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The atmosphere immediately became rather strange.

Everyone knew that Madam Geng liked Jordan very much, so everyone kept praising him.

But Quillon, who was the only other American at present and even had the same surname as Jordan, was so antagonistic toward Jordan.

This was Jordans first visit so no one felt it was their place to speak up for him.

And actually, to most of those at present, Jordans sudden decision to follow the Geng family was indeed worthy of suspicion.

Quillon said, “You have the ability to kill Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro on your own.

You are also invulnerable, having been injected with the Mirakuru serum.

Since you are so capable, why would you degrade yourself and seek the protection of the Geng family Do you have ulterior motives!”

Jordan frowned at Quillon.

This fellow really knew how to cause trouble.

Madam Geng was not a fool.

She was a woman who controlled the entire Geng family.

Furthermore, she was the one who had led the Geng family to its high position, second only to the Rong family.

She was definitely not a foolish lovesick woman.

She would not believe everything about Jordan just because she liked him.

She had her own judgment about Jordans loyalty.

She didnt need Quillons reminder at all.

So Quillons words made everyone feel very awkward.

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Madam Geng did not say anything.

She wanted to hear Jordans answer.

Jordan answered.

“After I killed Miyamoto Chujiro, Chairman Rong suggested that I be hunted down.

If it was just me, I wouldnt care, but I still have family and friends.

I cant protect them all and I dont want them to be harmed because of me.”

Jordans explanation was perfectly reasonable.

Many people knew that Jordan was a kind person.

Although he had killed Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro, that was only because they had forced him into a corner first.

Quillon was unconvinced.

“Oh Who are these family and friends you mentioned Arent your wives and children very safe”

Jordan continued.

“There are also people who arent my wives and children.

For example, theres a woman who looks very similar to my wife, Victoria.

She took the fall for my wife for a criminal matter and helped her a lot.

I dont want her to be implicated.”


Madam Geng held a remote control in her hand and pressed it.

A holographic image suddenly appeared in the middle of the dining room.

It was the woman who looked like Victoria!

“Thats her, isnt it” Madam Geng asked.

Jordan was shocked.

He did not expect Madam Geng to have already investigated everything about him.

She even knew about this woman!

Jordan suddenly felt that he had underestimated Geng Anli!

Quillon clearly knew a lot about Jordans past too.

He sneered.

“Youre too soft-hearted! Why are you so grateful toward a despicable woman just because she took the fall for your wife Its only right for a lowly person to die for their master! Besides, she didnt go to jail, right I heard that this woman used to be a KTV hostess Hehe, is the life and death of such a person worth your attention”

Jordan glared at Quillon and continued.

“Also, my wife, Victoria, has a younger sister called Emily…”


Madam Geng pressed the remote again.

The image switched to Emily!

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Emilys photo was that of her in a flight attendant uniform.

Madam Geng asked, “Is that her I quite like this girl.

I like her looks.

In my opinion, shes prettier than her sister, Victoria.”

After Madam Gengs comment, Geng Weilun carefully scrutinized the photo.

Quillon suddenly cut in.

“Young Master Weilun, I also think that Emily is not bad.

I think shes very compatible with you! Do you want to call her over and get to know her”

Looking at Quillons wicked smile, Jordan immediately understood that this b*stard wanted Geng Weilun to play with Emily!

How could a noble young master like Geng Weilun take a fancy to Emily, who had an ordinary background!

Geng Weilun rubbed his chin as he looked at Emilys photo.

“Yes, not bad.

I like her looks too.

Perhaps you Americans think that Hailey is the number one beauty, but I think Emily is prettier than her.

Jordan, ask Emily to come here.”


Jordan immediately rejected Geng Weiluns request.

“B*stard! How dare you reject Young Master Weiluns request! Jordan, know your place! Young Master Weilun is your master.

You have to listen to all of his orders! Even if he wants your wife Victoria, you have to agree!” Quillon said loudly.

Jordan glared at Quillon, wishing that he could hammer him to death on the spot.

If not for him, Geng Weilun probably wouldnt be interested in Emily.

Once this kind of powerful young master became interested in a certain woman, he would not stop until he got her!

Seeing that Jordan was about to beat Quillon up, Geng Weilun hurriedly said, “Hey, dont say that.

Jordan has found so much useful information for our Geng family and is our hero.

How can I be so shameless as to ask for his wife

“However, Emily is only your sister-in-law and unmarried.

With my status, it should be her honor that I fancy her, right Jordan, why did you refuse”

Jordan said, “Emily is my wifes younger sister.

I treat her as family too.

Shes not a commodity.

I will never allow anyone to hurt her!”

He did not hesitate to risk offending Geng Weilun in order to protect Emily! Also, Emily was not just Jordans sister-in-law.

She was also Jordans woman…

Jordan had to admit that he had feelings for Emily!

He liked Emily too!

And he liked her not only because of her beauty or figure but also because Emily had given Jordan something which Victoria couldnt.

Victorias first man was not Jordan.

She was already 30 years old when he met her.

But Emilys first man was Jordan.

Victoria and Emily were biological sisters, so they naturally had many similarities.

Therefore, sometimes, Jordan would treat them both as his wives.

He would not allow anyone to touch them.

Some time ago, Emily had posted on her social media account that she had a boyfriend.

Jordan couldnt deny that he was a little jealous.

After knowing that she was joking, he instantly felt much better.

Jordan would never interfere with Emilys freedom to date, have boyfriends and get married.

Nevertheless… it could not be denied that he was a little possessive toward her!


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