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Jordan stood up from his seat in shock.

“Why is Emily with Geng Weilun! Did he kidnap her”

Yesterday, Jordan refused to offer Emily to Geng Weilun.

However, Geng Weilun was clearly attracted by Emilys innocence and beauty.

Perhaps he had secretly sent someone to kidnap her!

“Damn it, Geng Weilun.

If you dare touch her, even your mother wont be able to protect you!”

Jordan rushed out of the room anxiously.

He quickly walked towards Geng Weiluns wing of the huge residence.

On the way, he met Quillon among some flowerbeds.

Quillon had deliberately hung around the area to bump into Jordan.

When he saw him, he immediately went forward.

“Jordan, I have something to tell you.


Jordan glanced at Quillon.

“Go away.

I dont have time to talk nonsense with you now.”

Quillon wanted to tell him about Emily and provoke him into action.

How could he let him leave just like that With that, he grabbed Jordans sleeve, wanting to pull him back.

“F*ck you!”

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Jordan suddenly swung his arm, causing Quillon to fall to the ground.

Quillon knew that Jordans body was very strong after being injected with the Mirakuru serum.

An ordinary person like Quillon, who didnt have any combat experience, could never stop Jordan.

However, Quillon only wanted to tell Jordan a piece of information.

He could just use words.

Before Jordan got too far away, Quillon quickly shouted out, “Jordan! Dont leave yet! Let me tell you a piece of good news.

Your beautiful sister-in-law, Emily, is currently having a romantic time with Young Master Weilun in his room.

Hahaha, guess what positions they will use”

Jordan wanted to hurry over to Geng Weiluns place as soon as possible and not be delayed by Quillon.

However, Jordan stopped in his tracks when he heard Quillons words.

Jordan turned around and grabbed Quillon.

“Why is Emily here Who kidnapped her and brought her here Was it you, you b*stard!”

Quillon didnt like being manhandled by Jordan.

He tried his best to break free, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldnt break free from Jordans grip.

Even so, Quillon remained very arrogant.

“Thats right.

I was the one who sent someone to bring Emily here to present her to Young Master Weilun.

Tsk tsk tsk, your beloved sister-in-law is being played by Young Master Weilun now.

Does your heart ache Its useless to feel heartache.

As servants, we have to sacrifice everything to make our master happy.

Jordan, are you used to being a young master Have you not learned how to be a servant Then you have to learn from me.”

Jordan was furious and punched him.

“Ill learn f*ck all from you!”

“Ah… you… you… how dare you hit me… Im Madam Gengs man.

She likes my face the most.

How dare you hurt my face…”

Quillons blood flowed as he shouted.

Jordans punch had basically rearranged his face.

Jordan was filled with rage.

He had already seen the vision of Geng Weilun hugging Emily.

He treated Emily as family and would never allow anyone to hurt her.

But today, Emily had come to harm because of Quillon!

How could Jordan let him off!

Jordan grabbed Quillons neck and there was a cracking sound.

He killed Quillon on the spot!

Quillons eyes were filled with shock and disbelief.

He had not believed that Jordan would dare to kill him just like that.

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Killing Madam Gengs gigolo at her own home.

“Anyone who offends the Deity will die!”

Jordan glanced at Quillon and didnt say anything else.

He quickly hurried to Geng Weiluns room.

“Where does Geng Weilun live Take me to him!”

As soon as he reached another wing of the residence decorated in a different style, Jordan saw Geng Weiluns subordinates and shouted at them.

A man stopped Jordan.

“You cant enter Young Master Weiluns room!”

“Get lost!”

Jordan didnt care about Geng Weiluns status.

Whoever bullied Emily would die!

Jordan pushed the door open and rushed in.

The subordinates followed him in.

However, after entering, everyone was surprised because there was no one inside.

A maid walked over.

“Young Master Weilun and a Caucasian have already come out of their room.

Didnt you see them”

Jordan hurriedly asked, “Where did Geng Weilun bring that girl”

The maid said, “They went to another room.

But Young Master Weilun didnt bring her.

She was the one leading him.”

Jordan: “”

At this moment, in a colorful and unique room.

Emily and Geng Weilun were in the room.

As soon as Emily entered, she looked around the room like she was searching for something.

Geng Weilun looked at Emilys charming back profile.


Emily, well rest in this room.

How about that”

Emily looked around and shook her head.

“No, lets change rooms.”

Geng Weilun was exasperated.

“Change again Youve already requested to change rooms 17 times! How many more rooms do you need to see before youre done Its just a place to sleep.

Do you have to be so picky!”

Emily pouted coquettishly.

“I want to choose a room I like to serve you properly, Mr.


Lets change to another room.”

Geng Weilun had already lost all his patience after being tormented by Emily.

His interest in her was almost gone.

He said angrily, “What other room do you want to go to”

Emily thought for a moment and said, “Why dont we go to your mothers room”

Geng Weilun was dumbstruck.

“Are you crazy! How can I let you enter my mothers room! Its even more impossible for us to fool around in there! Besides, Jordan is still there.

Emily, youve created so much fuss.

Are you trying to find Jordan for help”

Emily smiled.

“What for Why would I ask him for help I dont need his help.”

Geng Weilun laughed.

“You dont need his help Hehe, I dont think so.

Youre a weak woman.

If you want to resist me, how will you do it without his help For example, if I force myself on you now, can you stop me”

Emily gave a strange smile.

“You can try.”

In Geng Weiluns eyes, her strange smile looked provocative.

Geng Weilun pounced on her and hugged her from behind.

“Yes, little baby, stop running around.

Lets have fun in this room, haha.”

Geng Weilun thought that he was about to succeed, but he did not notice Emilys calm and disdainful expression.

In the next second, she gently raised her right hand and was about to make a move on Geng Weilun.

But a familiar voice came from outside.

“Let go of her!”


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