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Although Jordan didnt intend to pursue this matter, Lauren wasnt like those bad women who would feel relieved at having “escaped” and pretend nothing happened.

She said to Jordan very seriously, “Hubby, Im not a Deity.

I dont have the ability to predict the future or read minds.

But as a woman, I can feel that youre suspecting me.

You just chose not to say anything.

Hubby, you must suspect that I cheated on you, right”

Jordan did not want to talk about this.

He was afraid that they would quarrel.

Lauren had just ended a six-month imprisonment and was finally able to be happy the past two days.

He didnt want their argument to disrupt this.

However, since Lauren had taken the initiative to mention it, Jordan had to respond.

Jordan sighed.

“I didnt expect that I would be so helpless even though I am a Deity.

Lauren, your intuition is right.

I do have doubts about you.

I can also tell that Hailey isnt lying.

You… are indeed hiding something from me.

However, I dont want to ruin our relationship because of this!

“Even if something happened between you and another man, Ive decided to forgive you!”

Lauren was stunned.

She never expected Jordan to say this to her.

This was the highest manifestation of love!

Previously, when Hailey cheated on him, Jordan divorced her without hesitation, not giving her any chance to explain.


However, Jordan treated Lauren differently.

Lauren felt a surge of happiness in her heart.

Jordan said, “Lauren, youre an outstanding woman.

In the past six months, when you possessed Park Anya and Hailey, you could have made them keep their distance from me.

However, you didnt do so.

Especially when you possessed Park Anya.

I didnt know that it was you.

You were willing to encourage Park Anya and me.

“How can it be that I can sleep with other women because Im a man and a Deity, but you cant That isnt right.

Besides, youve suffered too much because of me.

Youve been raising Chloe on your own the past few years, waiting for me, and not marrying another man.

Not only that, you were locked up by Shaun for half a year because of me.

No matter what, I shouldnt blame you.

I should forgive you! Because Im very sure that you still love me the most!”

Lauren threw herself into Jordans arms and shouted, “Hubby!”

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She was so touched that she was about to cry.

Any woman would be touched to hear her husband say such words.

Jordan patted Lauren gently.

When he thought of how a man might have done the same thing to her before, Jordan felt a little uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, Jordan still said gently to Lauren, “Honey, its getting late.

Go to sleep.”

Lauren smiled at Jordan.

“Hubby, I want to tell you that Ive never betrayed you.

Ive never done anything intimate with any man other than you.

Youre the only man in my life! I swear to God, Im telling the truth!”

Jordan was shocked.

Lauren did not cheat on him!

Jordan had already said that he was willing to forgive her.

Even if Lauren really had an affair, she could have chosen to admit it without consequences.

However, Lauren swore to prove that she had never betrayed Jordan.

As the proud daughter from an elite family in the capital, she never saw the need to lie to her partner.

If she said no, she truly meant no!

Jordan was delighted.


Lauren nodded vigorously.

Jordan hugged Lauren tightly.

This feeling of regaining something he had lost was too satisfying!

Men were still very selfish.

They could fool around outside, but could not accept their wives doing the same.

As for Jordan, he was not a scumbag.

Those few times he slept with other women, he had no choice!

Jordan smiled and asked, “Then why did that bad woman, Hailey, say that you were hiding something from me I thought you had another man!”

Laurens expression was still serious.

“Hubby, I can only say that I didnt cheat, but I did hide something from you… Can I not tell you”

Jordan pinched Laurens face with a smile.

“Of course.

Even if were husband and wife, we should have our own space.

You dont have to explain everything to me.

Be it murder or arson, I dont care.

As long as you dont have another man on the side, haha.”

Jordan joked with Lauren.

He knew that she would not do such crimes.

However, Jordan really did not want to know what Lauren was hiding from him.

She was just a common woman and not from a secret family.

She couldnt possibly be hiding anything too fantastical.

Jordan currently held the power to affect the entire world!

He wouldnt care about trivial matters in life.

Jordan happily pounced on Lauren and made love to her.

This caused Lauren to complain.

“Earlier on, you wanted to turn off the lights and sleep.

But after I swore to you that I didnt betray you, immediately you pounced on me.

You were clearly bothered by the thought of me cheating.


Jordan had nothing to say about that.

Alright, even someone as noble as a Deity could still be petty!

At this moment, Jordans phone suddenly rang.

It was Pablo.

When Jordan saw Pablos call, he could almost guess what had happened.

Jordan saw Shaun and Paris Gildon earlier at the basketball match and guessed that they would do something to Liza Shelby.

Therefore, he specially sent Pablo and a group of subordinates to secretly protect Liza Shelby.

Now that Pablo was calling, something had probably happened.

Jordan answered the call.

“Did something happen”

Pablo said anxiously, “Yes, Master.

Our men were killed by Shauns men.

They abducted Jenny and Liza Shelby.”

“Why was Jenny there” Jordan was a little surprised.

Pablo said, “After the game just now, Jenny and Liza Shelby returned to the hotel together.

Jenny didnt return to her room.

Instead, she followed Liza Shelby to her room.

Shauns men captured them together.

Im sorry, Master.

I didnt do my job well.

Please punish me!”

Jordan naturally had no intention of punishing Pablo.

It was normal for Shauns subordinates to be stronger than Pablo and the others.

Although Jordan had developed the Mirakuru serum, it was extremely precious.

Not everyone was qualified to have it now.

Jordan was furious.

“This damn Shaun.

Not only did he kidnap Liza Shelby, but he also took Jenny.

He has completely disregarded me!”


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