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It was impossible for this first shot to hit the invisible plane right on target.

And John did not expect to hit his target with a single shot.

He controlled the laser cannon, drawing out a circle with the green beam.

Johns subordinates had given him the parameters of the estimated area where the invisible plane was located.

This circle covered the entire area.

John then launched an all-encompassing attack annihilating everything within that circle!


There was a loud bang.

John had indeed hit an invisible plane.

The moment the plane was hit, it shattered into pieces and sank to the bottom of the sea.

“It was so close!”

The invisible plane became visible after it was hit.

At this moment, they realized that this plane was already very close to the warship.

It seemed like it was flying at full speed.

John was surprised.

Shouldnt one move more slowly and cautiously when sneaking onto a warship to save someone

Why had Jordan flown so fast

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Something else surprised John.

The entire plane immediately shattered after being struck by his laser cannon.

Wasnt that plane too fragile He had hit Zephyr Two earlier and only managed to damage a wing.

Why was Jordans plane so much more fragile

In reality, the invisible plane just now was just one of Jordans backup planes.

It was not his usual Zephyr Three.

If it was Zephyr Three, the laser cannon would never have been able to blow up the entire plane in just one shot.

Not only that, there was no one on the plane just now, so it was flying at full speed.

Apart from that, Jordan and Shaun also gave John a gift.

Although there was no one on the plane, there was gas!

This gas was specially developed by Shaun.

It was an aphrodisiacal gas that could arouse the desires of men and women!

Now that the plane had been blasted apart, all the gas had spread across Addingtons warship.

Slap! Slap!

Shaun clapped his hands and took the initiative to shake Johns hand.

“Thank you Uncle Addington, for killing Jordan for me.

I dont need to worry about this dog harassing my mother anymore!”

John happily returned Shauns handshake.

“It was nothing.

But now that Jordan has died, it will be very difficult for you to report to your mother.”

Shaun waved his hand.

“This is a small matter.

You dont have to worry about me.”

John nodded.


Excuse me for a moment.

I have to make a call.”

“Be my guest.”

Now that he believed Jordan was dead, John couldnt wait to call Chairman Rong.

“Chairman, I have good news for you.

I just killed Jordan in the Straits of Gibraltar! I have killed Jordan Steele!”

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John sounded like he was asking for credit as he excitedly told Chairman Rong the news.

Chairman Rong was surprised and a little dubious.

“Oh You killed Jordan Are you sure you killed him”

John said, “Theres no mistake.

I caught his second brother, Jamie.

This kid values kinship very much.

He wont leave his second brother to die.

When he flew his plane toward me just now, I directly blasted him into pieces! Even if he has been injected with the Mirakuru serum, he definitely wont be able to withstand my laser cannon!”

Chairman Rong nodded.

“Well, if it was just your laser sword, it might not be enough to kill him.

But if it was your laser cannon, hell definitely die! Sigh, but its a pity he died before I found out how that kid developed the Mirakuru serum.

“But this guys presence makes me very uneasy.

Now that hes dead, so be it.

John, youve done well.

Come by sometime.

Ill send someone to give you some more pointers.”

Even though John was thousands of miles away, he still bowed respectfully.

“Thank you, Chairman.

To be able to receive your guidance is better than studying on our own for 10 years.

I wont disturb you anymore.


At the same time, Shaun sent Jordan a message.

“We can take action now!”

After receiving Shauns message, Jordan immediately walked out of Geng Weiluns plane.

He wore a wig and makeup and looked very different.

Along with him were more than 10 women with enchanting figures!

They were all top-notch beauties.

Jordan specially recruited these women before coming here.

This was because after John destroyed the plane, the aphrodisiacal gas would quickly spread across the warship.

The guards on the warship were all men.

Their bodies were strong, but their discipline might be lacking.

Especially under the influence of the aphrodisiacal gas, they would yearn desperately for women.

With these women in tow, it would be very easy for Jordan to save Jamie.

As expected, as the gas spread, many men on the warship began to show varying degrees of discomfort.

“Ah, damn it, is this gas poisonous Why do I suddenly have the urge to have a woman now!”

“Yes, LeBlanc, Im the same.

My mind is filled with fantasies about a womans body now.

Damn it, I cant concentrate at all!”

Previously, after Shaun landed the plane on the warship, John had sent his men to watch over it, afraid that some unauthorized personnel would sneak out and infiltrate the warship.

Now, these guards were finding it increasingly difficult to control themselves.

At this moment, Jordan walked down with more than 10 sexy babes.

When a guard saw this, he immediately said, “Geng family subordinates, please stop! According to Lord Addingtons instructions, you are not allowed to leave the plane!”

Seeing that they did not recognize him, Jordan said, “Oh, youve misunderstood.

We are not leaving the plane.

I saw that you were feeling a little fidgety, so I specially brought a few women down to help you.”

“Oh, damn it.

Is your warship doing some kind of test on a new gas Why is this smell so arousing Fortunately, Master Geng has many beauties with him.

Otherwise, it would be really difficult.”

As Jordan spoke, he pushed the women onto the guards.

These beauties were all very professional.

Some of them were even porn stars and knew how to make men happy.

Looking at these womens enchanting figures and sexy clothes, the guards drooled.


“No, no.

We are soldiers specially trained by Lord Addington.

How can we neglect our duty and play with women!”

One of the guards looked very determined.

Jordan smiled.

“You dont want to Alright, I wont bother about you anymore.

You can settle it yourselves.

However, if you change your mind, youre welcome to board the plane anytime.

By the way, one of these beauties is Madam Gengs biological daughter.

Shes bold and unrestrained, and she loves to play.

“If any of you can make her pregnant, your status might immediately soar into the sky.

You might become a son-in-law of the Geng family.”


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