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Hearing Shauns words, Jenny behaved like she had been reborn.

She broke free from Shauns restraints and shouted.

“Hmph, my brother-in-law is here to save me.

Youre finished! You better let me go now and run away.

Otherwise, my brother-in-law will definitely teach you a lesson!”

But Shaun hugged Jenny again.

This female celebrity, who was known for having the best figure in the entertainment industry, had piqued Shauns interest.

He was not worried about Jordans arrival at all.

There was no way he would give up tasting the delicious Jenny.

“Hmph, Jenny, do you really think Im afraid of Jordan I pretended to be afraid of him for the past six months as I needed his help.

But now, even if I take you and Liza Shelby away right in front of him, what can he do to me! Lets go down together.

Ill let you see for yourself if Im afraid of Jordan!”

With that, Shaun grabbed Jennys arm and led her and Liza Shelby off the plane.

As soon as he got off the plane, Shaun realized that Jordan had brought a group of men here.

Not only Pablo and his men, but also Lionel and his team.

And Jordan himself was basically a one-man army.

Although Shauns people were tricky, they could not stop Jordan at all.

Jordan walked to the front and saw that Shaun had taken the initiative to come down.

Jenny and the big star, Liza Shelby, were beside him.

He was furious and shouted at him.

“Shaun! Youre getting more and more impudent! I clearly warned you not to touch Liza Shelby, but not only did you kidnap her, but you also captured Jenny! You have completely disregarded me!”

Shaun grabbed Jennys wrist with one hand and smiled proudly.

“Hehe, youre right.

Jordan, I really dont care about you anymore.

I want to kidnap the two of them.

I dont care if you agree or not! Jordan, listen carefully.

You are of no value to me now.

I have already fulfilled my lifelong wish.

My procedure is a success.

Next, I can dominate the world after I deal with Rong Bailun! By then, your life and death will depend on me.

You will have to obey me!”


Shaun had finally revealed his true colors.

Previously, the two of them had cooperated very amiably to kill Park Sang-jun and Miyamoto Chujiro.

Shaun had even saved Jordan.

However, all of that was for his own benefit!

Jenny struggled with all her might and said, “Jordan, save me and Liza and avenge me.

It wasnt my boyfriend who released my nude photos, but this b*stard.

Not only did he release those photos, but he also falsely accused you of being the male lead.

It was him who lured so many reporters and fans to Haileys villa.”

Hearing this, Jordan became even more furious.

“Shaun! Not only did you ruin my reputation, but you also played indecent films for Lauren while she was imprisoned! You b*stard, Im going to settle this score with you today!”

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Shaun could tell that Jordan was about to attack him.

He let go of Jenny and laughed.

“Hahaha, alright.

Do you think Im afraid of you You piece of trash.

Without me, you would have been electrocuted to death by Park Sang-jun! Without me, you wouldnt have been able to step foot into the Miyamoto residence, let alone kill Miyamoto Chujiro to avenge the dead citizens of Orlando.

I did all that for you! You trash, you still want to compete with me”

Jordan was furious.

He jumped up and ran towards Shaun!

Bang bang bang bang…

Shauns subordinates immediately fired their guns at Jordan to stop him.

However, Jordans body could no longer be injured by bullets.

Jordan faced the bullets head-on and continued forward!

Even though Shauns subordinates could not stop Jordan from approaching, Shaun remained calm and composed.

He did not seem worried at all.

After interacting with Shaun for a long time, Jordan also knew that he had very powerful methods.

He could defeat and kill people remotely.

Therefore, Jordan did not charge directly.

He knew Shaun would most likely dodge him.

As Jordan approached Shaun, the former suddenly took out his Invisibility Cloak and hid himself!

“Oh my god! Jordan… where did he go!”

This was the first time Jenny had seen such advanced technology.

She was dumbstruck.

“Protect Master!”

Shauns subordinates were flustered.

They were afraid that by the time Jordan showed himself again, he would have already killed their master.

However, Shaun smiled coldly and remained calm.

“Hmph, you want to use the Schmid familys Invisibility Cloak to kill me What a joke.

Ive occupied the Schmid family for decades.

Would I let you use that to kill me”

Shaun took out a red bag from his pocket and retrieved a strand of hair.

With a sudden flame that appeared out of nowhere, the hair started to burn.

“In the back!”

Shaun was shocked to discover that Jordan, who had been in front of him just a few seconds ago, had already slipped behind him, and was preparing to launch a sneak attack!

He was indeed a terrifying fellow!

After Shaun obtained Jordans location, he quickly dispatched a cat to attack.

“Meow! Meow! Meow!”

Shauns cats were different from ordinary house cats.

His cats were very aggressive.

Jordan was about to attack Shaun when he realized that more than ten cats had jumped onto his head.

The cats claws were extremely sharp and cut Jordans face.

“Damn it! Hes able to determine my location!”

Jordan realized that his sneak attack would not succeed!

Shaun laughed.

“Jordan, you seem to have forgotten that I have the ability to track.

Ive collected a lot of your hair here, so I can always find your location.

Your Invisibility Cloak is useless against me!”

Jordan was furious.

This fellow was indeed the most difficult opponent he had ever encountered.

It was especially difficult to fight him one-on-one!

Fortunately, Jordan had already formulated many countermeasures before coming.

Seeing that the Invisibility Cloak was useless, Jordan took it off and appeared again.


Jordan killed all the cats.

Shaun was very smug to see Jordan appear again.

“Jordan, you are much less experienced than me in a one-on-one battle.

So what if youre strong and can jump far If you can punch me today, Ill admit defeat!”


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