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Quillons gaze and tone were not very friendly.

Moreover, he clearly exerted more strength than necessary when he shook hands with Jordan.

It was a blatant challenge!

Jordan gave a faint smile.

He didnt care if he encountered disdain or discrimination in this unfamiliar environment.

In his eyes, even Madam Geng was just an ordinary person.

The people under her were not worthy of affecting his mood.

Therefore, Jordan was not angry, nor did he increase his handshake pressure.

He was afraid that if he used more strength, the mans hand would be crippled.

Jordan asked politely, “Mr.

Steele, what are you in charge of”

All the people at present were probably part of Madam Gengs inner circle or very important talents to the Geng family.

Jordan also wanted to know what this fellow did.

He actually dared to treat him like this in public.

Quillon avoided eye contact, but he still forced out a reply.

“Im Madam Gengs Chief Personal Assistant, in charge of all her daily necessities!”

Jordan was momentarily stunned.

Quillon made it sound like he had a very important job.

However, wasnt he just a manservant

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Jordan gave another faint smile.

He immediately understood that Quillon must be Madam Gengs gigolo!

Over this time, Jordan already noticed that Madam Geng liked handsome men.

Since she was willing to be intimate with Jordan, she must have had many male partners before him.

And it was very likely that Quillon was one of them.

This could also explain why Quillon was so unfriendly toward Jordan.

He treated him as a love rival.

Jordan was rather speechless.

He was a Deity, but a gigolo now viewed him as a love rival…

“Jordan, please sit down,” Madam Geng said.


After Jordan took his seat, Quillon immediately sat beside him.

Madam Geng said happily, “Jordan, after you joined the Geng family, you have made great contributions time and time again! Not only did you discover the secret of the Addington family, but you also forced the Rong family to reveal their weather weapon.

We have desperately wanted this information for decades!”

CEO of the military division Bao Luo, also raised his glass.

“Jordan, thank you for telling us the secret of the Addington family.

After knowing that their research is on laser weapons, I can finally be more relaxed.

At least we dont have to be too afraid of this family.

The Geng family is confident in dealing with the Addington family!”

Geng Weilun smiled.

“Bao Luo, theres no need to deal with the Addington family.

John Addington is now controlled by Jordans second brother, Jamie.

Ive ordered Jamie to continue controlling John and make the Addingtons submit to the Geng family.

They have since returned to England, and I believe Jamie is handling the takeover.”

“What Jordans brother managed to control the Addington family”

“Oh my god, Jordan is indeed the most outstanding descendant of the Steele family.

His abilities are astonishing!”

“Jordan, let me toast you! Respect!”

Many people stood up and toasted Jordan.

Jordan stood up politely and raised his glass to drink with everyone.

These people all held important positions in the Geng family.

With their affirmation, it would be easier for Jordan to explore the secrets of the Geng family in the future.

Madam Gengs youngest daughter, Geng Xiqing, a short-haired girl in her early 20s, suddenly spoke up.

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“Jordan, I have a question for you.”

Jordan looked at Geng Xiqing.

This girl was quite cute.


Geng, please go ahead.” Jordan smiled.

Cupping her chin, Geng Xiqing asked, “I heard from my mother that you rejected Lota from the Schmid family.

Lota is a Swiss saint.

Isnt she beautiful Why did you reject her Instead, you ended up with my mother”

To Geng Xiqing, who was a young girl in her early 20s, such a choice made no sense.

Back then, Jordan had rejected Lota because he already had Lauren and Victoria, and did not want to get another wife.

However, he couldnt use this reason now.

If you didnt want to do anything to let your wives down, why did you have sex with Madam Geng

It was all Shauns fault for causing such trouble when he controlled Jordans body.

Now, Jordan had no choice but to maintain this persona.

Jordan thought for a moment before replying.

“Lota is indeed very beautiful, just like you, Xiqing.

However, I dont like young and innocent girls.

I prefer mature women.”

Geng Xiqing smiled and crossed her arms, placing her elbows on the dining table.

“Do you really like women older than you Why I heard that you have a wife who is 10 years older than you Are women of my age completely unattractive to you”

From her question, Geng Xiqing seemed to be very interested in Jordan.

She kept asking him about his romantic life.

Jordan did not know how to answer.

“How can that be Xiqing, youre so beautiful and cute.

Any man would fall for you.”

Geng Xiqing continued to interrogate him.

“Then if you can only choose one woman, between my mother and I, who will you choose”

‘Damn it! This was a question with no right answer!

Nevertheless, Jordan replied quickly, “I choose Madam Geng.”


Everyone laughed.

Geng Xiqing smacked the table unhappily, but then asked, “Will you like me after another 20 years then Mom, are you willing to give Jordan to me then”

Madam Geng said, “Xiqing, stop messing around.

This is Jordans first time at our house today.

Dont scare him off.”

Geng Xiqing shot Jordan a very meaningful look.

‘Is this girl… into me

Jordan felt that Geng Xiqing had completely inherited her mothers “boy-crazy” nature.

It would be utterly ridiculous if Madam Geng shared him with her daughter.

Seeing that even Geng Xiqing was expressing her fondness for Jordan, Quillon became even more jealous.

Quillon drank a glass of wine and suddenly asked, “Jordan, I heard from Madam Geng that you killed the heads of the Park and Miyamoto families all on your own.

How did you do it”

Jordan did not like his tone and attitude.

He did not take Quillon seriously and was unwilling to answer him.

Instead, Jordan replied, “Ive already told Madam Geng about this.

Theres no need to explain it to you.”

Quillon was very unhappy.

“Alright, then explain why you joined the Geng family! I have serious doubts about your loyalty! I suspect that you have ulterior motives!”


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