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John could tell that Geng Weiluns sudden visit was definitely because Jordan had asked Madam Geng for help, and she had sent her son.

Otherwise, Geng Weilun would never have known Johns current location.

This annoyed John greatly.

He was worried that because of the Geng familys interference, they would not be able to resolve the hidden danger of Jordan.

Therefore, he mocked Geng Weilun.

When Shaun heard this, he slammed the table in anger.

“John! What do you mean by that!”

John laughed.

“Smart people dont talk nonsense.

Weilun, your mother must have asked you to come here, didnt she She must have wanted you to help Jordan, right I only told Jordan my current location.

No one else knows!”

Shaun put himself in Geng Weiluns shoes and said, “Thats right.

My mother asked me to save Jordan, but I dont intend to save him! Im here to kill him!”

John was slightly surprised.


Shaun said, “I wanted to kill that b*stard Jordan a long time ago! Youre right.

His relationship with my mother is not ordinary.

Theyre lovers! Do you remember the last time we went to the Miyamoto family residence in Japan My mother disappeared to the toilet for a long time.”

John said, “Yes, I remember.

Madam Geng was indeed gone for a long time.

When she returned, she proposed to cancel the Level One Pursuit Order on Jordan.

I dont know what happened.”

Shaun snorted.

“Hmph, my mother was with Jordan for more than half an hour! Jordan, that b*stard, he… he… sigh, I cant bring myself to say it! I can only tell you that I saw the video later.

That b*stard actually wants to be my stepfather.

I will never allow such a thing to happen.

I will kill him!”

Shaun was hysterical and looked like he was about to go crazy.

However, in reality, when he recalled what happened with Madam Geng during that half an hour, he was rather aroused.

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At that time, it was Shaun who had slept with Madam Geng, not Jordan.

John was shocked.

“What Jordan was there at that time And he was in the toilet with Madam Geng… oh my god, its not that I want to criticize her, but your mother is a little too open.

How can accept any man like that.”

Shaun chuckled.

It was none of his business that Madam Geng was open-minded.

He couldnt be happier.

After composing himself, Shaun said, “In short, you and I have the same goal.

We both want to kill Jordan! Only by killing Jordan will I not be humiliated by him in the future! Otherwise, I will feel uncomfortable every time he dates my mother!”

John smiled.

Geng Weilun definitely had the motive and reason to kill Jordan.

“Okay, since you want to kill Jordan too, thats great.

But how do you plan to do it”

Shaun said, “Ive made an arrangement with Jordan.

I am supposed to come here and distract you, while he quietly sneaks over to save his second brother.

Later, Ill call Jordan and tell him that now is a good time to come over.

The moment his plane approaches, you can blast him to death with your cannon! The plane and everyone inside it will be blown to pieces!”

John nodded.


I was worried that Jordan would be afraid to come here.

With this arrangement, he will definitely come.”

Shaun smiled.

“Then should we have a drink to celebrate Jordans death in advance”

The two of them chatted happily.

Shaun was cunning and knew the matters of the eight great families very well.

Even after chatting for some time, John failed to realize that this “Geng Weilun” was a fake.

An hour later, Shaun felt that the time was ripe, so he pretended to call Jordan.

“Hey, Jordan, Ive already gotten John drunk.

Hurry up and fly over!”

After hanging up the phone, Shaun raised his glass again and clinked it with Johns.

“Jordan will be flying over soon.

Uncle Addington, how are you going to send him to the afterlife”

John smiled mysteriously.

“Im afraid I cant tell you that.

Later, please stay here and dont move.

As you know, every family has its secrets.”

Shaun smiled back at John.

“You dont want me to see your secret weapon Hehe, its just a laser weapon, right.

Whats so rare about it When my family was researching laser weapons, you havent even started yet.

How laughable.

Youre actually afraid that Ill find out!”

John was shocked.

He did not expect the Geng family to know his familys secret!

John believed that he had already killed or captured Jamie and his men.

However, John did not know that Phoenix had escaped.

He thought that the secret of their laser weapons had not been leaked.

“Weilun, when… when did you learn my family secret”

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Shaun said, “I knew it 10 years ago! To think that you always thought it was a secret! To tell you the truth, in terms of laser weapons research, the Geng family is a hundred times better than you! You better believe it!”

John nodded repeatedly.

“I believe you, of course I believe you! How can my Addington family compare to the great Geng family In the future, we will have to consult you on laser weaponry.”

Shaun nodded.

“Yes, Ill give you some pointers when I have the chance.

Now, let me see how far youve progressed.

Lets see if you have a tenth of what our family has.”

“Yes! Mr.

Geng, this way please!”

John no longer hid anything.

Instead, he became solicitous and invited Shaun to visit his familys laser weapons.

He knew that for the Geng family to have their current status, their technology was definitely above theirs.

Therefore, he did not doubt Shauns claims at all.

When they arrived at the laser cannon, Shaun asked for a few parameters, such as power output, systems and weapons that could intercept this, etc.

John answered accordingly, with Shaun constantly interrupting to brag that the Geng familys standard was several levels higher than theirs in each aspect.

John was impressed.

Soon, an invisible plane slowly approached the Addington family warship.

“Lord Addington, we detected an invisible plane flying over, but we cant confirm its exact location for the time being.” One of his subordinates reported.

John smiled.

“That little b*stard Jordan is here.

Do you think I cant kill you just because you are flying an invisible plane Hehe, looks like you still dont know how powerful my laser cannon is.

I dont need to see you.

I just need to determine the approximate direction.

I can still kill you!”

With that, John personally activated the laser cannon and fired at the empty space in front of him!


A green beam shot into the sky above the distant sea.


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