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Raindrops kept falling, thunder kept rumbling, and lightning kept striking the warship!


It was still sunny a minute ago, but the weather suddenly changed completely.

Not only was there a thunderstorm, but there was also smog.

“Damn it, its a weather weapon! The Rong family is indeed powerful.

They actually developed a weather weapon!”

Geng Weilun was overcome with emotion.

Weather weapons were a very terrifying kind of weapon with a power comparable to nuclear weapons.

China had been researching such weapons since World War II.

Thereafter, with the help of the Deity, the Rong familys weather weapons had reached a very terrifying level!

Jamie started to get anxious.

“What should we do Can we still attack the Rong familys secret base”

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John, who was being controlled at the side, shook his head stiffly.

“We cant.

Fog and torrential rain are the natural enemies of laser weapons.

Fog can scatter laser beams and greatly reduce their lethality.

We cant fire laser cannons in this weather.”

Jamie was furious.

“Damn it, such a powerful laser cannon has now been reduced to nothing! Damn it, how could Rong Bailun have such a heaven-defying weather weapon!”

Jordan said, “Weve already confirmed one thing.

The Rong familys reputation is well-deserved.

Their true strength is indeed worthy of being the head of the eight great families.

Even a laser cannon cant go against them.

Rong Bailun will attack us at any moment.

For safetys sake, lets get out of here immediately.”

Actually, everyone knew very well that the Rong family was extraordinary.

It was impossible for them to be defeated just like that.

Everyone had come this time just to probe the Rong family.

Now, they had achieved their goal.

Geng Weilun said, “Well, your earlier backup plan was very apt.

Lets get out of here.”

Geng Weilun and Jordan immediately turned their plane back.

Jamie also controlled John to sail the warship away.

After leaving the South China Sea, Geng Weilun said to Jordan, “Although Jamies crazy idea didnt succeed, your bold attempt also exposed the Rong familys secret weapon, its a weather weapon.

“Jordan, I have to praise you again.

Youre really the lucky star of the Geng family.

As long as you are around, we can always uncover secret information that we havent been able to obtain over the past few decades.

It means a lot to my family to know about the Rong familys weather weapon!”

If not for Jordan and Jamie, even though the Geng and Rong families had a close relationship, it would probably be impossible for them to witness the power of the Rong familys weather weapon anytime soon.

Jordan smiled.


Geng, you flatter me.

You asked me to find out the secrets of the Rong family.

Have I completed my mission Does the Geng family have anything that can resist weather weapons”

Jordan also wanted to know the true strength of the Geng family.

Geng Weilun shook his head.

“Youre too naive.

Do you think thats all the Rong family has Do you think weather weapons are their biggest secret Thats impossible.

I dare tell you that.

Utterly impossible.

“Thats because the Geng family is also researching weather weapons! That is definitely not the only secret that the Rong family has up its sleeve! Their biggest secret must be at the heaven-defying level! The kind that can scare our pants off!”

Geng Weilun still believed that the Rong family possessed further secrets that were even more unbelievably shocking.

Jordan snorted coldly.

It seemed that the second-ranked Geng family was the Rong familys greatest admirer!

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“Tell your second brother to return to England and continue controlling John Addington.” Geng Weilun commanded.

“I want the Addington family to become a pawn of my family.

Also, youve made a huge contribution this time.

Do you want to go back with me to receive your award

“You mean, to your house”

Jordan suddenly looked forward to it.

He also wanted to visit the Geng residence.

Geng Weilun smiled.

“Thats right.

Youre already a member of our Geng Weilun family.

Youve also contributed greatly to us.

Youre already qualified to enter our house.”


Jordan instantly agreed.

He wanted to take advantage of this good opportunity to find out the Geng family secrets.

Even though Jordan had a good relationship with the Geng family now, they erroneously believed that he was their subordinate and at their mercy.

There was always a possibility their relationship might break down in the future and the two sides might become enemies.

As the saying went, knowing ones enemy was the key to victory.

Jordan wanted to understand more about this family that might become his opponent in the future.

Jordan and Geng Weilun flew to Suzhou, China on the same plane.

During this period, Shaun called and messaged Jordan, but Jordan did not respond.

It was obvious that Shaun was urging Jordan to go back and carry on his research.

But Jordan had his own agenda.

He didnt want to be tied down by Shaun.

The plane landed in a scenic area with lush vegetation.

There were horse ranches, golf courses and clean lakes.

Being in Suzhou was like coming to a paradise.

It was very delightful.

Needless to say, the entire city belonged to the Geng family.

Geng Anli lived here.

After getting off the plane, Jordan sat in an unmanned car which drove him to a luxurious hall.

When they arrived at their destination, the car door opened automatically.

There was no one around.

Jordan got out of the car and walked in.

As soon as he entered, he realized that Madam Geng was already waiting inside.

A sumptuous dinner had already been prepared.

“Jordan, welcome to my place!”

Madam Geng was dressed in an elegant white dress.

She smiled graciously at Jordan.

Apart from Madam Geng, there were many other people present.

They were probably her family members or trusted associates.

Most of the people were Chinese, but there were also a few other races present.

“Welcome home, Young Master Weilun!”

One of the men knelt in front of Geng Weilun and greeted him respectfully.

Jordan glanced at this man.

He was Caucasian and should be around 23 years old, with long hair and was very handsome.

“Mmm.” Geng Weilun obviously knew him, but he didnt say much as he sat down.

Madam Geng waved at Jordan.

“Jordan, come in quickly.

Ill introduce you.”

“These are my daughters, Suqing and Xiqing.

This is my other son, Kailun.”

“This is the CEO of the Geng familys military division, Bao Luo.

This is the CEO of our technology division, Tai Sun.”

“This is…”

Madam Geng happily introduced everyone to Jordan.

Finally, when it was the Caucasian mans turn, Madam Geng said, “His surname is Steele, just like yours.

Hes also from the US.

His name is…”

“My name is Quillon Steele! Pleased to meet you!”

This man took the initiative to walk toward Jordan and introduce himself with a challenging glint in his eye!


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