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The thing that Shaun had been looking forward to for decades had finally been realized.

He was unprecedentedly excited!

Shaun shouted, and his subordinates followed suit.

“Deity Jordan is mighty!”

“Deity Jordan is mighty!”

“Deity Jordan is awesome!”

“Deity Jordan is awesome!”

“Deity Jordans name will last forever!”

“Deity Jordans name will last forever!”

Everyone shouted in unison.

They were full of vigor as they praised Jordan.

Shaun stood up and laughed loudly.

“I didnt call you Daddy for nothing! Deity Jordans benevolence to me is really like that of a parent!”


Shaun was a demon.

With such terrifying technology in his hands, the world would suffer!

Jordan said coldly, “I hope that after I help you complete it, you will release my wife as promised.

I dont want anything to happen again.

Otherwise, be prepared to accept the wrath of the gods!”

He was very worried that once he helped Shaun, the man would no longer be useful to him and he would refuse to let Lauren go.

Shaun smiled.

“Deity Jordan, youre overthinking things.

Ill call my subordinates to move Ms.

Lauren to the villa at the top of the mountain and let her take a shower, have a massage, drink red wine and listen to music.

Then, Ill invite the best makeup artist and stylist in the US to dress her up.

I guarantee that when you two meet again, she will still be radiant, haha!”

Shaun called his subordinates and arranged everything.

The plane accelerated and soon arrived at the small town.

After Jordan returned to the research lab, he immediately started the rest of the work and added the remote control factor to the stabilizer.

The ingredients needed for the stabilizer were extremely rare.

Basically, the entire worlds supply was all here, and could not be found elsewhere.

As a result, Jordan could be sure that whichever stabilizer Shaun used during the mind-transplant procedure, would be one that he had already tampered with.

Soon, in less than two hours, all the problems regarding the mind-transplant procedure were resolved.

One of Shauns doctors said excitedly to him, “Master, theoretically speaking, theres no problem with the mind-transplant procedure.

We can test it on human subjects now!”

Shaun was delighted.

“Do it immediately!”

Shaun had already prepared two test subjects to switch minds.

Jordan stood at the side and watched the procedure.

Before long, the doctor said excitedly to Shaun, “Master, it worked!”

Shaun and Jordan also saw that the test subject had successfully woken up and could stand, walk and talk.

He was just a little dazed as his mind had yet to completely adapt to his new body.

However, as time passed and he slowly adapted, his mind would be perfectly compatible with his new body.

“Hahahaha, it worked.

The procedure that Ive been developing for half my life has finally been accomplished! Rong Bailun, Im going to replace you and dominate the world!”

Shaun raised his arms excitedly and shouted.

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All of Shauns subordinates, including the researchers, knelt on the ground and shouted as well.

“Congratulations, Master! Congratulations, Master! Master will dominate the world!”

How ambitious and terrifying!

Jordan could clearly feel that Shaun was a more terrifying and sinister existence than Rong Bailun.

Once Shaun replaced Rong Bailun and obtained the status and capabilities of the Rong family, this world would probably suffer!

Although Rong Bailun was not a good person and was not friendly to Jordan, he did not interfere much with the current world order even though he had the power to control everything.

But if it were Shaun, he would change the world according to his own preference.

Jordan did not say much.

Anyway, he could control Shaun at any time.

“Shaun, the experiment is successful now.

Let my wife go!”

Shaun turned slightly and looked at Jordan coldly and arrogantly.

This gaze was completely different from the one begging Jordan previously.

His eyes revealed killing intent!

‘Damn it, this b*stard is going back on his word after using me

Jordan was a little flustered, but he maintained his calm expression.

“Shaun! Dont forget that Im the Deity.

Put away your evil thoughts and let my wife go.

Dont forget that Im the Deity.

Ive already predicted that you would do this!”

Jordan was using a very advanced conversation technique to manipulate Shauns thinking.

Shaun had indeed wanted to make things difficult for Jordan, but when he thought about his identity as a Deity, he decided to let it go for the time being.

However, Shauns attitude was still arrogant.

He began to address Jordan by his first name.

“Jordan, youve done well in the past six months, but dont think thats all.

If anything happens in the future, Ill still look for you.”

Jordan said, “Dont worry.

There is a two-year guarantee.

If there are any problems, Ill deal with them.”

Shaun snorted coldly and gestured to his subordinates, ignoring Jordan.

‘Ungrateful fellow.

He is now so rude and cold after using me! He didnt even thank me!

Shaun was indeed a despicable person.

He had been so friendly to Jordan the past six months, that Jordan had nearly forgotten his true nature.

Fortunately, Shaun kept his word and agreed to let Lauren go.

Led by Shauns subordinates, Jordan arrived at the mansion where Lauren was currently at.

Previously, Shaun said that he wanted to hire the best makeup artist and stylist for Lauren.

He allowed her to bathe and listen to music in the mansion.

Laurens living situation should be much better now.

At the door, Shauns subordinate said coldly, “Shes inside.

Go in and find her yourself.”

The subordinate also instructed the guards to go back with him.

It seemed like they were not planning to stop Jordan from bringing Lauren away.

“At least he kept his word!”

Jordan quickly walked into the mansion.

“Honey, Im here! Honey, where are you Im here to pick you up.

We can leave now!”

The mansion was huge.

Jordan called out as he walked around.

When he reached the living room, Jordan suddenly heard Laurens voice.

“Ah! Go away! Help! Dont come over!”

Laurens voice came from the bathroom.

Jordan immediately rushed over!

He saw Lauren taking a bath in the bathtub, and there was a wretched middle-aged man in the bathroom!

The middle-aged man faced Lauren with a wicked smile, completely unaware that Jordan had already arrived at the mansion.

“Hehe, beauty, Master Shaun sent me to give you a full-body massage.

Im the best masseuse in the country.

I flew all the way from Houston.

Come on, baby, dont be shy.

Your husband will take at least half a day to arrive.

Ill help stimulate your blood flow.

I guarantee that youll be beautiful when you finally meet your husband!”


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