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Paris Gildon, who had already transformed into “Geng Xiqing”, looked at her former self, the 29-year-old body she took care of every day.

Her heart ached.

As Geng Xiqing cried, Paris Gildon felt terrible too!

Paris Gildon had been standing at the side and looking at Geng Xiqing.

In a moment of weakness, Paris Gildon assumed her old identity.

Paris Gildon was an actress and it was as if she was watching a television drama and saw her character suffering.

Paris Gildon grabbed Shauns arm and begged.

“Master Shaun, please dont kill her.

Shes using my previous body after all! Isnt killing her equivalent to killing me”

Shaun didnt have much attachment to Paris Gildons body.

He just smiled.

“Silly girl.

What are you talking about Youre Geng Xiqing now.

Geng Xiqing is you.

Your previous body has nothing to do with you.”

“No.” Paris Gildon shook her head, tears were about to flow uncontrollably.

“Thats still my 29-year-old body.

Moreover, Ive always felt that Im one of the most beautiful female celebrities in the world! Ive taken care of myself meticulously and maintained my figure and beauty.

I cant let you kill her and turn my body into a rotting corpse! Besides, our child is still in that body.”

Shaun was a little annoyed now.

He scolded loudly.

“I already told you thats not our child! Our child will be of noble blood! When I become Rong Bailun, I will impregnate you with a child.

That will be our real child! Not this ordinary b*stard!”

Shaun actually called his child a b*stard.

It seemed like he looked down on his background.

Although his abilities were unparalleled in the world, he had always blamed the world for being unfair and hated his fate!


He wanted to be born into a wealthy, noble family like the eight secret families.

He wanted to be like Jordan and date the daughters of wealthy families and travel the world.

However, his real family scurried about in the dark.

His family relied on despicable methods to survive and Shaun had lived in the shadows since he was born.

He had no friends.

This caused his personality to be very twisted.

Now, he finally had a chance to change his fate.

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He swore that any child of his would not inherit the Handley familys powerful but dark methods.

Instead, he hoped that his child could be an upright member of a noble family.

Paris Gildon didnt dare to refute Shaun.

She knelt on the ground.

“Master Shaun, please dont kill the old me on account of me serving you wholeheartedly this year.”

Shaun looked at Geng Xiqing and Paris Gildon.

He was also reluctant to let Paris Gildon down.

“Alright, I can spare her for the time being.

However, the child in her stomach must not be born! That ordinary b*stard with my old genes is not worthy of inheriting my kingdom!”

With that, Shaun stormed out angrily.

Only Paris Gildon and Geng Xiqing were left in the room.

The two of them looked at their past selves with mixed feelings.

It was an unthinkable scene.

Paris Gildon had transformed into Geng Xiqing.

Although she had transformed from a pheasant into a phoenix, she still missed her past self very much.

It was like someone playing a video game and feeling that their current character wasnt powerful enough.

They might spend money to rent an account with a more powerful character to play for a few hours.

Perhaps the rented character was better equipped and had a higher level.

As a result, the player could win against all his opponents and experience a sense of accomplishment.

However, this rented character was not cultivated by the player and he would not have any deep feelings or attachment to it.

Even if the original character he cultivated was very lousy, he would still feel very nostalgic.

Geng Xiqing knew that Paris Gildon still cherished her old body.

She hurriedly grabbed her hand and begged.


Gildon, I beg you to swap back our bodies.

I can agree to anything you want! Ill give you 100 billion, no, a trillion dollars! Ill give you as much as you want! Arent you a celebrity Ill support you and make you the most famous female celebrity in the world.

I swear, I can do it.

The Geng family can make you famous all over the world in just minutes!”

If Paris Gildon had met Geng Xiqing earlier and heard this, she would have been happy to comply.

Paris Gildon shook her head.

“Im sorry, Geng Xiqing.

Its too late.

Its too late.

I cant disobey Master Shauns orders.

He wants to use the current me to contact your mother and then use your family to deal with the Rong family.

He wont allow us to switch back.

In addition, from a technical point of view, Jordan said that the mind-transplant procedure can only be done once.

Its impossible for us to change back now.”

Geng Xiqing was disappointed.

“Jordan really said that”

Paris Gildon nodded.

“Yes, theres no need for me to lie to you.

Perhaps in the future, things will be different.

But currently, we can only swap minds once.

Its useless for you to beg me.

It cant be done.

If we force it, well both die.”

Geng Xiqing slumped down, looking very defeated.

She believed that Paris Gildon would not lie to her.

It was not that she felt that Paris Gildon was a good person, but she believed Paris Gildon wouldnt lie to her old face.

For a moment, Geng Xiqing sat as still as a deflated balloon.

Paris Gildon took Geng Xiqings hand.

“Can you do me a favor”

Geng Xiqing said nothing.

She couldnt go back to her old self and Paris Gildon still wanted her to help her

Why would Geng Xiqing help someone who had done this to her

However, Geng Xiqing was very curious about what Paris Gildon wanted.

She had already become like this.

How could she help her

Paris Gildon said, “Before we switched minds, I was pregnant with a child.

Although Master Shaun doesnt want this child, I really hope to see it born! Regardless of what Shaun thinks, our child will be beautiful! Ive always wanted to have a daughter.

I am guessing it will be a girl.

My daughter will be as beautiful as me.

No, she will be even more beautiful than me!

“My daughter will enter the entertainment industry.

She will definitely be the number one beauty in the entertainment industry! I hope that my daughter can accomplish the things I failed to achieve in my life!

“When I entered the entertainment industry, I had no money or status.

In order to rise to the top, to be cast in the movies and to be the female lead, I had to sleep with those big bosses, producers and directors.

But in the end, I was destroyed by some scandals.

I could have become a big star! My daughter doesnt need to pay such a price.

I can pave the way for her.

She just needs to follow the path.

“Geng Xiqing, can you help me… give birth to my child”


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