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The middle-aged man looked at Lauren and drooled.

As he spoke, he looked like he was about to throw himself into the bathtub.

Lauren was really afraid.

She couldnt do anything now.

If she got up from the bathtub, wouldnt this strange man see her naked body


Lauren closed her eyes and kept splashing water on the middle-aged man.

At this critical moment, Jordan rushed over at lightning speed.

He grabbed the man with both hands and threw him out of the house towards the window.


Jordan was so strong that he threw him out of the house.

The man died on the spot.

“Youre courting death! How dare you touch my wife!”

Jordan was furious.

Not only did he hate this man, but he also despised Shaun for sending such an unscrupulous masseuse to harass Lauren!



When Lauren saw Jordan, she climbed out of the bathtub and pounced on him, her tears flowing non-stop.

“Hubby, is it you Is it really you Am I dreaming Am I looking at you through someone elses body”

The two of them had not seen each other in person for more than half a year.

Although Lauren had “met” with Jordan before, she had only done so through the bodies of others.

Therefore, at this moment, Lauren couldnt tell if this was real or a dream.

Jordan hugged Lauren tightly.

“Its me.

Its really me.

Ive finally seen you.

Youre the real you!”


At long last, Lauren beamed happily.

“Youve lost weight and… you look haggard.

But youre still so beautiful.”

Jordan looked at Lauren.

She did look much worse than half a year ago, making Jordans heart ache.

What had befallen her Lauren had been born in an elite family in the capital and had never suffered before.

But she had just spent six months in suffering.

“Take me out.

I want to leave this place.

I want to go home.”

“Okay.” Jordan pulled Lauren out of the tub.

After she dressed, Jordan immediately boarded a plane with Lauren and flew to the capital.

On the plane, Jordan looked at Laurens thin figure and her fragile side profile.

His heart ached and he blamed himself.

Although he had already said it countless times, Jordan apologized again.

“Im sorry, honey.

Ive caused you so much suffering.

Tell me, how can I make it up to you I will hold myself to the highest standards when making up to you.

I want you to be happy.

I have to make up for the grievances youve suffered in the past six months!”

Jordan promised as he held Laurens hand.

Lauren smiled and gradually returned to her previous elegant self.

“Ive been cooped up in the dark house for the past six months.

Ive been alone every day.

I just want to see people now.

Many people.

I want to go to a crowded and lively place.

Hubby, will you accompany me”

Jordan nodded.

“Of course.

Since you want it to be lively, how about I organize a party for you”

“Alright, call Mom, Dad, Victoria and my friends over.

I want to see people now.

I want to feel a noisy and lively atmosphere!”

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Lauren immediately agreed.

Jordan smiled.

Since he was going to hold a homecoming party, how could it be as simple as just calling over a few relatives and friends

Since Lauren wanted it to be lively and grand, Jordan would organize the liveliest and grandest party of all!

Jordan was going to hold the party of the century!

He wanted to invite all the most famous people in the world to celebrate Laurens return!

Jordan kissed Lauren.

“Honey, go home and rest for the day.

From tomorrow onwards, I will hold a week-long homecoming party for you!”

The next day, a trending topic suddenly appeared online: Capital Airport! When many people saw the trending topic, they thought that something had happened at the capital airport.

Otherwise, why would it be trending

Actually, that wasnt the case.

The capital airport was trending because countless celebrities had appeared there today!

The most famous actors, actresses and musicians in the US all appeared one after another.

Not only that, but international superstars from all over the world also turned up.

For example, Coldplay from the UK and BTS from South Korea.

Everyone went crazy on the internet.

“What the hell! Why are so many big-name celebrities going to the capital today Is there an awards ceremony”

“Please tell me which awards ceremony or event it is.

Damn, there are so many big-name celebrities.

The ticket must be worth $10,000!”

“Who is able to invite so many celebrities at the same time Impossible!”

No one knew that these big-name singers were all invited by Jordan to perform for Lauren!

Laurens homecoming party would be held today.

All the singers she liked had been invited, and they would be singing her favorite songs.

At 7 PM, 80,000 people gathered at a major stadium.

They were all holding tickets to Ms.

Laurens homecoming concert and looked extremely thrilled.

“This Ms.

Lauren is too awesome.

Shes holding such a magnificent party.

She even invited the most popular musicians in the world!”

“The awesome one is her husband, Mr.

Steele, right Such a doting husband… I am so envious!”

Jordan could have restricted access to the party and only invited Laurens family and friends.

However, Lauren wanted the event to be lively.

She also felt that since it was not easy to gather so many big-name celebrities from all over the world, they might as well offer people a chance to come and watch them.

[And I wonder if I ever cross your mind…]

On the stage, the song “Need You Now” could be heard.

Lauren held Jordans hand happily and said to him, “Hubby, I used to listen to this song often and think of you!”

[For me it happens all the time.]

Lauren said to Jordan happily, “Hubby, do you remember The first time I went to your house, I sang this song!”

Jordan smiled and said, “I remember.

You drank too much that day and I carried you back to your room.”


Lauren hit Jordan with a blissful smile.

However, at this moment, Hailey, who had been arranged to stay in Houston, found out that Jordan had organized a grand homecoming party for Lauren.

She was so jealous that she couldnt bear it!

“Ah, Im so angry! Im so angry! She was the one who took the golden carriage in England.

She was the one who received the most assets from the Steele family.

Now, the most sensational party in the world is being held in her honor! Why should she have these things She gave birth to a daughter, but I gave birth to a son!

“No, I have to go to the capital too.

Otherwise, Jordan will give everything to Lauren and her daughter in the future and not care about us anymore!”

With that, Hailey picked up her son and prepared to leave.

However, Jordans subordinate, who was in charge of guarding, stopped her.

“Without Masters orders, you cant bring Masters child anywhere.”

Hailey put the child down angrily.

“Then Ill go out by myself, alright”

The subordinate said coldly, “Up to you.”


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