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Shaun began to suspect Jordans motives.

Why did Jordan refuse to quickly finish up the mind-transplant procedure, and instead chose to come here to see his son at this critical time And he stayed for a month

Didnt he want Lauren to leave that lonely, dark house as soon as possible

“No, I have to know what Jordan is doing in the villa!”

Shaun felt very uneasy.

He had to know Jordans movements in the villa!

Apart from Jordan, Jenny was also in the villa.

“If I can possess Jenny, I can come into contact with Jordan.”

Shaun wanted to control Jenny himself, but on second thought, she was not an important woman to Jordan.

He did not like her at all.

In fact, Jenny was even worse than Hailey.

At the very least, Hailey knew the secrets of the eight major families.

Jenny didnt know anything at all.

Therefore, even if Jordan had a secret plan, he would not tell Jenny.

In addition, Jordan had already seen Shauns ability to possess people many times.

He would be able to instantly recognize the ancient accessories that were used to control someone.

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Moreover, Jordan was a Deity.

It was not easy to deceive him.

It was better to get Lauren to control Jenny.

He could make use of Lauren to monitor Jordans movements!

Shaun immediately picked up the phone and called the subordinate guarding Lauren.

A small, remote town in the US.



Lauren, is it convenient to come in”

One of Shauns subordinates knocked on the wooden door.

Shaun had instructed him to treat Lauren with extreme respect.

It was necessary to knock before entering.

What if she was changing her clothes and it was not a good time If these subordinates offended Lauren, Jordan would definitely blame Shaun for it.

When Lauren heard the knock on the door, she excitedly ran to open it.

A ray of sunlight shone on Laurens face.

She used to be the number one beauty in the capital.

In the entire country, only Hailey could compare to her in terms of looks.

But now, under the sunlight, her narrowed eyes and messy hair made her look rather drab.

At this moment, she was probably not even as good-looking as Jenny.

Lauren had been locked up in this house for half a year.

She had been able to tolerate it for the first month or two.

She thought of Jordan every day and waited for him to save her.

Although she was alone in the house, she followed a consistent schedule.

Waking up, washing up, eating and going to bed at regular times.

But as time passed, she couldnt bear it anymore.

She gradually started to let her imagination run wild.

She wondered if Jordan was unable to save her if he would stop loving her, and if he would forget about her.

Was she never going to get out of this place

Therefore, she became increasingly passive.

Sometimes, she didnt wash her face for an entire day.

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Shaun had prepared enough expensive cosmetics and facial masks to last her a few years, but she didnt touch them at all.

No matter how beautiful she looked, what was the use What was the use of washing herself and primping every day

No one was looking at her at all!

Lauren opened the door and saw Shauns subordinate.

She grabbed his arm and asked, “Has my husband saved me Can I leave now”

Shauns subordinate shook his head.


Lauren, its Master Shaun on the phone.

Please answer it.”

His subordinate handed the phone to Lauren.



Lauren, how have you been” Shaun gave a wicked smile.

Lauren begged on the phone, “Mr.

Handley, please let me out.

I really cant take it anymore.

If I stay any longer, Ill really die!”

Shaun didnt have an ounce of mercy in him.

He just smiled and said, “Ms.

Lauren, we agreed previously that I will let you go after your husband helps me develop the mind-transplant procedure.

We have to abide by the agreement.

Your husband had already completed 90% of the research.

He could have finished up our little project a month ago and saved you.

“But for some reason, he suddenly wanted to go to Hawaii to accompany Hailey and their child.

Oh, Jenny is also there now.

Hehe, the Camden sisters have good figures and looks.

Jordan must have been enjoying himself with them so much that he seems to have completely forgotten about you.

Otherwise, why didnt he just finish up the research in one go and rescue you Why did he insist on making you suffer for another month Dont you think so”

When Lauren heard this, tears streamed down her face uncontrollably.

This strong girl from the capital had been tortured by Shaun until she had lost nearly all her willpower.

Hearing Laurens sobs, Shaun continued with a smile.

“Actually, theres only one last step to complete the mind-transplant procedure.

Without Jordan, our research team will still be able to complete it in a few years.

Ive already waited for decades.

Its not like I need Jordan at this stage! However, if Jordan doesnt help me finish this last step, I wont let you go!

“Now, Ill give you a chance.

Control Jenny and use her body to talk to Jordan.

Tell him what I think and ask him if he still wants to save you.

If he doesnt, Ill go back immediately and rape you! Ill make you my woman! Tell him that its just a few more years until completion.

Im not worried even if he doesnt help me anymore!”

After hanging up, Shaun immediately ordered someone to make a move on Jenny.

Jenny was currently locked up in the villa.

Moreover, Jordans subordinates were outside the villa, and Jordan himself was inside.

It would not be easy to reach Jenny.

However, this was still not a problem for Shaun.

He used a cat to solve this problem.

Half an hour later, Jenny, who had fallen asleep in the washroom, slowly woke up.

At this moment, she had already become Lauren.

Lauren slowly got up and looked around.

This was not the first time she had controlled others.

Previously, she had controlled Madam Park Anya and Hailey.

Right now, she didnt feel as excited about this new skill as the previous two times.

She just wanted to go out and breathe fresh air!


Lauren knew that Jordan was in this villa.

She quickly ran out of the washroom to look for him.

“Hubby! Hubby! Hubby, where are you”

Lauren finally found Jordan downstairs.

She happily bounced over.

Jordan pushed her away.

“Jenny, didnt you hear what I said! If you disturb me again, dont blame me for being rude!”

Lauren said with teary eyes, “Hubby, Im Lauren, not Jenny.”

Only then did Jordan notice the ancient accessories on Jenny.

Lauren had done this a few times before, so Jordan did not doubt it.

“Honey, why are you here” Jordan asked.

Lauren suddenly knelt down in front of Jordan!


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