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Shaun chuckled.

“Why do you people from the eight great families like to call me a demon Who gave me this title I dont like it very much.”

Due to Shauns wicked actions, the people from the eight great families all treated him like he was an evil demon.

Geng Xiqing realized that the man in front of her was the “demon” Shaun who had controlled the Schmid family for decades.

She immediately panicked and was very afraid.

Edging towards the window, and tried to open the window and shout for help.


Would Shaun give her a chance to alert her bodyguards

A small cat flew out.

Shaun used a rope to tie the cats neck and pulled hard.

Geng Xiqing, who was already at the window, suddenly retreated from the window and fell to the ground.

Shaun walked over and said to Geng Xiqing, “Stop struggling.

Ive been hiding here for seven days, just biding my time.

Do you think Ill act rashly No one will save you, child.”

Geng Xiqing hated him, but there was nothing she could do.

Shaun continued to admire the painting.

Geng Xiqings painting skills could be said to be at the master level.

Shaun found it pleasing to the eye.


“You havent answered me yet.

How did you know about what happened at my home Were you there too”

Geng Xiqing was still on the ground.

“Lota told me,” she said resentfully.

“Lota and I are good friends.

We often talk in the virtual world.”

This wasnt too surprising.

Geng Xiqing and Lota were about the same age.

They were both daughters of the eight great families, and equally cute-looking.

It was no surprise they had become friends.

Shaun was enlightened.

“So it was Lota who told you.

I should have expected that youre good friends with her.

Hehe, speaking of which, Lota is half my daughter.

I raised her myself!”

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As he said this, Shaun actually looked very proud when he spoke about Lota.

Geng Xiqing spat out and said disdainfully, “You demon, dont think I dont know that you didnt treat Lota as your daughter.

If Jordan hadnt saved her in time, Lota would have been tainted by you!”

Shaun laughed.

“Wow, you know that too It seems that you and Lota are indeed very good friends, not bad.

Well, its indeed my greatest regret that I didnt get Lota.

But you look good too.

Perhaps you can replace Lota and help me make up for this regret.”

Geng Xiqing spat in Shauns face.

“Dream on!”

Geng Xiqing was furious.

Shaun was not angry.

He wiped the saliva from his face with a tissue and shook his head.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk.

It seems that descendants of the eight great families arent very cultured.

Theyre not even as civilized as the people from my small town.

Nobody spits in the faces of others.

At most, theyll just spit on the ground.”

Shaun did not take Geng Xiqings rejection to heart at all.

Paris Gildon would be swapping minds with Geng Xiqing soon.

By then, Geng Xiqings body would be completely controlled by her.

She was Shauns woman.

He could sleep with Geng Xiqings body anytime he wanted then.

Shaun had taken a fancy to Geng Xiqings body and identity.

He had decided to let Paris Gildon swap minds with her!


Shaun knocked Geng Xiqing unconscious and carried her out of the Geng residence.

Shaun did not leave Suzhou.

Instead, he got his team to move all the equipment and materials needed for the mind-transplant procedure here.

He wanted to complete the mind-transplant procedure here and let the new “Geng Xiqing” return to the Geng residence to work for him.

When Geng Xiqing woke up again, she found herself lying on the operating table with her hands and feet cuffed, unable to move.

Geng Xiqing was terrified.

“You demon! What are you doing to me! Let me go! Do you know who my mother is! If my mother finds out that you want to kill me, she wont let you off!”

Shaun chuckled.

“Who said I wanted to kill Madam Gengs daughter Geng Xiqing will live on, but you will die.”

Geng Xiqing didnt understand what Shaun meant and looked at him in confusion.

Wasnt she Geng Xiqing

Why did he say that Geng Xiqing would live on but she would die

Shaun said, “Let me ask you a question.

Answer me honestly.

Whats the secret of your Geng family What weapons do you have that can fight against the Rong family”

Geng Xiqing was a stubborn girl.

Shaun had abducted her, why would she willingly tell him the secrets

“Let me go, you b*stard! I wont tell you anything!”

However, Shaun was not in a hurry.

“Its fine if you dont say it now.

Ill ask you again after Paris Gildon becomes you.

I believe youll be willing to say anything when the time comes.”

Geng Xiqing had yet to witness Shauns terrifying methods.

She would definitely tell him everything she knew after she experienced them.

Shaun instructed the laboratory staff, “Start the process for Paris Gildon and Gengs mind-transplant procedure.

Ill come back here in two days.”


Two days later.

When Shaun came back, Paris Gildon and Geng Xiqings mind-transplant procedure had already been successfully completed.

The two of them had also adapted to their new bodies.

The first person Shaun saw was “Geng Xiqing”.

She was now Paris Gildon.

“Master Shaun!”

The new Geng Xiqing happily threw herself into Shauns arms.

“Hahahaha…” Shaun reached out and cupped Geng Xiqings cute face.

He could do anything to her now! Two days ago, Geng Xiqing was very resistant.

But now She was at his mercy!

“How is it, Paris Do you like this body” Shaun asked.

“Paris Gildon” nodded.

“I like it very much.

Geng Xiqing is so beautiful and young.

If I use this body to make my way in Hollywood, Im confident that Ill be even more popular than Scarlett Johansson!”

Shaun shook his head in disappointment.

“Youre just a foolish woman who only knows the entertainment industry.

Youre Madam Gengs daughter now.

What do you need Hollywood for Thats something only low-level women do! I want you to practice being Geng Xiqing from today onwards.

Speech pattern, actions, painting and everything else.

Do you understand”

“Paris Gildon” nodded.

“Okay, Ill listen to Master Shaun.”

Shaun looked at Geng Xiqings cute face and couldnt control himself.

He held her hand and said, “Lets go, baby.

Serve me for a few hours first.

Later, Ill ask the real Geng Xiqing about her family secret!”


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