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After all, Shaun had occupied the Schmid family for decades.

The technology equipment he had was also at the level of the eight great families.

Jordans “medicinal mist” could not be blown away by ordinary wind.

However, Shauns equipment could deal with it.

At this moment, the seriously injured Shaun hurriedly used all his strength to get up.

With the help of his subordinates, he quickly returned to the plane.

Jordan did not insist on keeping him.

In fact, he did not even force Shauns woman, Paris Gildon, to stay.

Instead, he allowed her to escape too.

Before Shaun left, he still had to have the last word.

“Jordan, you win! I will remember everything you did to me today!”

Jordan snorted coldly.

Why should he be afraid of Shaun Shaun did not know that in the future, he would be even more helpless against Jordan!

After Shaun left, Pablo walked over and asked, “Master, why didnt you kill him just now”

Jordan only punched Shaun a few times even though he had the chance to immediately kill him with a gunshot or the laser weapon Jamie had recently sent him!

Or perhaps, he could chase after Shaun and beat him up.

At the very least, it would not be a problem to prevent Paris Gildon from escaping too.

However, Jordan did not do so.

Jordan said to Pablo, “Shaun cant die yet.

I dont have any of his abilities.

Hes an undeniable talent that I want to use in the future!”


Jordan had already set up a trap in the mind-transplant procedure.

He was just waiting for Shaun to take the bait.

Once Shaun and Rong Bailun switched minds, Shaun would replace Rong Bailun to become the “Overlord of the World”.

By then, Jordan could easily control Shaun, and by extension the Rong family and then the entire world.

As the saying went, the mantis stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind it.

Shaun had no idea that Jordan was waiting for him to switch minds with Rong Bailun, and that Jordan would end up being the ultimate winner when that happened.

At this moment, Jenny and Liza Shelby, who had been rescued, ran over.

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Jenny was so touched that tears welled up in his eyes.

“Jordan, youre really my hero.

You rode a green cloud to save me.

Im so touched!”

Glancing at Jenny, Jordan recalled what Shaun had said earlier.

He said that the kiss had been forced for only the first three minutes.

The remaining two minutes were not forced at all.

The meaning was obvious.

However, with Jennys background and personality, it was not unexpected.

Jordan already knew what kind of woman she was, so he was not at all disappointed or surprised by her behavior.

Therefore, Jordan did not say anything.

As for Liza Shelby, she had suffered a major shock.

Nonetheless, she still maintained the elegant manner of a top female celebrity as she thanked Jordan.


Jordan, thank you so much for saving me today.

If you hadnt arrived in time, I dont know what would have happened to me.”

Liza Shelby hurriedly thanked him.

Jordan said directly, “If I had come a step later, you would have died.


Liza Shelby, forget everything that happened just now.

Dont tell anyone.

Its for your own good.”

Liza Shelby had already guessed that Jordan was no ordinary man.

The Invisibility Cloak, the herbal mist and the strange conversation between Jordan and Shaun all indicated that Jordan was among the elite class of people whom few people came into contact with.

Liza Shelby had always been aloof and maintained a single status.

She was an ice goddess who made countless men in the US kneel and lick her boots.

But now, she was gazing at Jordan with admiration.


Jordan, can I have your contact I hope to get a chance in the future to repay you for saving my life.”

Jordan did not ask how she would repay him.

Perhaps it was just a meal, or perhaps she would sleep with him.

However, Jordan did not give her the chance.

“Theres no need.”

Liza Shelby bit her lip.

Ever since she became famous in the entertainment industry, countless men had begged for her contact details.

This was the first time in her life that she had taken the initiative to ask someone, but she was rejected!

Meanwhile, Shaun had flown out of the capital and was being treated by his doctor on the plane.

“Ah, it hurts.

That b*stard Jordan is so ruthless.

I was almost beaten to death by him!”

Shauns face was bruised and swollen.

Compared to his earlier arrogant manner, the difference was like heaven and earth.

Beside him, Paris Gildon knelt down and personally cleaned his wounds.

Tears flowed down her face.

“Master Shaun, lets not provoke Jordan again.

After all, hes a Deity.

He can predict the future.

No matter how we fight him, well be at a disadvantage.”

Shaun thought for a moment.

That was indeed the case.

Even if there came a time when Shaun could defeat Jordan, he would have predicted this outcome and fled long ago.

“Yes, well stay away from Jordan for the time being.

However, he interfered in your matter.

You cant swap minds with Liza Shelby now.”

Paris Gildon sighed.

“Am I really not destined to be an A-list celebrity”

Shaun said, “Paris, your thinking is too narrow.

Whats so good about being a female celebrity No matter how famous a female celebrity is, in the eyes of privileged people like us, shes just a tool at our beck and call.

Maybe its fate.

Instead of letting you swap minds with Liza Shelby, youre going to get a more valuable one.”

Paris Gildon said, “You mean…”

Shaun grinned.

“Geng Anli! If you can swap minds with Geng Anli, hehe, you can control the entire Geng Anli family and become the most powerful woman in the world!”

It was very tempting but Paris Gildon remained indifferent.

After all, she was a celebrity who never got a proper education.

Her thoughts were shallow and her worldview was limited to the entertainment industry.

Paris Gildon said reluctantly, “Geng Anli is too old.

Im so young.

How can I swap minds with an old woman Its a loss to me.”

She believed that even if she switched minds with Geng Anli, she would still have to rely on Shaun to help her.

She didnt know anything about manipulation.

Therefore, Geng Anlis power was not very attractive to her.

Hearing this, Shaun was a little disappointed, but he doted on Paris Gildon and so did not force her.

Shaun suddenly thought of someone else.

“If Geng Anli wont do, what about her daughter, Geng Xiqing She is only 20 years old and very beautiful.

If you swap minds with Geng Xiqing, you can also become the most respected person in the world.

Moreover, you can help me deal with the Rong family in the future!”

Although the mind-transplant procedure was now possible, Shaun was not ready to swap minds with Rong Bailun yet.

Firstly, it was because Rong Bailun was too difficult to deal with.

It was too difficult to capture him.

Shaun needed to work out a detailed plan first.

The other reason was because Shaun was still worried about the safety of the procedure!


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