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Emily quickly got up from the sofa barefooted and started packing her things.

“Wait for me.

I want to get my bag and a dress I just bought.”

The man scratched his head and looked at the cute Emily, not knowing what to do.

“Alright, Im done packing.

Lets go!”

Emily walked over happily.


The man gently thumped a spot on Emilys neck, and she fainted on the spot.

“Im sorry, Ms.


Masters orders are not to bring you to escape.”

Eight hours later.

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A plane landed in Suzhou where the Geng family lived.

Emily alighted from that plane!

Several Caucasian men escorted her into an unmanned car.

Soon, Emily was brought to Quillons room.


Quillon, we have brought Emily Clarke!”

One of the men reported.

Quillon smiled and looked at Emily.

He sized her up and realized that this girl was indeed delicate and cute.

She was a rare gem.

“Are you Emily Clarke” Quillon asked.

Emily shook her head.

“No, you caught the wrong person.

Im not Emily Clarke.

My name is Emma Clarke!”

Quillon said angrily, “B*tch! Youre clearly Emily Clarke.

I already have your photo, and you still want to deny it”

Emily said, “Then youre the one who is really strange.

Since you know that Im Emily Clarke, why are you wasting your breath asking me again Are you senile You dont look that old.”

Quillon didnt expect Emily to have such a sharp tongue.

Not only was she not afraid, but she even dared to mock him!

“Youre courting death! You wild girl, since I cant vent my anger on Jordan, Ill vent it on his sister-in-law first!”

Quillon reached out and was about to slap Emily!

However, Emily was quite agile.

She retreated and dodged Quillons attack.

Frustrated, Quillon moved closer to her and Emily reached out her right foot to trip him.


Quillon fell to the ground and cried out in pain.

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“You know kung fu Damn it, why wasnt it in the report about you!”

Quillon was very unhappy.

Emily crossed her arms and said mockingly, “Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Sir, youre too weak.

You cant even defeat a small girl like me.

With your physique, you cant be a villain, understand I advise you to be a good person.”

“B*tch! Ill scratch your face and see if you still dare to mock me!”

It was true that Quillon only looked handsome and had little strength.

He used to work out regularly, but after being under Madam Geng, he realized that he no longer had the energy to go to the gym.

But even when Quillon took out his knife, Emily stood there calmly without any fear.

Quillon frowned in disbelief.

He thought to himself:Thats not right.

The information shows that Emily grew up in an ordinary family.

Other than being an air stewardess, she doesnt have much experience in life.

Logically speaking, she should be very afraid of me.

Why is she so calm

Of course Quillon wouldnt really scratch Emilys face.

He had brought her here to offer to Geng Weilun.

Geng Weilun already felt that Emily was too voluptuous and was only attracted to her face.

He would not want her at all if her face was ruined.

“Whats wrong Are you afraid to attack”

Emily even deliberately provoked Quillon to make a move.

Quillon threw away the knife and snorted.

“Hmph, brat, I dont have time to teach you a lesson.

Youre going to be presented to the great Young Master Weilun.

If you dare to treat Young Master Weilun with such an attitude later, you can wait for death!”

“Lets go, bring her to Young Master Weilun!”


“Who is it”

“Young Master Weilun, its me, Quillon.”


Quillon brought Emily in with his subordinates.

At that moment, Geng Weilun was wearing his VR goggles and skiing in the virtual world.

They had to wait for a full 20 minutes before Geng Weilun took off his goggles.

Quillon hurried forward and said, “Young Master Weilun, I know that you have taken a fancy to Jordans sister-in-law, so I sent someone to bring Emily Clarke here.


Geng Weilun looked in the direction of the door.

There was indeed a pure and lovely young lady!

Initially, Geng Weilun thought that Emily was too plump from the photos.

However, on closer inspection, he realized that her curves were sexy in real life.

“Yes, not bad, not bad at all.

But whats wrong with you Why did you bring Emily here Didnt you hear what my mother said” Geng Weilun reprimanded Quillon.

Quillon said, “Young Master, Madam Geng dotes on Jordan too much.

Shes even willing to ignore your preferences for him.

I think that as a member of the Geng family, he should take the initiative to offer you whatever you like.

He has no right to reject you!”

Geng Weilun was also displeased that Jordan had rejected him.

He wasnt even asking for Lauren or Victoria.

What right did he have to reject him It was his sister-in-laws honor that he had taken a fancy to her!

“Youre right.

I dont have to care what a subordinate thinks!”

With that, Geng Weilun walked toward Emily.

Quillon hurriedly reminded him, “Young Master, this wild girl has a very stubborn temper.

She might not be too willing.

Why dont we give her some medicine to make her more obedient”

Geng Weilun was incensed.

“B*stard, who do I think I am Do I need to use such despicable methods to get a woman”

Geng Weilun had always been arrogant.

He firmly believed that he was the most respected person in the world.

In the future, he would be the ruler of the world.

Therefore, he would never use despicable methods to get someone.

If Geng Weilun liked a woman and that woman didnt reciprocate, he would just kill her!

With a smile on his face, Geng Weilun walked toward Emily and said gently, “Hello, beautiful Ms.


Unexpectedly, Emily didnt treat him like she did with Quillon.

Instead, she looked at him with admiration.

“Ah, youre so handsome.

Are you the one who kidnapped me”

Quillon was shocked.

Emily called Geng Weilun handsome

Why was her attitude towards Quillon so bad just now

Was Quillon not as handsome as Geng Weilun

This made him very unhappy!

Geng Weilun was very happy to be praised.

“Im sorry, sweetheart.

I wasnt the one who kidnapped you.

It was my subordinate who acted on his own accord.

Did it scare you”

Emily said, “They were so scary and fierce! Moreover, this person wanted to molest me just now.”

Quillon was terrified.

“Young Master, dont listen to her nonsense.

I… I definitely didnt!”


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