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The Camdens all had a sudden epiphany.


They finally understood Dianas purpose in doing that!


In the past three years, Jordan had spent the most time with Lucky.


Lucky was the only living being of the Camden family who wouldnt look down on Jordan.


They could all tell the strong bond Jordan shared with Lucky from their interaction during Jordans previous visit.


Diana knew that Lucky was the only reason Jordan would be willing to revisit the Camdens!


Others, including herself, did not matter as much as Lucky!


It was already three in the morning, but it was still pouring heavily.


However, it was a sleepless night for the Camdens tonight.


Tyler couldnt fall asleep either, but it wasnt because of insomnia but because he had to obey his mothers instructions and work hard to make a baby with a stranger.



At half-past seven in the following morning.


Jordan had just gotten into his car and was ready to head to the office when he suddenly got a call from Drew.


“Whats the matter” Jordan asked.


Drew chuckled and said, “Jordan, you sound energetic.

You must be up and awake.

I was worried that I might disturb you from resting by calling you so early in the morning!”


“Whats the matter Just say so directly,” Jordan said with great impatience.


He knew that Drew knew how to behave himself nowadays and wouldnt call Jordan randomly to create trouble for him.


Drew said, “Heres the thing, Jordan.

A flower pot fell onto Grandmas poodle, Lucky, and now its paw is fractured.

Its really pitiful.

It hasnt eaten for a day!”


“Grandma said that it would be willing to eat only if youre the one feeding it.

Can you make a trip here to Grandmas”


Jordan could tell that the Camdens just wanted Jordan to go back to their place.


He wasnt sure if Lucky was injured or not.


Even if it was hurt, it wouldnt have been so coincidental that it happened after he revealed his identity.

Thus, he knew it was likely that they had deliberately hurt Lucky!


Exasperated, Jordan questioned, “Did you people deliberately injure Lucky just to lure me there”


Drew frantically said, “How is that possible, Jordan! Lucky is Grandmas baby.

We wouldnt dare to hurt it.”


Jordan humphed coldly and exclaimed, “Thatd better be the case!”


“After I get off from work this afternoon, Ill head straight to your grandmothers place.

Tell your grandmother that Im taking Lucky away! She is free to name her price.”


Lucky was the only belonging of the Camdens that Jordan wanted the most.


After three years of companionship in the past, Jordan and Lucky were indeed quite reliant and attached to each other.


Drew was elated.

“Yes, yes, yes, well prepare lunch and wait for you.

See you tonight, Jordan!”


After a while, Jordan arrived at the office, where he saw someone who wanted to meet him.


It was Rosie Huxley, Tylers mother.


Rosie was now dressed in a presentable business outfit.

When she saw Jordan, she immediately smiled and said, “Mr.

Steele, I dont know if you have the time now, but Id like to have a talk with you.”


Jordan knew what she wanted to talk to him about.

She undoubtedly wanted to plead with Jordan and ask him to let Tyler off.


Regardless of whether what Hailey said yesterday was true or not, Tyler had indeed harbored designs on Jordans wife and thus brought it upon himself!


Jordans plan for revenge on Tyler hadnt ended yet!


Hence, he didnt want to talk to Rosie about that matter.


“Im very busy.”


Jordan answered indifferently and then headed straight to the CEOs office.


“I shall wait for you in the meeting room then.


Steele, when youre free, I hope you can find me some time.”


Rosie chased after Jordan and asked.


Jordan did not answer or chase him away.


Jordan had a good impression of Rosie.

Although she was also married to a wealthy man, she was much more polite and elegant than Sylvie.


That may also be because Rosie was born to a wealthy family too.


Jordan naturally wouldnt be busy for the entire day.

However, he chose to make Rosie wait for the entire day.


Apart from drinking some water, Rosie didnt eat anything in Jordans office and was waiting for him.


However, Jordan still did not give her a chance.


At five oclock in the afternoon, Jordan left the office and asked his driver to take him to the lakeside villa where Diana was.


That villa could be said to be the place that Jordan was the most familiar within Jordan.


For the past three years, he had traveled almost every day between the apartment that he and Hailey lived in and Dianas villa.


He drove the Audi that Hailey had given him out of charity!


Every time he went to the villa, Jordan would seem to lose his presence.

After he drove to the entrance, no one came out.


Even if one of the Camdens happened to be at the door by coincidence, they wouldnt bother looking at him or even take the initiative to greet him.


Even if Jordan took the initiative to greet them, they would ignore him.


Jordan had tried very hard to get along with the Camdens.

He tried talking to Drew about NBA stars, tried complimenting Elle on the beautiful clothes she wore, and even tried giving Sylvie and Benedict some gifts.


However, his efforts were all futile!


They would ignore him every single time!


However, today…


When Jordan reached the villa entrance in his Maybach, all the Camdens were standing at the gate to receive him!


The eighty-year-old Diana included!


“A bunch of snobs!”


Jordan didnt feel smug or elated when he saw that.


He was disgusted by how materialistic they were!


After the car stopped, the chauffeur alighted and got ready to open the door for Jordan.


However, Drew jumped ahead and said, “Let me do it, let me do it!”


After opening the door of the backseat, Drew smiled and said, “Jordan, youre here.

Please come in.”


Jordan did not pay attention to Drew, just like Drew ignored him in the past three years!


Sylvie was the second to run over.

She grabbed a piece of tissue paper and wiped Jordans face with it.

“Ah, Jordan, you must be tired after a day of hard work, huh Look, youre already sweating.”


Jordan reached out and pushed Sylvie away to prevent her from touching him.


Benedict smiled and said respectfully, “Mr.



Herman knew very well what he should do too.

He seemed to have forgotten the grudge he bore against Jordan and walked towards him to greet him.


Steele, youre really impressive.

The way you walk is mightier than Mr.



Unlike in the past, Elle was now gazing at Jordan with adoration instead of disdain.

She had dolled herself up and donned a preppy outfit.

She then walked towards Jordan and handed him an exquisite envelope.


“I wrote a poem, and Id like to give it to you.”


Jordan did not take the envelope.

He wondered what had gotten into Elle, who usually wasnt a fan of poetry and classic songs.


However, given his understanding of Elle over the past few years, she didnt have the literary skills to come up with anything impressive.


“Jordan, youre here.”


Diana said to Jordan gently with a smile.


Jordan humphed coldly in disdain.

It indeed wasnt easy to make Diana swallow her pride and stoop so low!


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