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Lauren was overjoyed.


Jordan nodded.

Lauren happily kissed Jordan.

Jordan was momentarily taken aback.

He still found it a little strange to be kissed by “Jenny”.

He had once sworn that he would never touch Hailey and Jenny again.

In the end, because of Lauren, he got intimate with them again.

It was really difficult to go against fate!

Looking at Jennys voluptuous figure, it was impossible for Jordan to remain indifferent.

How many men in the entire country wanted to have this woman

Celebrities were always held in higher esteem than ordinary women.

They easily aroused a mans desire to conquer them!

Jordan said, “Lauren, if you want…”

Lauren seemed to have guessed Jordans thoughts.

She immediately said, “Of course I want to, but I dont want to use Jennys body to be intimate with you.

Previously, I used Park Anya and Haileys bodies.

Now that Im about to be freed.

I want to be intimate with you using my own body!”

Jordan grinned.

“Yes, very soon.

Believe me.

Ill call Shaun now and ask him to pick me up.

What are you going to do Are you going to disconnect from Jenny now”


Lauren said, “Although I want to stay with you for a while longer, Jenny doesnt know anything about the eight great families, much less about you and Shaun.

Its better not to implicate her.”

Actually, Lauren could continue to control Jenny and accompany Jordan back to the small, remote town.

However, Lauren was a kind-hearted woman.

She was worried that Jenny would come to a bad end if she fell into Shauns hands.


Jordan did not say anything else and immediately called Shaun.

Shaun had just fallen asleep.

When he heard the phone ring, he was very frustrated.

“Damn it, which b*stard is calling so late at night!”

He definitely did not expect it to be Jordan.

Jordan had always ignored his calls.


Seeing the caller ID, Shaun leaped up from the bed.


“Shaun, come and pick me up now with a plane!”

Shaun was stunned.

“Youre willing to come back Hahaha, thats great.

Wait for me.

Ill come to Hawaii.

Ill pick you up personally!”

Shaun was extremely excited.

He immediately got someone to fly the plane over to Jordans villa.

His men also chased away those reporters and fans.

Hearing the sound of a plane outside, Jordan prepared to leave.

By now, Lauren had already disconnected from Jenny, who was sleeping soundly on the bed.

Looking at Jenny, Jordan couldnt help but worry for this little girl.

After all, all the men in the country had seen her explicit photos.

In the future, no matter where she went, she would be pointed at and scorned.

Her career in the entertainment industry was practically ruined.

Jordan did not intend to use his power to save her.

However, he left a note for Jenny.

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“Work hard to improve your acting skills.

Practice your singing and dancing.

Once you produce something good, others will forget what happened today.

If you dont have anything, people will forever only associate you with those photos.”

Jennys situation was similar to that of several female celebrities in the entertainment industry.

These female celebrities were just competing to see who was prettier, had a better figure and wore nicer clothes.

No one wanted to improve their acting or singing skills, and no one cared if they produced any good work.

As long as one was trending, she could earn money and become an A-list celebrity.

She could be famous for being famous.

Jordan had always been disgusted by this strange state of affairs.

If Jenny was willing to change in the future, to improve her acting and singing skills, instead of only focusing on her looks, she would have a chance.

It would only be then that Jordan would arrange a suitable opportunity for her to make a comeback and regain her current popularity, or even surpass it!

After finishing up the note, Jordan emerged from the villa and went to the plane.

“Hahaha, Deity Jordan, Ive been waiting for you.

Please come in.”

Shaun was overjoyed and invited Jordan to board the plane.

The first thing Jordan did after boarding the plane was to punch Shaun!


Shaun was completely caught off guard and took the punch head-on.

His head hit the wall of the plane.

“How dare you be so rude to Master Shaun!”

When Shauns subordinates saw this, they took out their guns and aimed them at Jordan.

Jordan did not care at all.

He knew that these subordinates would not dare to attack without Shauns orders.

“Shaun, I heard that you want to rape my wife!”

Even after being punched, Shaun didnt dare to be angry.

He smiled.

“I was just joking.

I just wanted Ms.

Lauren to convince you to come back.

Would I dare to touch the wife of a Deity”

Jordan was still livid.

“Shaun, its fine if you dont let my wife use her phone for the past six months, but you didnt even let her read a book.

You caused her to suffer every day.

Now that my wifes mental state has been greatly damaged, I wont let this matter rest!”

Shaun continued smiling.

“Jordan, you cant blame me for this.

You could have saved your wife a month ago, but you insisted on coming to Hawaii to visit your cheating ex-wife and son.

Lauren suffered for another month because of you.

You cant blame me for this!”


Jordan was furious, but he could not tell the truth.

Now, everything was going according to Jordans plan.

Not only could he help Shaun complete the mind-transplant procedure, but he could also control Shaun after he underwent the procedure!

Shaun said, “Alright now, lets not dwell on the past.

The most important thing now is to finish up the last step of the mind-transplant procedure.

I know youre very unwilling to help me, but you have no choice.

Deity Jordan, I think we should be able to complete the final step within a week, right”

Jordan snorted.

“A week”

Shaun looked a little unhappy.

He forced a smile.

“Well, I guess giving you a few more days is fine! Two weeks should be enough, right”

Jordan knew that Shaun couldnt wait to see the success of the mind-transplant procedure.

He said directly, “Ive already solved the remaining problems.

If your subordinates are fast enough, we can complete the mind-transplant procedure within two hours.”

Shaun was stunned.

“What Two… two hours”

Shaun was so excited that he didnt know what to do! He waved his hands and shouted, “Everyone, kneel down and thank Deity Jordan!”


Everyone on the plane, including Shaun, knelt down before Jordan!

They knew that the most amazing technology in the world was about to be born!


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