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Shaun was a very cautious person.

He was so cautious that he had stayed in Switzerland over the past few decades and did not venture out at all.

Instead of enjoying the prosperity of the world, he hid in the dark to control everything.

Therefore, he would never use the mind-transplant procedure on himself at such an early stage.

While he had already tested on a few human subjects and succeeded, Shaun was still worried.

He had to personally witness the procedure being a success on his woman, Paris Gildon before he would start to deal with Rong Bailun.

Paris Gildon seemed to be interested as well.

“Geng Xiqing Thats a pretty name.

I like it.

Do you have a photo”

Shaun smiled evilly.

He knew that there was hope!

Suzhou, China.

Previously, Shaun had come to the Geng familys residence when he possessed Emily.

Therefore, he was very confident about how to enter and hide here.

Shaun and Paris Gildon flew straight to Suzhou.


They snuck into the Geng familys residence at night.

There were many rooms in the Geng familys residence, especially empty rooms.

Basically, the ratio of empty rooms to residents was very high.

Shaun chose a suitable empty room to hide in and stayed there with Paris Gildon for a week.

For the past week, Shaun happily recuperated in this room with Paris Gildon.

A week later, Shaun held Paris Gildons hand and swaggered out of the room.

Shaun already had all the Geng family servants in the vicinity under his control.

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Madam Geng and her family would not come to this area at all, so Shaun could rest here at peace.

Stretching his body, Shaun looked at the sunlight above his head.

“What a beautiful day.

Its a good day for doing cheerful activities.

Paris, Ive already asked around.

Geng Xiqing paints in the studio every afternoon at this time.

She stays there for the entire afternoon.

She seems to be quite obsessed.

I remember you saying that when you were 20 years old, you took on modeling jobs every day and took photos until two or three in the morning, right

“Look, this is the difference between a top-notch rich lady and an employee.

While youre working hard to earn money for the future, shes already standing at the front of the line and enjoying life.”

Paris Gildon was a girl from an ordinary family.

She was discovered by a talent scout because of her beauty.

She started out as a model and gradually developed to become an artiste.

Looking at the luxurious courtyard in front of her, she was also very jealous.

“I didnt expect this entire town to belong to the Geng family.

It is too blissful to be born into such a family! I want to have such a fate too!”

Shaun smiled.

“Lets go.

Ill bring you to Geng Xiqing and let you replace her!”

Just as Shaun was about to step out, Paris Gildon suddenly vomited.


Paris Gildon appeared rather ill.

“What are you…”

Shaun sensed that something was wrong with her.

But soon enough, Paris Gildon composed herself and was soon looking well again.

However, she still looked like she had something on her mind.

“Master Shaun, I took a pregnancy test this morning.

Im pregnant with your child… this is my first pregnancy.

I really want to give birth to this child and be his mother.

Master Shaun, can I not swap minds with Geng Xiqing”


Shaun was very angry and slapped Paris Gildon.

“B*tch! Why dont you look in the mirror What right do you have to be by my side as my woman Youre only valuable to me if you switch minds with Geng Xiqing!”

Paris Gildon knew that.

However, after she knew that she was pregnant, she was suddenly filled with maternal love.

“But Master Shaun, dont you want to see your child born Youre not young anymore.

Are you really not planning to have a child”

Shaun was indeed not young anymore.

He had a wife before, but he did not have any children.

In response, Shaun said angrily, “In the future, all my children will have noble blood! They will not have ordinary genes like yours! After Rong Bailun and I swap minds, I will bear enough children to form a soccer team! Hehe, when the time comes, you can have a child with me as Geng Xiqing.

Geng Anli will also become my mother-in-law.”

It turned out that Shaun didnt have any children because of this dream.

He wanted to truly become a member of the secret families.

He wanted to have children with the noble genes of the secret families!

“Alright, stop talking nonsense.

Come with me to find Geng Xiqing!”

Shaun dragged Paris Gildon to the studio where Geng Xiqing was.

Geng Xiqing was addicted to painting.

She had studied under American oil painting master David Lefert since she was a child.

Although she was still very young, her oil painting skills were already extraordinary.

She required absolute silence when she was painting.

Therefore, her bodyguards and servants were not allowed to be in the studio with her.

This gave Shaun the perfect opportunity.

He and Paris Gildon easily walked into the studio.

Meanwhile, Geng Xiqing was focused on her painting and did not notice their arrival.

Shaun was not in a hurry to kidnap her.

It was too easy to deal with a little girl.

Instead, he picked up a painting that Geng Xiqing had drawn.

The painting looked familiar.

It was in a Swiss-style castle.

A handsome man was holding the hand of a European blonde, and leaping out of the window.

Behind them, a group of bad people was chasing them.

“A hero saving a damsel in distress”

Shaun thought that this was just an ordinary painting of a hero saving a beauty, but he suddenly realized that the word “Steele” was written on this mans clothes.

“Steele Jordan Steele This is Jordan and Lota!”

Schmid suddenly realized that this castle was the castle of the Swiss Schmid family that he had lived in for many years.

This scene was the time when Jordan had secretly sneaked in to save Lota when Shaun and his wife were out!

After Shaun returned, he specially checked the surveillance cameras.

Jordan and Lota had indeed jumped out of the window.

Shaun was a little puzzled.

How did Geng Xiqing know the details

She wasnt around at that time!

“Get out.”

Geng Xiqing commanded, but she was still focused on her painting and did not look up.

She had heard someone coming into the room, but she thought it was just one of her servants.

Shaun walked over with the painting.

“Geng Xiqing, how did you know that Jordan and Lota jumped out of the window of my home”

Only then did Geng Xiqing realize that two strangers had barged into the studio!

She instinctively took a step back and her brush fell to the ground.

“Who are you Why do you say that the Schmid family castle is your home Are you… that demon”


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