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“Madam Gengs biological daughter And shes bold by nature My God, is he telling the truth”

“Dont listen to his nonsense.

Madam Gengs daughter is extremely noble.

Why would she like us You should focus on your duty and stop dreaming!”

The guards guarding the plane were tempted by Jordans words.

Jordan knew very well what these guards were thinking.

They escorted people of high status all year round, serving the masters and madams of top families.

It was only natural for these men to fantasize about the eldest daughter under their guard.

In addition, they were now bewitched by the aphrodisiacal gas.

They wouldnt be able to resist even a normal woman, not to mention the noble Young Mistress Geng!

“Damn it! Damn it, its too uncomfortable! I cant take it anymore! I want to go to the plane to relieve myself!”

A guard ignored the order he had been given and walked onto the plane.

Those remaining could no longer stand still, especially when they heard some ambiguous noises coming from the plane.

“Lord Addington asked us to keep an eye on the remaining people on the plane and not let them run around.

There doesnt seem to be any difference if we keep an eye on them from the outside or inside, right”

“Youre right, man.

Lets go up too!”

With that, the remaining guards also boarded the plane.

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Jordan took the opportunity to sneak out and enter the warship.

“Where is Jamie locked up”

Jordan walked slowly along the aisle when he suddenly heard a song.

“Im fascinated every time I see you.

Its a pity that you and I have our roles.

Even if we exceed our friendship in a lonely dream…”

Jordan recognized it as one of Jamies favorite love songs!

“Good lord, Jamie will always be Jamie.

Hes still in the mood to sing at a time like this!”

Jordan smiled and followed the voice to a room.

Jordan was still rather cautious.

He did not barge in directly because he was afraid that Addingtons subordinates had laser weapons.

He was not afraid for himself.

Even a laser weapon should not be able to kill him.

He was worried that Addingtons subordinates would kill Jamie.

The laser weapon was too fast for Jordan to stop.

However, through his high-tech thermal sensor, Jordan saw that the person inside was holding a normal gun and not a laser weapon.

In that case, Jordan had no reason to worry.

What Jordan did not know was that because of Geng Weiluns sudden visit, John ordered his men to lock up all the laser weapons on the warship in advance.

After all, Geng Weilun was from the powerful Geng family.

John would never fight him.

If it was just normal guns, Jordan was all too familiar with this combat mode.

Therefore, he did not waste any more time and just kicked open the heavy door!


“I only love you in the dark… oh my god!”

Jamies singing stopped as the door was kicked open.

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“Jordan Steele!”

The guards immediately recognized Jordan!

They immediately prepared their guns, but to Jordan, their movements were all like in slow motion.

From the moment Jordan entered, they had already lost the first movers advantage!



Jordan appeared in front of them in a flash and killed them with a punch!

Jordan couldnt help sighing at the fact that he could kill Addingtons men with a single punch.

Johns subordinates were too weak.

They were inferior to the Miyamoto familys subordinates.

This was because the subordinates of the Miyamoto family had all taken their strength-enhancing medicine.

Their physiques were stronger than ordinary people.

Jordan could not kill them with a single punch.

On the other hand, the Addington family did not focus on their subordinates physiques as they had laser weapons.

Jamie was overjoyed when he saw Jordan.

He joked, “I was just about to scold the b*stard who barged in and disturbed my singing.

But its you, Jordan.


Jordan did not waste time bantering with his brother.

He quickly removed his handcuffs.

While removing Jamies handcuffs, Jordan suddenly realized that one of his hands was stained with blood and missing a finger!

“Jamie, your finger…” Jordans heart ached.

Jamie waved his hand nonchalantly.

“One of them was chopped off by that old fellow John Addington.

But its fine.

I can just reattach it.

At most, Ill change to a metal finger.”

With the superb medical skills of the eight great families, it was indeed not a big deal to lose a finger.

However, Jordan was still very angry.

He could not tolerate others hurting his family!

“Jamie, youre too reckless.

Ive been looking for you during this period.

I also tried to send a message to you, telling you that I will definitely revive our family and for you not to mess around in the meantime.

You just have to wait quietly.

Why did you provoke the Addington family”

Jamie was a proud person.

“As a descendant of the Steele family, how can I let you shoulder everything As your brother, I have to do something.

The Addington family is also in England.

Grandpa used all sorts of methods to befriend them and form an alliance with them, but they never reciprocated and looked down on us.

I hate Johns arrogance, so I came over to keep an eye on him.”

Jordan nodded.

He should have guessed that John Addington was Jamies target.

“Alright, stop talking.

Lets leave this place quickly first.

Sometime in the future, Ill definitely pay John Addington back for cutting off your finger.”

Jordan pulled Jamie away as he spoke.

However, Jamie did not move.

Jamie said, “Jordan, I dont want to leave.

Ive been tracking the Addingtons for so long and finally found out that their secret research is laser weapons.

I have to steal their laser weapons! If we have laser weapons, we dont need to fear anything.

The two of us can revive the Steele family and make the other families respect us!”

Jordan was stunned.

He did not expect Jamie to be so persistent.

“But the Addington laser weapons arent that easy to steal, right” Jordan asked.

Jamie nodded.

“Ordinary laser swords and batons are fine.

They can be immediately put to use.

However, the laser cannons on this warship can only be activated with Johns fingerprint authorization.

Jordan, can you help me control John If we take possession of this warship, we can sail to the South China Sea and declare war on the Rong family!

“When the time comes, I will worship you as the head of the Steele family.

I will listen to everything you say!”

Jordan was silent for a moment.

He thought that he was the most combative person in the Steele family, but it seemed that Jamie was even more fond of battle than him.

Not only did he want to snatch the Addington familys warship, but he also wanted to start a war with the Rong family!

This was too f*cking fierce.

Even Jordan did not dare to do this now.

However, after carefully analyzing the current situation, Jordan realized that it was indeed a pity to leave just like that.

If they could take over this warship and control the laser weapon, Jordan would be able to better protect his family!


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