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Three years ago, Elles figure was a lot less voluptuous and alluring than it was now.


She was just an underage high school girl at that time.


Hence, Jordan had always treated Elle as a younger sister and never harbored any designs on her.


However, recently, the bastard Drew would often send Jordan some photos of Elle that she had never posted on Instagram, all of which were highly seductive.


Now, Jordan didnt even dare to look at Elle because he would get reminded of those photos and develop inappropriate thoughts about her.


Jordan would feel like he was really evil when he found himself having those thoughts!


Regardless of how attracted he was to Hailey, there wouldnt be anything wrong with it because they were already married.

However, he knew that he shouldnt harbor such thoughts about Elle.


Hence, Jordan ignored Elle and left the villa.


All the Camdens walked out to see Jordan off and returned only after watching him get inside his car and leaving the villa.


When Jordan returned inside his car, he called Butler Frank.


“Butler Frank.”


“Do you have any orders for me, Mr.



“Is your grandson still in DC Id like to arrange a blind date for him, set for tomorrow evening.”


“Yes, hes in DC.

Ill have him go over to Orlando right away.”




Jordan agreed to have dinner with Hailey tomorrow not because he wanted to give Hailey the chance to get back together with him, but because he had other plans.


In the past three years, Jordan had hidden the truth from Hailey, which was frankly quite unfair to her.


Hence, he wanted to make it up to her.


He decided to introduce her to a wealthy scion from a billionaire family, who was none other than Butler Franks grandson.


Although Butler Frank was a subordinate of the Steeles, his power and assets were far greater than that of the Camdens.


Hence, Butler Franks grandson was definitely worthy of Hailey.

If Hailey was willing to marry him, she would also get to live in the lap of luxury.


In Jordans opinion, Hailey wanted to get back together with him only because of money.


She didnt have to go to all that trouble, actually.


‘Dont you love money Ill introduce you to a rich man.


The only shortcoming was that Butler Franks grandson was sexually impotent.


‘Doesnt Hailey Camden want that


‘The fact that she didnt get intimate with me for three years shows that she doesnt have any sexual needs.


While he was pondering about it, they soon arrived at Rose Garden Villas.



Steele! Mr.



Last night, Jordan was stopped by Rachel and Hailey at the entrance of the villa.


To his surprise, there was a woman there again.


Jordan rolled down the window of the car to see that it was Tylers mother, Rosie.


Rosie was really determined to meet Jordan.

Yesterday, she waited in Jordans office without eating or drinking for an entire day, just to see him.


Now, she showed up at Jordans home.



Collins, please go back.

I have nothing to talk to you about.”


Jordan said to Rosie.


Rosie begged miserably, “Mr.

Steele, Im begging you, please let me have a word with you.

It will only take you five minutes.”


Jordan shook his head, but when she saw Rosies desperate plea, he said, “Come in.”


Jordan did not let Rosie get inside his car, but instead, he let her run behind his car.


Jordan felt that the Collins were not fit to be in the same car as him.


When he arrived at the first floor of the villa, Jordan did not instruct the servants to prepare any drinks to serve Rosie with.


Jordan sat down on the couch and said straightforwardly, “Whats the matter Go ahead and tell me.”


Rosie did not dare to spout any nonsense and instead went straight to the point.


Steele, I truly understood what happened between you, Tyler, and Hailey only after meeting you yesterday.”


“Tyler is a scoundrel for seducing Hailey despite knowing that shes a married woman.

He does deserve a beating! His father and I have already beaten him up into a pulp!”


“However, according to Tyler and Haileys explanation, they didnt get intimate with each other, and Miss Camden is still a virgin.”


Jordan snapped furiously, “Dont give me that! I saw your son and my ex-wife in a hotel room, with my very own eyes!”


“Yes, yes, they may not have really done the deed, but Tyler is indeed wrong to have had those intentions.

However, Tyler is not entirely to blame for this.

Hailey Camden has always been very mercenary and materialistic.

If she hadnt thought that you were incompetent, she would not have agreed to marry Tyler.”


Rosie continued to explain.


Jordan humphed coldly and said, “I dont need you to worry about Hailey Camden.

I have my own ways to punish her.

But, dont think of putting all the blame on her!”


Rosie was feeling anxious because she knew that Hailey and Tyler would never escape Jordans clutches.


Rosie said right away, “Mr.

Steele, how do you plan to punish my son”


Jordan thought for a moment and said, “I dont know.

I might ask Pablo and Salvatore for their opinion.

They would probably want to castrate Tyler Collins.”


Hearing these words, Rosies heart sank, and she felt even more troubled.


Rosie immediately got on her knees in front of Jordan and exclaimed, “Mr.

Steele, Tyler is still young and childless.

Please be merciful to him!”


Rosie was weeping incessantly, feeling worried and devastated for her son.


In fact, before she came, she had already arranged for Tyler to sleep with numerous women, and perhaps, one of them had already gotten pregnant with Tylers child.


Jordan was very uncomfortable about the fact that Rosie was kneeling down in front of him.


After all, Rosie was an elder who had a certain status and influence in the business circle of Orlando.


Putting aside all else, Jordan admired Rosie for her temperament, elegance, appearance, and mannerisms alone.


However, Jordan did not proceed to help her up.


‘Since her son has done something wrong, she can keep kneeling down if she wants!


“How about breaking one of his fingers”


Jordan continued.


Rosie continued to beg on her knees, “Mr.

Steele! If you cut his finger, well be heartbroken too! Please have mercy and not hurt him.”


Jordan humphed coldly.

“I knew it.

You dont want your son to bear the consequences at all!”


“Your son provoked me, and Im a powerful figure in Orlando now.

Everyone knows about that shameless affair between your son and my ex-wife.

If I dont punish him and let him continue sauntering and throwing his weight around in Orlando.

How can I continue making a living in the future!!”


Rosie agreed with him.


As the president of Ace Corporation, Jordan was very famous and esteemed.

After his identity was exposed, everyone kept discussing him too.


Jordan could forgo the fact that it was an insult to his pride.


Rosie suddenly fell silent for three whole minutes.


At one point, Jordan even wondered if there was something wrong with Rosie.


Three minutes later, Rosie suddenly took off her outer layer of clothes and said, “Mr.

Steele, I can help you regain your pride.”


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