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As Geng Xiqing approached, the smell of Miss Dior Sweetheart perfume wafted over.

Hailey liked this scent a few years ago, so Jordan was familiar with this perfume.

And the current Geng Xiqing was indeed similar to the Hailey from a few years ago.

They were similar in terms of age and bearing.

This did not matter.

Instead, Jordan was just worried that this girl would like him as much as Hailey did.

Geng Xiqing walked up to Jordan angrily and said with a resentful expression, “Jordan, I didnt expect you to be such a hypocritical and dirty person! I misjudged you! I thought you were the most courageous man in the eight great families!”

The story of Jordan fighting against the seven families alone had definitely roused Geng Xiqings admiration.

Jordan looked innocent.

“How am I hypocritical How am I dirty”

Geng Xiqing said angrily, “You said that you dont like young girls and like mature women, but you took advantage of your young sister-in-law You drugged her and had sex with her.

Arent you hypocritical Arent you dirty Hmph, you clearly like young girls like us, but you dont dare to admit it.

You are clearly lying to get my mothers protection.

Youre so hypocritical!”

Jordan was speechless.

“Did your brother tell you that He doesnt understand anything and just spouted nonsense.

Its not what you think.”

Geng Xiqing crossed her arms and asked proudly, “Alright, tell me what happened.

Also, what kind of girl do you like Hows your relationship with your two wives Tell me the truth!”

Although Jordan wanted to tell her, he was put off by her arrogant attitude.

It was as if she was the master asking a servant a question.

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Jordan was a Deity.

Why did he have to explain to her


Why should I tell you anything!” Jordan did not intend to tell her.


Geng Xiqing was about to flare up when Shaun suddenly looked at her with a wicked smile and asked gently, “Youre Madam Gengs daughter, Geng Xiqing, right”

Geng Xiqing didnt even look at “Emily”.

She said coldly, “Youre not from the eight great families.

You have no right to talk to me.”

As the daughter of the Geng family, Geng Xiqing was very arrogant.

She did not treat children from ordinary families as normal people.

In their eyes, the people born in the eight great families were at the top of the pyramid.

The others were at the bottom and belonged to the lower class.

Shaun naturally wouldnt be angry over such a small matter.

He turned to look at Jordan.

“Jordan, is this the Ms.

Geng Xiqing you have a crush on”

Hearing this, Geng Xiqings arrogant body tensed up and her face turned slightly red.

Jordan knew that Shaun was up to no good again.

He hurriedly said, “Sha… Emily, stop fooling around! When did I have a crush on her”

Shaun smiled.

“You just told me that you met a girl called Geng.

Shes especially beautiful and cute.

You even said that if she wasnt Madam Gengs daughter, you would have slept with her!”

“You b*stard!”

Jordan was furious.

He grabbed “Shauns” arm and wanted to hit him.

When Geng Xiqing saw this, she quickly stepped forward to smack Jordans hand.

“Jordan, how could you hit a girl! Moreover, she didnt do anything wrong.

She just revealed your dirty thoughts! Youre not allowed to hit her.

I like her courage!”

Geng Xiqing stood in front of “Emily” to protect her.

Shaun hurriedly pretended to be afraid and hugged her.

“Xiqing, Im so scared.

I just wanted to let you know the truth, but Jordan hit me.”

Jordan was speechless when he saw this.

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This wretched Shaun actually took this opportunity to take advantage of Geng Xiqing! But Geng Xiqing didnt feel like she was being taken advantage of at all.

She even treated “Emily” as her sister and protected her.

Geng Xiqing said, “Alright, Jordan.

You actually want to sleep with me.

Ill go tell my mother now.


With that, Geng Xiqing walked out.

She thought that Jordan would chase after her in fear and beg her not to tell Madam Geng.

But he didnt.

“Strange, why didnt Jordan follow me”

Geng Xiqing really went to the laboratory to find Geng Anli.

“Xiqing, what are you doing here”

Geng Anli was puzzled when she saw Geng Xiqing.

Geng Xiqing played with her hair like a young girl in love, looking a little shy.

“Uh, I missed you, so I came over to see you.”

She had no intention of telling her mother that Jordan liked her.

However, at this moment, a subordinate suddenly stepped forward and reported, “Madam, Jordan has just left by plane.”

When Geng Xiqing heard this, she immediately became agitated.

“What He left How could this baddie leave just like that Mom, quickly get someone to stop him! Hes only served you for a day.

How is that enough!”

On the other hand, Geng Anli was calm.

She said, “He called me just now and told me about this.

Weilun captured Emily.

So Jordan is displeased and wants to send her back.

Xiqing, you have to remind your brother not to provoke Jordan again.

Fortunately, nothing happened today.

If your brother really slept with Emily…”

Geng Xiqing snorted.

“So what if she slept with him Weilun is from a secret family, and Emily is just a commoner.

Its her blessing that my brother likes her.

Besides, Jordan is just a servant of our family.

What can he do Does he dare to mess around in our territory”

Geng Anli stroked Geng Xiqings short hair and smiled.

“Child, you underestimate Jordans ability.

If he was really angry, we would have to detonate all the paper in this room just to stop him.”

The two of them looked at the endless sheets of white paper in the laboratory.

Soon, these were transported to an unmanned truck.

One of his subordinates asked, “Madam, for this batch, are we still sending the highest number to China, second to the US and third to England”

Geng Anli thought for a moment.

“Weve already delivered a lot to the US.

Lets not arrange a delivery to them for this batch.”


A small, remote town in the US.

After Jordan settled Emily down, he returned to continue his research on the mind-transplant procedure for Shaun.

Shaun led his men to the entrance of the mountain to welcome Jordan.

“Greetings, Deity!”

As soon as Jordan arrived, Shauns subordinates shouted and knelt down in unison, giving him a welcome fit for a god.

Shaun also walked over with his arms around a beauty.

“Deity Jordan, weve been waiting for a long time.

I hope you can be faithful this time and not run amok until we succeed in our research.

What do you think”


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