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Feeling very smug, Geng Weilun boarded Jordans Zephyr Three.

Jordan led the way like a guide.

His current plan was to lure Geng Weilun onto his plane and have Shaun knock him out.

Then, he would let Shaun control his body to meet John.

Shaun would then use his identity as Geng Weilun to negotiate with John while Jordan would take the opportunity to save Jamie.

After Geng Weilun got on the plane, he took a casual look around.

He wasnt amazed.

Zephyr Three was a top-notch plane to ordinary people, but to Geng Weilun, it was only so-so.

“Your plane is quite a distance away from my familys planes in terms of internal performance and external structure.

However, its more than enough for the likes of you, haha.”

With that said, Geng Weilun found a comfortable sofa and sat down.

Meanwhile, Jordan made a cup of coffee and handed it to Geng Weilun, pretending to be submissive.

In fact, Jordan had already seen Shaun quietly approaching Geng Weilun from behind.

Shaun was wearing a sinister and terrifying mask.

Jordan wondered if Shaun intended to scare Geng Weilun unconscious.

“Please have some coffee, Mr.

Geng.” Jordan offered.

Geng Weilun smiled smugly and accepted the coffee.

He rather enjoyed being Jordans master now.

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“Jordan, I didnt expect an insufferably arrogant person like you to kneel down to my mother and seek out the protection of the Geng family.

Hehe, you are quite flexible.

Thats how a man should be! If you only know how to be rash, you wont have any future!”

Geng Weilun spoke in a lofty manner.

Jordan smiled.


Geng, you are saying this because you want me to polish your shoes now”

Shaun had closed the distance between him and Geng Weilun.

He could attack at any time.

Geng Weilun could not wait to see Jordan polish his shoes.

However, at this moment, Geng Weilun changed his mind.

“Forget it.

I hated you previously because my mother always wanted to protect you.

Also, I cant stand your arrogance.

How can a brat from a low-level family be so arrogant But now that you are under the Geng family, youre mine.

As long as you focus on working for our family and making my mother happy, I wont make things difficult for you.”

Jordan was stunned.

He did not expect Geng Weilun to give up a chance to humiliate him.

This made things difficult for Jordan.

This was because Jordan planned to have Shaun quietly knock Geng Weilun unconscious when he was distracted by Jordan bending over his shoes.

Geng Weilun took a big gulp of coffee.

Perhaps he was thirsty.

He said slowly, “Jordan, since youre a member of the Geng Weilun family now, Ill tell you the truth.

Actually, Ive always admired you!”


Jordan was momentarily taken aback.

Shaun, who was already behind Geng Weilun, also spread his hands as if asking:Why is this kid praising you Do you still want to knock him out

Jordan shot Shaun a look, indicating him to wait a moment.

He wanted to hear Geng Weiluns honest opinion of him.

Geng Weilun continued.

“Do you know about the true situation of our eight secret families Before your appearance at the recent great meeting, every family was very guarded against each other.

Each family was also very eager to know the secrets of the others.

But over the years, every family has guarded themselves very well.

No one dares to make any rash moves.

Therefore, the eight great families have a very complicated relationship with each other!

“But after you appeared, you immediately broke this standstill! First, you exposed the Park familys secret.

Then, you told us that the Miyamoto familys secret research was the Mirakuru serum.

Thereafter, because of you, we learned that the Schmid familys secret was the quantum invisibility cloak.

In addition to your own familys traditional medicine, we found out the secrets of half of the eight families in a short period of time!

“And today, you discovered that the secret of the Addington family is laser weapons.

Jordan, I have to praise you.

Youre too amazing! Youve let us know the full strength and trump cards of so many other families!”

Jordan had never thought about this before, but after hearing what Geng Weilun said, it was true.

In the past, the eight great families were all very mysterious.

However, after Jordan appeared, one by one, their mysterious masks were removed.

What was the most terrifying thing

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The unknown was the most terrifying!

Major families like the Geng and Rong families would no longer have to be afraid of those families whose secrets had already been exposed.

It was like playing poker.

If I knew your cards, I could choose to continue betting or fold.

No matter how we play, I will never lose.


Geng, you flatter me.

It was just a coincidence.”

Jordan pretended to be modest.

Not only did he know the secrets of the families mentioned by Geng Weilun, but he also knew the secrets of the Haus family!

However, there was no need for Jordan to tell him that.

Currently, among the eight great families, only the secrets of the Rong and Geng families were unknown to Jordan.

Jordan had tried to use his Deity ability to see them but he could not have visions of events that were too far off into the future.

Unless, Jordan were to dream of it, like his beach wedding with Hailey, which he had dreamed of a year ago.

Geng Weilun took another long sip of coffee.

“Dont be modest.

I know youre a very capable special agent!”

Jordan cursed in his heart:Damn it, what special agent Who wants to be your damn special agent!

Geng Weilun said seriously, “Jordan, Ive decided to give you a mission!”

“Oh What mission” Jordan asked.

Geng Weilun said, “I want you to infiltrate the Rong family and uncover their secret!”

Jordan snorted in his heart.

This kid really knew how to order people around.

Geng Weilun looked very serious.

“Now, almost all the secrets of the eight great families have been revealed.

Although I dont know what the Haus familys secret is, I can guess that it wont be that amazing.

The only one to fear is the Rong family!

“Actually, my family has been trying to get close to the Rong family all these years.

From our current deductions, the Rong familys secret is no small matter.

It will definitely be a revolutionary and heaven-defying research!”

Jordan was a little shocked.

He did not expect Geng Weilun to use such terms.

Revolutionary and heaven-defying!

Jordan asked, “What do you mean by revolutionary and heaven-defying”

Geng Weilun explained.

“You know the power of the Deity, right Predicting the future is heaven-defying because science cant explain it at all.

And the Rong family secret is definitely heaven-defying, just like the superpowers of the Deity!”


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