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Shaun was extremely excited and squeezed in beside Jordan.

He had always wanted to know what the Addington familys research was.

However, John was a cautious person.

The subordinates who knew the Addington family secrets were all people who had been nurtured by the family since they were young children.

The family rarely recruited any adults.

Therefore, it was very difficult for Shaun to infiltrate the Addingtons with his own spies.

Shaun asked Phoenix, “What did you say The Addington family has laser weapons His laser cannon can destroy the Steeles Zephyr planes”

Jordan was also very surprised.

In his opinion, their Zephyr planes were the top of the class.

Ordinary artillery weapons would barely leave a scratch.

However, the Addington familys laser weapons could easily destroy them

Phoenix responded.

“Yes, laser cannons and other laser weapons like swords and clubs.

Theyre extremely fast and automatically aimed at the target.

They can hit the target instantly.

Theres no way to defend against them.

“Master Jamie had already boarded his Zephyr Two to escape, but when the laser cannon fired, the planes defense device was instantly destroyed and one of its wings broke off.

Master was captured because of this.”

Jordan and Shaun sighed.

Although they had not personally witnessed the scene, they could tell from Phoenixs description that the Addington familys laser weapons were very terrifying!

What was the most important thing in a battle


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How to fight if one couldnt even react in time after being attacked

Shaun said to Jordan, “Jordan, you cant go!”

“Why” Jordan asked.

Shaun said with a serious expression, “Addington has a laser weapon.

Even if the two of us join forces, we will not be a match for it.

We will only die if we go! I will never let you take this risk!”

Jordan was also afraid of laser weapons.

He had been injected with the Mirakuru serum but so what if he had the strongest physique How could he withstand laser weapons

It seemed that John had a laser sword and with just a casual slash, Jordan would not be able to get close to him at all!

Even if he used his ability to predict the future, it was useless.

This would only let Jordan know in advance whether he would win or lose.

Jordan looked at Phoenix.

“Phoenix, wait for me there.

Ill contact you when I arrive.”

Phoenix shed tears of gratitude.

“Thank you, Mr.


“Dragon, be on standby to receive my orders.”


With that, Jordan hung up the video call.

Shaun was furious.

“Jordan! Are you crazy! The Addington familys laser weapons are not to be underestimated.

These European families are not as easy to deal with as the Asian families.

Dont think that we can kill the heads of all the other families just because we killed Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro! This is unrealistic!”

Jordan said, “Im not arrogant.

I know that if I go over like this, Ill just end up dying.

However, I cant ignore Jamies life.

I am a Deity.

If I cant even save my own brother, can I still be considered a Deity”

Shaun knew that Jordan and Jamie had a good relationship, so he suggested, “Jordan, if you insist on going, call Madam Geng and ask her to help you.”

“Madam Geng” Jordan asked.

When Shaun controlled Jordans body, he made Madam Geng a very happy woman.

In addition, Shaun had lied to Madam Geng and claimed that Jordan was willing to be under her.

She would not leave him in the lurch.

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Shaun said, “Thats right.

Didnt you give her the formula for the Mirakuru serum a few days ago She will definitely help you.”

A few days ago, Madam Geng had indeed looked for Jordan and asked him to give her the perfected formula for the Mirakuru serum.

The five families had issued a Level One Pursuit Order on Jordan.

It was all thanks to Madam Gengs intervention that it was canceled.

She even offended Chairman Rong by doing so.

Jordan was very grateful to Madam Geng, so he returned the favor and gave her the Mirakuru serum.


Jordan immediately picked up the phone and called Madam Geng.

“Hey, my little baby, I was just about to call you,” Madam Geng said affectionately.

Jordan was not used to such intimate terms of address, but when he thought about how they had already kissed in the virtual game, he didnt think much about it.

“Madam Geng, theres something I dont know if I should ask you.

This is a private matter.

I dont want to trouble you, but Im afraid I cant do it on my own.”

Jordan was very direct.

Madam Geng could tell that Jordan was in trouble.

She asked worriedly, “Oh, dear, what are you talking about You are already my man, arent you Your problems are my problems.

Feel free to tell me what happened.”

‘I am your man

Jordan immediately realized that something was wrong.

He turned to look at Shaun.

Sensing Jordans probing gaze, Shaun avoided it.

‘Damn it, that b*stard Shaun must have slept with Madam Geng when he controlled my body! Argh, that damn b*stard!”

Jordan was 100% sure that Shaun had used his body to do something that he had not told Jordan yet.

After that time, Madam Geng would speak to Jordan in a very offhand manner.

Sometimes, her tone sounded like she was ordering him around.

‘This damned Shaun.

Dont tell me hes playing some sinful master-servant game with that old woman, Madam Geng!

Jordan cursed in his heart.

However, now was not the time to pursue this matter.

Jordan said, “My second brother, Jamie, has fallen into John Addingtons hands.

Now, John wants me to go over.

He might capture me alive and offer me to Chairman Rong, or he might just kill me directly!”

Madam Geng was worried.

“My dear, the Addington familys strength is unfathomable.

The Park and Miyamoto families cant compare.

Ive checked out the Addington family.

They have very powerful weapons.

Its impossible for you to save your second brother from them.

Promise me you wont go.

Dont take any risks.

I dont want to lose you, understand We only made love with each other once.

You cant die so soon.”

‘Damn it! Damn it! I did sleep with that old woman, Madam Geng!

Madam Geng herself had verified Jordans conjecture!

Jordan glared at Shaun.

“Who the hell left the window open What if some spy device flies in Seriously!”

Shaun did not dare to look at Jordan.

He hurriedly found an excuse and ran to the side.

Jordan sighed.

Madam Geng had helped him time and time again.

He would just treat it as repaying her kindness.

He had slept with her—so be it!

Saving Jamies life was more important now!

Since he had already slept with her, Jordan no longer addressed her formally.

Jordan said, “Anli, I already know the Addington familys trump card!”


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