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Although Paris Gildon was now a noble daughter of the Geng family, she still had feelings for her previous body.

Regarding their original bodies, her opinion diverged from Shauns and she treated hers very differently.

For example, Shaun did not cherish his body at all.

Sometimes, he wouldnt wash his face or hair for days.

It didnt matter if he was fat or thin.

In his opinion, he would be abandoning this body sooner or later.

He didnt take it seriously at all.

It was different for Paris Gildon.

Ever since she entered the entertainment industry, she had been using face masks every day.

She also used the best skincare products, did yoga and went on strict diets to maintain her figure.

She had a lot of feelings for her body because she had put a lot of effort into it.

Most importantly, her original body was pregnant.

She wanted this child!

Geng Xiqing was also a smart girl.

She didnt dwell on the misery of what had already happened.

When she saw that Paris Gildon needed her help, she immediately discussed terms with her.

“As long as you let me go home, I promise to help you give birth to the baby!” Geng Xiqing negotiated.

Paris Gildon shook her head.

“Geng Xiqing, youre so naive.

How could I let you go home If I let you go home, you will tell your mother everything.

Wouldnt I be in danger then If Master Shaun finds out, not only will he kill you, he will kill me too!”

Geng Xiqing thought for a moment.

It really did seem impossible for Paris Gilden to let her go home.

But then again, she could find a way home herself!

Geng Xiqing said gently, “Paris, since fate had us swap bodies, I have no choice but to accept it.

Youre prettier than me.

Theres nothing about this body Im not satisfied with.

Its just that its too boring for me to stay here alone.

You know that I like to draw.

Theres a white box in my studio.

It contains all my drawing tools and materials.

Can you help me bring that box over”


Paris Gildon immediately agreed.

“No problem! Thats an easy task.

I can have the box sent to you now! Geng Xiqing, this is great.

Its great that youre willing to help me.

Just stay here and paint and take care of the baby.

Ill provide you with the best food.

You must help me give birth to the child.”

Geng Xiqing gave a fake smile and nodded.


Can I acknowledge my daughter as my goddaughter after shes born Your daughter must be very beautiful.”

Paris Gildon lowered her guard even more and smiled happily.

“Silly girl, after your daughter is born, you will be her biological mother.

I should be the godmother.”

The two of them didnt say anything else.

Paris Gildon instructed the guards to give Geng Xiqing the best treatment.

She then went to meet up with Shaun.

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At this moment, Shaun was already planning his next move.

Seeing that Shaun was busy planning something, Paris Gildon walked over and asked.

“Master Shaun, what are you planning”

Shaun smiled.

“The mind-transplant procedure has proven to be a success.

Including you, there are already 10 successful trial cases.

The procedures went smoothly and there are no adverse side effects.

I have to thank Jordan for this.

His work is flawless! And now, we know the secret weapon of the Geng family.

We also know that they have planted paper bombs in the Rong family.

Everything is perfect.

“Ive decided to detonate the paper bombs that the Geng family has delivered to Rong Bailun.

When the two families are at war, Ill sneak in and capture Rong Bailun to complete the mind-transplant procedure with him!”

Paris Gildon knew that this had always been Shauns dream.

She praised him and asked.

“But how do we detonate the paper bombs The only person who knows how to do it is Madam Geng.

And maybe her son.

Do we have to deal with Madam Geng”

Shaun shook his head.

“That old woman is very shrewd.

Lets start with her son, Geng Weilun, first.

Go back to the Geng residence now.

Help me lure Geng Weilun to this place…”

A few hours later, Paris Gildon walked briskly through the town where the Geng family lived.

“Hello, Ms.



Xiqing is so beautiful today.

Are you going to the studio again”

“Ah, the honorable Ms.


Yesterday, my wife asked if you would like to visit us, whenever it is convenient for you.”

Paris Gildon was in Geng Xiqings body now, so many of the commoners took the initiative to greet her as she walked around.

She enjoyed this feeling of nobility very much!

With a smile on her face, Paris Gildon went to the studio first and found the white box Geng Xiqing had mentioned.

She casually went through it.

There were many miscellaneous things in the box.

Most of them were tools and materials needed for painting.

Paris Gildon did not examine every single item closely.

She knew nothing about painting.

Carrying the box, Paris Gildon walked out and handed it to a servant who was under Shauns control.

She instructed him.

“Take this back and give it to Geng Xiqing.”


Paris Gildon looked happily at the bright sunlight and muttered to herself.

“Geng Xiqing, if I help you, you have to help me too.

Dont worry, Ill be a good Geng Xiqing and be filial to your mother.”

With this thought in mind, Paris Gildon walked to an underground laboratory and found Geng Weilun.


Paris Gildon imitated Geng Weiluns usual playful manner and tapped Geng Weilun on the shoulder from behind.

Geng Weilun turned around and asked, “Xiqing Where did you go yesterday Mom was looking for you but she couldnt find you.

We were so worried.”

Paris Gildon smiled.

“I went out for a couple of days.”

Geng Weilun said, “Next time you go out, tell Mom in advance first, okay”

“Got it, Brother,” Paris Gildon replied obediently before continuing.

“Brother, Im in a relationship!”

“What” Geng Weilun exclaimed.

“I thought you said you didnt want to date until you were 25.”

Paris Gildon had already prepared her lines.

“What to do I already met the right guy.

I cant control myself.”

Geng Weilun frowned as if he hated to see his sister fall in love.

“Who is that man Is he from one of the eight great families”

Paris Gildon shook her head.

Geng Weilun was even more displeased.

“Break it off.

It wont work.

Youre destined to marry Rong Bailuns son.

Mom wont compromise on a marriage alliance with the Rong family.”

Paris Gildon pouted, still very much in character.

After all, she was an actress, and she played out Geng Xiqings indignance to the fullest.

Paris Gildon said, “This boyfriend of mine is amazing.

He said that hes an American Kenpo expert, but I dont know if its true.

Brother, youre very knowledgeable.

Can you help me verify if hes the real deal”

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