupid question”

Jamie chuckled.

“It is indeed normal to have weapons on a warship, but its not normal for you to be so afraid of it being seen by outsiders.

Open it.

I want to see what weapon is inside!”

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John didnt comply.

“Jamie, I was indeed a little cold to your family previously.

However, Im not like the Park and Miyamoto families, who were ruthless to the Steeles.

Theres no need for us to…”


Jamie punched him again.

“Dont talk nonsense with me! Do whatever I tell you to do! Open it!”


Jamie shot John in the leg when he hesitated.


John screamed in pain.

Jamie said coldly, “John, listen to me.

After my grandfather died and the other families occupied the Steeles, I swore that I would eradicate all of you! Dont test my patience!”

John didnt hesitate anymore.

He used his fingerprints to open the hatch.

After the hatch was opened, a white cannon appeared.

It was supported by a very heavy and complicated chassis.


Jamies subordinates were all amazed.

This cannon was really beautiful and looked very unique.

“This shouldnt be an ordinary cannon.” Phoenix piped up.

Jamie looked at John.


John said, “This is just an ordinary cannon on a warship.

I dont know anything about this.

Im not an engineer.

How do I explain it to you”

Jamie snorted.

“Youre not going to tell me about it Alright, Ill try it out myself!”

Jamie wanted to try it out, but after studying it for a long time, he still couldnt figure out how to launch it.

“Are you the only one who can activate it” Jamie asked.

Given Johns cautious nature, where one must be authorized to even board this ship, he must have set it such that only him and a few trusted men could do fire their special weapons/

John nodded reluctantly.

Jamie ordered, “Do a trial run on the cannon immediately.

Show me how it works.”


This time, John didnt hesitate.

Perhaps he was afraid that if he hesitated again, Jamie would shoot him.

He came to the front of the cannon and pressed his right hand against a transparent area.

“Fingerprint identification.” Jamie watched from the side, focused on this unfamiliar weapon.

However, at this moment, John suddenly grabbed a glowing green weapon from under the chassis!


Jamie and Phoenix shouted at the same time.

It turned out that John had hidden a weapon under the chassis.

He wanted to take this opportunity to escape from Jamies control!

“You are asking for it!”

Phoenix immediately picked up the pistol and aimed it at Johns wrist.

He was extremely fast.

He was confident that he would win against an old fellow like John.




Phoenix was knocked to the ground!

Johns green weapon was an extreme killing weapon.

It could shoot faster than a bullet and there was no need to even aim properly first!

He just pointed the weapon in the general direction of Phoenix and the latter immediately collapsed.

He didnt even have the chance to fire back!

“Damn it, its a laser weapon!”

Jamie was shocked.

No one could beat an expert like Phoenix in a one-on-one gunfight, let alone a pampered old man like John.

The weapon in Johns hands was too advanced!


Phoenix knew that the laser weapon in Johns hands was very powerful.

Using the last of his strength, he led Jamie to escape.


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