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It seemed that Shaun, Miyamoto Chujiro and Rong Bailun were not the only ones who wanted to be the ultimate overlord of the world.

Geng Weilun also had such aspirations.

These guys all wanted to dominate the world.

They completely disregarded Jordan, who was the new Deity.

However, now was not the time to tell others that he was a Deity.

Shaun knew and he was already blackmailing Jordan for his ability.

If the other families knew as well, they would definitely find ways to make use of Jordan.

A few hours later…

A secret base in western China.

One of the most secretive and restrictive areas in the world.

Media reports had often speculated on the purpose of this secret base, some guessing that the government was developing advanced military aircraft here.

In short, this was an absolutely restricted area.

No member of the public could approach it, photograph it, or enter it…

If a plane flew past, it would be immediately shot down, regardless of its purpose.

At this moment, Rong Bailun was in this secret base.

Suddenly, one of Rong Bailuns subordinates ran up to him in a panic.

“Bad news, Chairman Rong.

The Addington family warship is approaching the South China Sea.

We have a secret base there.

We will be within striking range soon.”

Rong Bailun was shocked.

“What Are you sure its the Addington familys warship”

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It was hard to believe.

After all, hadnt John just called him a few hours ago to report Jordans death He had sounded like a loyal follower as usual.

Why would the Addingtons suddenly approach the Rong familys secret base in the South China Sea

And in a warship!

His subordinate said, “We have verified it.

The government also called to ask if they should stop them.”

Rong Bailun quickly said, “Dont let them act rashly! The Addington laser cannons are powerful.

They can melt even the countrys most advanced missiles! They are no match for the Addington family!”

The subordinate nodded.

“Got it! But do we do nothing then”

Rong Bailun said, “I need to make a call first.”

Rong Bailun immediately initiated a video call with John Addington, but the other party did not answer.

Rong Bailun frowned as he realized that something might have changed.

He sent John a text message.

“Friend or foe”

Jamie saw the message from Rong Bailun.

He replied:Rong Bailun, I want to f*ck you over!

Rong Bailun saw the reply and was certain that the Addington family had come to declare war on him!

“Damn it.

John wouldnt dare to provoke me like this.

Is Jordan not really dead”

Rong Bailun suddenly felt that it was very possible.

He always had a feeling that Jordan was not an ordinary mortal and would not die so easily.

Suddenly, his subordinate reported.

“Chairman, the Addington familys warship has suddenly accelerated.

We estimate that they will reach within striking range of our South China Sea base within 10 minutes.

If we dont act now, we might be attacked by them!”

Rong Bailun started to become quite anxious.

To be honest, although the Rong family had always been the overlords, they had almost no combat experience.

This was because no one had ever dared to provoke them or declare war on them!

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It was just like Kevin Durant going to a middle school to teach basketball.

No student would dare to challenge him one-on-one!

Rong Bailun was quite agitated, deviating from his usual calm self.

“Hmph, no matter who challenges me, I dont care if that person is John Addington himself, Jordan Steele, or anyone else! Let them come! No matter who my opponent is, I will tell them the same thing.

No one in this world will be a match for the Rong family!”

His subordinate hurriedly knelt down and shouted, “Long live the Rong family! Long live Chairman Rong! Chairman, how should we fight the Addington warship”

Rong Bailun said, “The Addington familys laser weapons are very powerful.

If they attack our secret base with their laser cannons, our secret base will probably be destroyed! Therefore, we must not allow them to fire their laser cannons!

“Activate the weather weapon!”

Meanwhile, on the Addington warship.

Jamie, Jordan, Geng Weilun and the others were also exceptionally excited.

“Hahaha, well be within range in three minutes.

Im going to blow up the Rong familys secret base!”

Jamie was very excited.

Geng Weilun was also in high spirits.

“Not bad.

Its time to make Chairman Rong lower his head.

If hes attacked and defeated this time, Ill make things difficult for him at the next great meeting.

Ill make him withdraw from the position of Chairman and have my mother take over!”

Everyone wanted Rong Bailun to experience defeat!

After all, Chairman Rong had been high and mighty for too long.

However, Jordan was very cautious.

He instinctively felt that this matter would not be so easy.

Therefore, he used his Deity ability to predict what would happen a few minutes later.

He really wanted to know if Jamies crazy operation would succeed!


A very grand scene appeared in Jordans mind.

It was not the scene of a laser cannon bombarding the Rong familys secret base, but the weather!

It was wind, lightning, a violent storm! Moreover, it was accompanied by massive waves!

“Damn it!”

Jordan quickly checked the weather forecast.

It showed that it would be sunny and breezy over the next few hours!

“How is that possible”

Jordan became worried.

“Whats wrong, Jordan Why arent you excited Why do you look so worried”

Geng Weilun patted Jordan on the shoulder as he asked.

Jordan replied, “Better safe than sorry.

We should prepare a plane and be ready to leave at any time.”

Geng Weilun said, “Oh Why are you so unconfident Do you think this attack wont succeed But as my subordinate, I have to praise you for being worried about my safety and taking precautions.”

Jordan had already predicted that their attack would not succeed.

However, Jordan could not tell them.

Geng Weilun and Jamie continued to be very excited.

“Hahaha, were almost within range.

Rong Bailun, die!”

Jamie was exhilarated.

Geng Weilun was holding a glass of wine and enjoying himself very much.

But to their surprise, the clear sky was suddenly filled with dark clouds and it started to rain!

“Strange Why is it suddenly raining so heavily”

“Damn it, this is chemical rain.

It has a corrosive effect.

Everyone, get inside quickly.

Dont let the rain touch your body!”


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