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Geng Weilun was stunned that Shaun knew about the Geng family secret.

“How… How did you know our family secret!”

Geng Weilun questioned.

He was even more afraid of Shaun now.

Shaun smiled.

“Of course its your good sister Xiqing who told me.”

Geng Weilun immediately glared at Geng Xiqing reproachfully.

Shaun reminded him.

“No need to glare at her.

Shes not your sister anymore.”

Geng Weilun was confused.

He had no idea what was going on.

Shaun asked again, “Tell me how to detonate the paper bombs planted at Rong Bailuns place!”

Geng Weilun replied angrily, “You lowly creature, you dont deserve to know my family secret! You are a despicable person who only knows how to hide in the dark! Ill fight you to the death!”

Geng Weilun wanted to use all his strength to fight against Shaun.

In terms of physique, the tall and muscular Geng Weilun would have no problem defeating Shaun.

However, from the way Shaun dealt with Geng Weiluns subordinates earlier, it could be seen that his strength was not in his physical prowess.



A black cat suddenly flew past Geng Weiluns ear.

After making eye contact with Geng Weilun, it flew straight to Shauns hand.

Shaun grabbed the cats neck with his hand, strangling Geng Weilun.

Kneeling on the ground, Geng Weilun couldnt breathe and his face turned even paler.

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Shaun threatened Geng Weilun.

“Tell me how to detonate the paper, or Ill kill you!”

Unexpectedly, Geng Weilun did not beg for mercy.

He stubbornly stood his ground.

“I… will never… tell you… you… lowly… b*stard.”

Perhaps Geng Weiluns words hurt Shauns pride.

In a fit of anger, Shaun strangled the black cat to death.

In the next second, Geng Weiluns eyes rolled back and he fell to the ground.


Paris Gildon was frightened.

Her body trembled.

“Master Shaun, you… you killed him”

Shaun was still angry.

“Since he refused to tell me, why should I spare his life! Those who disobey me will die!”

Paris Gildon swallowed nervously as she looked at Geng Weiluns body on the ground.

She felt guilty.

She was the one who had tricked him into coming here.

She was an accomplice.

The guilt she felt wasnt just for Geng Weilun.

She felt guilty toward Geng Xiqing as well.

Geng Xiqing had just promised to help Paris Gildon give birth to her baby.

And now, Paris Gildon had just killed Geng Xiqings brother.

Perhaps, this was the price she had to pay for following Shaun.

Even after killing Geng Weilun, Shaun was extremely composed.

He was already numb to killing people.

Unless he were to kill Deity Jordan or the world overlord, Rong Bailun.

Otherwise, killing anyone else was nothing to Shaun.

On the contrary, Shaun thought of a good plan and smiled.

“Paris, now that Geng Weilun is dead, call his mother immediately and ask her to come here.

Also, tell her that it was Rong Bailun who killed her son!”

Paris Gildon was quite smart.

She immediately understood Shauns intentions.

“Master Shaun wants to frame Chairman Rong for Geng Weiluns death Then, Madam Geng will detonate the paper bombs planted at Chairman Rongs place to avenge her son”

Shaun pinched her cheek.

“As expected of someone who has followed me for so long.

Youre so smart.

Thats right.

In this way, I dont even need to know how to detonate the paper bombs.

Madam Geng will take the initiative to do so.

Once she starts a war with the Rong family, Ill immediately send someone to capture Rong Bailun so that I can swap minds with him.

After that, Ill replace him and become the world overlord.

Ill kill Jordan and take his wives.


Paris Gildon had heard many times about Shauns ambition to dominate the world.

However, this was the first time she had heard him say that he wanted to kill Jordan and take his wives.

“Master Shaun wants to kill Jordan and take his wives”

Paris Gildon asked in confusion.

Shaun said, “Of course! After I become Chairman Rong, Jordan is the only person in the world who is a threat to me! Im the world overlord.

How can I allow a Deity to exist in this world!

“Dont worry.

Although Jordan can predict the future, he cant change it.

With the Rong familys powerful strength, it wont be too much of a problem to kill Jordan.

As for his two wives, hehe, Lauren and Victoria are ordinary women, but theyre still the wives of a Deity.

Out of courtesy, I must bed them at least once each.

Dont worry, Ill kill those two women after sleeping with them.

Youll still be my only wife!”

Shaun seemed to have everything planned out.

“Alright, lets not talk about this anymore.

Call Madam Geng now.

Im leaving.”

With that, Shaun jumped into the sea.

Paris Gildon composed herself and looked at Geng Weiluns body.

Tears flowed down her face.

After she had worked herself into a state and was sobbing wildly, she called Madam Geng.

“Mom, something happened.

Something happened to Brother.

Come and save him!”

Soon after, more than 10 planes landed on Miami Beach.

Everyone who alighted from the plane was equipped with weapons that the public had never seen before.

The tourists were scared by the sight and ran back to their hotels, not daring to stay on the beach anymore.

Madam Geng was wearing black sunglasses and black clothes.

Her face was expressionless and she looked more solemn than ever.

She strode towards the yacht with hundreds of subordinates following behind her.

It was a grand and magnificent scene!

“Weilun! Weilun!”

Madam Geng took off her sunglasses and kept shouting when she saw Geng Weiluns body.

Madam Geng put her finger under his nose and realized that he was no longer breathing.

She immediately shouted, “Bring him to the plane for emergency treatment now!”


Geng Weilun was brought onto the plane, which was equipped with the most professional medical equipment and instruments.

Not a second was wasted.

However, none of the resuscitation attempts managed to revive Geng Weilun.

“Im sorry, Madam Geng.

We tried our best.

Young Master Weilun cannot be revived,” the doctor reported.


With tears in her eyes, Madam Geng slapped the doctor.

“Why Why cant we save him! My son doesnt have any wounds on him.

How can we not save him!”

The doctor said helplessly, “We dont know how he died.

Were really at our wits end.”

Only then did Madam Geng remember Geng Xiqing.

She walked up to Paris Gildon.

“Xiqing, were you there when Weilun died Tell me how your brother died and who killed him!”


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