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Hailey stomped her feet in anger.

Although she found out she could leave this place on her own, this knowledge made her feel even worse.

She could leave on her own, but not with her son.

This meant that Jordan only cared about his son.

He didnt care about Hailey at all.

She could stay if she wanted, leave if she wanted.

In the end, after another year, she would not be allowed to continue caring for their child.

“Damn it, Jordan only cares about his son and not me! But he organized such a grand homecoming party for Lauren and invited so many celebrities.

He lets Lauren enjoy such unprecedented treatment!” Lauren and Victoria are clearly frauds! They teamed up to lie to you.

Jordan, theyre the bad women!”

Hailey now believed that she had a trump card in her hands.

She had not used it all this time because she wanted to wait for the right time to make a move.

Hailey snorted coldly.

Thinking of Lauren and Victoria, she was filled with disdain.

She immediately left the house and took a plane to the capital.

That night, the biggest stadium in the capital welcomed the most explosive night of cheers since it opened.

Superstars appeared one after another.

In the end, amidst the cheers, Lauren appeared on stage as the host.

All 80,000 concert-goers were forbidden from bringing their phones and any recording equipment into the venue.

Therefore, everyone could only watch the performance and not record it.

Lauren did not tell them her full name.

Jordan would also restrict the internet to prevent Lauren from becoming a trending topic.

After all, Jordan was from a secret family.

He had to keep a low profile even when doing such high-profile things.


Amid the cheers of 80,000 people, Lauren sang “Endless Love” by Diana Ross and Lionel Richie.

Below the stage, Jordan was extremely touched as he listened to Laurens gentle singing.

That night, Lauren drank a lot and Jordan also got drunk with her.

When he woke up the next day, it was almost afternoon.

Today, Jordan had arranged another grand performance for Lauren.

It was the seventh game of the NBA Finals!

It happened to be the NBA finals season.

The Golden State Warriors and the Brooklyn Nets were already on their seventh and final match.

This was an extremely important and grand match.

To those who liked basketball, this match was more important than anything else.

Jordan also knew that Lauren liked Stephen Curry from the Warriors, so he called the NBA president, Adam Silver, and asked him to arrange for the seventh match to be played at the Capital One Arena stadium in the capital.

The match time was 7 PM, but by 6 PM, the venue was already packed.

“Thank you, Ms.

Lauren! The NBA finals were supposed to be held in another state this year! But you managed to bring it to the capital!”

“F*ck, he is too awesome.

He managed to bring the NBA finals to the capital on such short notice.


Laurens husband is definitely one of the most powerful people in the world!”

“I heard that with one phone call from him, Adam Silver obediently agreed to his request.

All the players will receive an extra million each.

Also, he was the one who invited so many big-name celebrities for that massive concert yesterday.

He is simply a wife-doting maniac!”

The grand events these two days made Jordan the center of discussion.

Some smart people had already sensed that there was a group of elites in this world whose status was above everyone else but kept a very low profile.

Jordan and Lauren sat in the first row.

Dressed in a pink athleisure outfit, Lauren looked like a young university student.

She asked, “Hubby, Victoria cant make it today”

Jordan said, “Yes, Victoria is still learning ice hockey from her teacher in the south.

She cant come for the time being.”

Lauren said, “Sigh, I know Victoria.

Its actually nothing important.

She just doesnt want to compete with me for time with you.

She wants me to have your full attention, so she purposely stayed away.”

Lauren was very smart.

That was indeed the case.

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Victoria knew that Lauren had not seen Jordan for half a year and must have missed him very much.

She found an excuse to be away to give Jordan and Lauren more time alone.

“Victoria is so good.” Lauren was very touched.

Jordan smiled.

“Both of you are very good.”

As they spoke, a pair of beautiful figures walked past them.

Jordan looked up and saw that it was Jenny and the superstar, Liza Shelby.


Jordan was a little surprised.

Why was she here

The appearance of Jenny and Liza Shelby instantly caused a commotion among the audience.

“Look, isnt that Jenny Haha, this is her first time appearing after the photo scandal, right Tsk tsk tsk, I still cant forget her figure in the video, haha.”

“Hehe, I have to watch it once every night before I sleep.”

Jenny came to Jordan and said, “Jordan, I saw the note you left for me.

Ive decided to improve my acting skills and work hard.

I will definitely make it!”

Jenny looked very motivated.

Jordan smiled and nodded without saying anything.

“Let me introduce you to Liza Shelby.

After Liza found out about my incident, she took the initiative to come and comfort me.

She even said that she wanted to teach me how to act.”

Jenny introduced Liza Shelby to Jordan.

Jordan suddenly remembered that when he first married Hailey, Jenny had said that Liza Shelby was her idol.

Unexpectedly, Jenny became friends with her idol after joining the entertainment industry.


Jordan and Lauren greeted Liza Shelby politely.

Not only did Liza Shelby have an extraordinary appearance, but she also had exquisite acting skills and produced a lot of good films.

She was also one of the few actresses whom Lauren admired in the country.

At this moment, another familiar voice suddenly sounded.

“Hehe, what a coincidence.

Everyone is here.”

Jordan glanced at the voice.

It was Shaun!

Beside him was his woman, Paris Gildon.

‘Why is Shaun here! Damn it, he imprisoned Lauren for half a year.

I havent settled the score with him yet!

Lauren panicked when she saw Shaun.

“What are you doing here!”

Jordan said angrily to Shaun.

The game tickets were sold online and Jordan did not place any restrictions.

As long as one had money, they could buy tickets to watch the game.

Shaun smiled at Jordan and Lauren.

“Dont worry, Im not here for you.

You can enjoy this match.”

After saying that, Shaun glanced at the celebrity, Liza Shelby.

Jordan noticed that Paris Gildon was also looking at Liza Shelby with an unfathomable expression.


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