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Jordan didnt bother to pick up the bracelet.


“I wont take back something that Ive already given away.

Besides, I dont want to have freeloaded off of the Camdens for the past three years.”


The Camdens had been providing for Jordan for the past three years, and he didnt want to be called a freeloader.


Diana nodded and took the bracelet back.


She had always been very fond of the bracelet.

Since she learned yesterday that it was really a gift from Jordan, she happily went to sleep with it.


While carrying Lucky in his arms, Jordan said, “Ill take my leave now if theres nothing else.”


“Wait a minute.” Hailey called out to Jordan and said, “Id like to have a word with you alone.

It wont take you long.”


Sylvie walked over and said, “Yeah, Jordan, youve been here for less than a minute.

Dont be in such a hurry to leave.”


Diana also pleaded on behalf of Hailey, “You two have been married for three years after all.

If you disagree, Hailey will get on her knees and beg you again.”


Jordan looked at Haileys reddened kneecaps.

He really didnt want to see her kneeling down again.


“Alright then.”


Hailey could not take the stairs, so Jordan accompanied her to take the elevator to a room on the second floor.


As soon as Jordan entered the room, he discovered that it had been decorated meticulously.

The decor and style seemed similar to Haileys room in the apartment in the New City residential estate.


In a trance, Jordan thought he had returned to the home he had lived in for the past three years.


“Jordan, there isnt a stool in this room.

Lets sit on the bed and talk.”


Hailey took the lead and sat on the bed.


Jordan decided not to sit beside her and instead said, “Ill just stand.”


Hailey did not force him either and merely hung her head low with her knees together, rubbing her hands like a shy high school girl.


Her voice was also extremely gentle.


“Um, thank you for yesterday.”


Hailey lifted her head and looked at Jordan.


Jordan realized that the way Hailey was behaving now was like how she used to act when they first met.


Hailey was still a college student at that time, and her family had arranged for her to marry him, a complete stranger.

On their wedding night, that was exactly how she spoke.


That was also when Jordan liked Hailey the most.


Of course, Rachel had suggested that Hailey pretend to behave that way.


Rachel strongly believed that the beginning of a romantic relationship would forever be the best part of it.

Hence, she told Hailey to behave like she used to when she first got to know Jordan.


“Youre thanking me”


Despite the pouring rain yesterday, Jordan heartlessly let Hailey kneel in front of his villa and left her standing there for two hours while ignoring her.


‘Hailey is thanking me instead of hating me


Hailey said softly, “The nurse… has told me everything.”


She even seemed a little shy when she said that.




Only then did Jordan understand what was going on.

It turned out that the nurse had defied his instructions and told Hailey the truth.


However, the truth wasnt that unseemly.


The truth was that Hailey had fainted, and Jordan carried her inside the villa so that she would stop getting drenched by the rain.

That was a mere act of humanity.


Even if Hailey was not his ex-wife but just a stranger or even a homeless person, Jordan would have done the same.


Hence, Jordan wasnt bothered by the fact that the nurse ignored his instructions.


To his surprise, Hailey said, “Jordan, I… I dont blame you for what you did to me last night.”


Jordan was stunned because Hailey seemed to be implying that he had taken liberties with her!


Jordan was enraged.

“Yes, I was the one who carried you inside because I saw that you had fainted.”


“Why Cant I carry you in Are you going to blame me for carrying you inside”


Jordan was really furious because Hailey had been treating him that way in the past three years!


She refused to even let him touch her hand, let alone carry her!


Once, both of them went for a test drive in a vintage Porsche car that was built in the 80s and had a manual transmission gearbox.


Due to the fact that Hailey was seated slightly towards her left and close to the gearbox, Jordan accidentally touched her thigh when he was shifting the gear stick.


At that time, Hailey lost her temper.

She gave Jordan a severe scolding, calling him shameless for taking advantage of her!


He was really overwhelmed and frustrated at that time!


They were clearly a married couple, so he didnt understand why he couldnt have physical contact with her!


Jordans grandfather wanted him to become a real live-in husband, not a servant!


If he couldnt have any physical contact with his wife, that would make him the same as a servant of the Camdens.


“No, no, dont be angry, Hubby, you can do anything to me.

Why would I blame you”


Hailey hurriedly hugged Jordan, but he pushed her away.


“Dont call me Hubby.

Call me Jordan!”


Haileys leg was injured, and her body was weak, so she could no longer pester Jordan and cling onto him by force like she did yesterday.


Feeling aggrieved, Hailey said, “Jordan, I may have almost been unfaithful to you but arent you at fault too”


“Youre clearly a rich mans son, but you lied to us that youre a penniless man.

You had me fooled for three whole years!”


“If you had told me the truth from the beginning, I wouldnt have even bothered with someone like Tyler!”


Jordan knew that he had indeed been unfair to Hailey for keeping the truth from her for three years.


Jordan said, “Youre right.

Im indeed to blame for hiding the truth for three years.

How about this Ill treat you to a meal after you get better and make it up to you.”


“Make it up to me”


Hailey was suddenly elated!


‘What does that mean


‘Is he going to reconcile with me


‘Is he going to marry me again


‘Oh my God, wont that Maybach and villa in Phuket belong to me then


Hailey excitedly grabbed Jordans hand and said, “Im fine.

Im not hurt.

Lets go have a meal tomorrow!”


Jordan took another look at Haileys leg and then said with a nod, “Okay, its settled then.”


“Where should we go Chicken and Noodles” Hailey asked.


Jordan smiled and said, “Im the president of Ace Corporation now.

Of course, I have to take you to a nicer restaurant.

Lets go to The Times.

Havent you always liked that place”


“Yes!” Hailey exclaimed joyfully.


Jordan let go of Haileys fingers and said, “I should go now.”


“Ill see you off.”


“Its alright.

Get some rest.”


Jordan headed downstairs with the poodle, Lucky, in his arms.


“Jordan, why are you leaving already Its only been such a short while since you entered.

You should chat for a little longer.”


Sylvie was a little upset to see that Jordan had come downstairs so soon.


They were all hoping that Hailey could sleep with Jordan.


After all, in the eyes of the Camdens, Jordan was lusting after Haileys body.


Jordan said, “Thats unnecessary.

Were going out for a meal tomorrow.”


Sylvie and the others were overjoyed to hear that!


‘Theres progress!


‘Jordan is willing to have a meal with Hailey!


‘That means theres a chance for the both of them!


Elle immediately got jealous when she saw that and hurriedly walked towards him.

“Jordan, I think we need to have a chat alone too!”


However, Jordan didnt give her a chance.

“Go play on your own to the side.”


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