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Jordan said, “Shaun, Im not your tool.

Im not a machine that works endlessly.

Even if the progress has reached 99%, no one can stop me if I want to leave!”

Paris Gildon had a sweet appearance and a gentle voice.

She held Shauns hand and said, “Master Shaun, Deity Jordan has worked so hard these past three months.

Hes been doing research here every day.

Let him go home and take care of his child.

Let him relax a little.”

Shaun also knew that he could not offend Jordan at the critical moment.

Therefore, Shaun softened his tone and smiled.

“Paris is right.

Deity Jordan, you havent seen your child for so long.

You should go back and visit him.

Ill get someone to send you over!”

“No need! I can take the plane myself!”

Jordan glared at Shaun and turned to leave.

When he arrived in Hawaii, Jordan first went to the Begonia Bay Villa District where Hailey was staying.

This was a holiday resort.

There were hundreds of villas here, and the environment was very good.

When Jordan first went to Begonia Bay to settle Hailey and her family there, he secretly bought the villa next to Haileys.

He gathered Dragon and the Steele family research team to secretly settle there.

“Hubby, youre finally here to see us! Look at our baby.

Hes grown so much.

Look, his hair has grown longer.

Baby, say Daddy.”

Hailey happily went to Jordan, carrying their one-year-old baby.

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Jordan took the child and was very happy.

He thought to himself:Child, youre living a miserable life now.

I dont dare to let you travel around.

I swear that when you grow up, you can go anywhere in the world.

No one will dare to stop you!

For the sake of the childs health and safety, Jordan ordered Hailey to stay in the vicinity of the villa and not come into contact with strangers.

Jordan said to Hailey, “From today onwards, I want to stay here.

Prepare a room for me.”

Jordan knew that Shaun must be secretly monitoring him.

Therefore, he could not stay in the same place as the research team, lest Shaun discovered his plan.

It was very reasonable for Jordan to stay in Haileys villa and would provide a cover.

Of course, Hailey was very happy.

“Really Thats great.

Theres no need to prepare a room.

We can just stay in the same room.”

Jordan snorted.

“Stay in the same room Have you forgotten what I said Were not husband and wife, and youre no longer my woman.

If we stay together, what will Lauren and Victoria think”

Hailey said indignantly, “Lauren has been locked up for so long.

I dont know what she looks like now.

Shes definitely not as beautiful as me.

As for Victoria, hehe, Hubby, theres something I dont know if I should tell you!”

Jordan retorted.

“I dont want to hear anything from your mouth.

Stop talking.”

Hailey stomped her feet in anger, but she did not dare to provoke Jordan.

That night, while everyone was asleep and the lights in the villa were turned off, Jordan put on his Invisibility Cloak and quietly went to the villa next door.

The invisibility cloak was to prevent Shaun from discovering him.

“Greetings, Master!”

“Greetings, Master!”

When Dragon and the scientists saw Jordan appear out of thin air, they all knelt down as if they were greeting a god.

Jordan nodded at everyone and gestured for them to get up.

“Everyone, I believe everyone knows that Im helping that demon Shaun develop his mind-transplant procedure.

I have to admit that Shauns research team is very strong.

With our nearly half a year of cooperation, the mind-transplant procedure has been progressing rapidly.

Now, development has already reached 90%.

Im afraid it will only take another couple of days for the research to be completed!”

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The scientists all exclaimed.

These were all outstanding talents in the top academic circles.

They had some understanding of things like mind-transplant and felt that this was a great breakthrough invention for mankind.

“Master is still the powerful one.

Shaun failed to have any breakthrough in his research for decades.

Master only helped them for a few months and they finally succeeded.

However, this kind of surgery is too terrifying.

In addition, Shaun has evil intentions.

I believe that after the mind-transplant procedure succeeds, there will be endless trouble!”

Jordan nodded.

“Youre right.

I dont want to commit this sin against all of mankind either.

I definitely cant let Shaun do whatever he wants.

He can casually swap minds with others and trample on their dignity and bodies.

Therefore, Ive decided to tamper with the stabilizer used in the mind-transplant procedure to control Shaun.”

When everyone heard this, they started discussing it.

“Its not difficult to add something like poison.

Were all elite experts here and can make it very quickly.

The difficult thing is not to be discovered by Shauns team.”

“Thats right.

Ive interacted with the researchers from Shauns team.

They are all top-notch talents.

They will definitely check carefully to ensure that there are no mistakes before administering anything.”

“Not only that, even if we can deceive his team, we still have to make this poison fuse with the stabilizer.

Its best if its effects are delayed.

If the test subject dies immediately after being injected, Shaun would never inject it into himself.”

Jordan nodded.

“Thats right.

Before Shaun undergoes the mind-transplant procedure, he will definitely test it on at least 10 other people first.

He will only do it after ensuring that there are no adverse risks.

Everyone, we have to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Moreover, we have to hurry.

Shaun is impatient and wont give us much time.”

“Yes, Master!”

Just like that, a month passed.

Ring ring.

At nine in the morning, Jordans phone rang.

It was Shaun.

During the month in Hawaii, Shaun called Jordan almost every morning.

In the first few days, he called to say hello and even pretended to assure Jordan that there was no need to rush back, that Jordan could stay in Hawaii a little longer to play with his child.

A week later, Shaun started asking when Jordan would be back.

And more recently, he had been urging Jordan like crazy to come back.


Jordan picked up the call.

If Lauren wasnt in Shauns hands, he wouldnt have picked up.

“Deity Jordan, its time to come back! Everyone is waiting for you! You have accompanied your child for a whole month.

Arent you tired of seeing him Come back and see me! Im so miserable!”

Jordan replied, “Why should I go back to see you Youre not my son!”

Shaun immediately shouted, “Daddy! Daddy Jordan! Can I acknowledge you as my father! Please come and see your poor son!”

Shaun was willing to throw away his dignity for his mind-transplant procedure.

It was no wonder he was in such a hurry.

There was only one last step before the mind-transplant procedure was successful.

He had been looking forward to it for decades.

Just as he was about to succeed, Jordan abandoned the work and ran away.

Who wouldnt be anxious

Jordan replied, “How ugly must the woman be to bear a child like you! Dont bother me! Ill go back when I am ready!”


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