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“American Kenpo Is your boyfriend American”

Geng Weilun was shocked.

Paris Gildon nodded.

“Yes, yes.

Mommy is so happy with Jordan so it has piqued my interest in American men.”

Geng Weilun was speechless.

“How can American Kenpo be compared to our Chinese Kung Fu You are from a secret family in China.

You are a disgrace to our Chinese heritage.”

“Have you slept with him”

Paris Gildon did not lie about this.

She nodded shyly.

Geng Weilun became even angrier.

“Damn American punk! How dare he seduce my sister! Where is he Ill beat this b*stard to death!”

Paris Gildon was thrilled.

She didnt look like she felt sorry for her boyfriend at all.

“Hes in Miami Beach!”

Soon after, Geng Weilun flew to Miami Beach with Paris Gildon on his private jet.

The weather was good today and there were many people on the beach.

Umbrellas of various colors were propped up in the sand.

Men and women were lying under them, enjoying themselves.

There were also people swimming in the sea or doing some sea sports.


There was a luxurious yacht parked in the nearby waters.

No one dared to swim over here.

“Brother, my boyfriend is on that yacht!”

Paris Gildon tugged at Geng Weilun excitedly.

Geng Weilun nodded.

“Lets go.

Ill teach that b*stard a lesson!”

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Geng Weilun headed toward the yacht and his bodyguards followed.

Seeing this, Paris Gildon quickly said, “Brother, hes just an ordinary man.

You dont have to bring so many subordinates with you, right Im afraid hell be scared away.”

Geng Weilun trusted his sister 100%, so he was not on guard.

“Alright, the two of you can follow me.

The rest of you, wait here.”


Geng Weilun and Paris Gildon boarded Shauns yacht with two bodyguards.

The yacht was huge and luxurious.

Geng Weilun thought there would be many people on it.

At the very least, this guy should have a bunch of underlings.

Of course, even if this guy had a hundred lackeys, they were just commoners and would be no match to Geng Weilun.

However, after boarding, Geng Weilun realized that the yacht was empty.

“Brother, hes at the top.”

Paris Gildon guided him to the top with ease.

At this moment, Shaun was standing with his hands behind his back.

His back was facing the entrance to the top floor as he looked into the distant sea.

Seeing this pitiful back view of a slight man who exuded not much masculinity, Geng Weilun felt a burst of anger.

How could his precious sister marry such a person

Geng Weilun shouted at Shaun, “Youre the b*stard who seduced my sister and claimed to be an American Kenpo expert The one who took her virginity”

But Shaun continued to admire the scenery and did not respond.

Geng Weilun was furious.

“Answer me! Cant you hear me”

Geng Weilun was standing close enough to the man and he was speaking very loudly.

The wind and waves were also relatively calm now.

There was no way the man couldnt hear him.

As a result, Geng Weilun knew that the man was deliberately ignoring him and he became very angry at this blatant show of disrespect.

Geng Weilun signaled his two men, indicating them to come forward.

“Since you dont want to talk, I wont give you a chance to.

Beat him up and throw him into the sea.”


Although Geng Weiluns two subordinates were men who could defeat 10 opponents each, they were simply rookies in front of someone like Shaun.

Just as the two of them were about to approach, Shaun did something and the men ended up being tossed into the sea.


Geng Weilun was shocked to see his two most capable subordinates instantly killed and thrown into the sea.

“Who the hell are you!”

Geng Weilun was panicking.

Shaun slowly turned around.


Geng, long time no see.”

Shaun smiled evilly.

Geng Weilun was shocked when he finally saw Shauns face.

“Youre… youre Shaun! Damn it!”

Geng Weilun recognized Shaun and knew that he was an extremely dangerous person.

Even Rong Bailun regarded him as a huge threat.

He immediately took something that looked like a box of gum from his pocket.


A dart immediately shot out from Shauns hand, hitting the gun box and Geng Weiluns hand.

He then picked up the gum box and looked at it carefully.

“This should be a distress signal transmitter, right You wanted to send a distress signal to your subordinates or your mother, right”

Geng Weiluns face turned even paler.

He didnt expect Shaun to know so much about the Geng familys devices!

At that moment, Geng Weilun knew then that he would not be able to escape from Shaun.

He pushed Paris Gildon towards the stairway.


Paris Gildon did not realize that he would do this.

She had not fully adapted to her new body yet.

She fell down the stairs after being pushed by Geng Weilun.

Fortunately, they were not very high up and it was just a short flight of stairs.

As a result, she wasnt injured.

Geng Weilun shouted, “Xiqing, run! Go home and call Mom to save me!”

But Paris Gildon was not the real Geng Xiqing.

She would not seize this opportunity to escape.

Shaun was exasperated.

He was not moved by Geng Weiluns act of putting his sisters life before his own, instead, it annoyed him.


Shaun walked over and slapped Geng Weilun.

“Is there something wrong with you Why did you push your sister What if her face and her legs get damaged”

Shaun called out to Paris Gildon.

“Darling, are you alright”

Paris Gildon got up and walked up the stairs again.

“Im fine, Master Shaun.”

Shocked, Geng Weilun shouted at her, “Xiqing! Why have you come back up! Its Shaun! Hell kill us!”

Shaun smiled.

“No need to shout anymore, Weilun.

Shes not your sister, but my woman.”

Geng Weilun immediately understood what was going on.

No wonder he felt that Xiqing was a little strange today.

The way she spoke and the words she used were not quite right.

Geng Weilun knew that Shaun was good at controlling people and thought that Geng Xiqing was being controlled now.

“B*stard, are you controlling my sister What do you want!”

Shaun smiled.

“To be precise, my womans mind is now permanently in your sisters body.

But theres no point in explaining all that to you now.

I captured you because I have a question for you.

How do you detonate your familys paper bombs at Rong Bailuns place”


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